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    Opening Line My father always said I would do something big one day I grew up in the 80 s so the Ozzy that I knew wasn t the comical, stuttering MTV family man of today but the Prince of darkness Black Sabbath s scary, out of control singer who bit the head off of bats and doves and worshiped the devil Or so the rumours said My brother used to play his records yes I m that old during his rocker bad boy phase he s now with the RCMP and I remember being forced to listen to Ozzy Osbourne Crazy Train and Bark At The Moon 24 hours a day Ozzy s exploits with drugs, women and Satan were legendary In those days he was the ultimate in heavy metal music, if you wanted to be cool there just wasn t anybody badder or scarier.So you can imagine how strange it was for me to see him years later bumbling around with his family on MTV Who the hell was this guy Although he did provide an excellent example of the 80 s campaign this is what happens to your brain on drugs anyone remember that ad with the fried egg It was hard for me to comprehend that this was the same man, Ozzy was the devil not a man who lived in the English countryside with a wife and kids I was intrigued enough that I had to read his biography, to figure out which Ozzy was the real Ozzy The truth is though, they both are.Honestly this is one of the better rock biographies out there and I give credit to co author Chris Ayers who s managed to piece together all of Ozzy s insane stories yet still allowed his true voice to ring through I did wonder how on earth Ozzy could possibly write a book much less remember anything after 40 years of drug and alcohol abuse but it turns out the godfather of heavy metal remembers quite a lot We start at the beginning in England with John growing up in a poor factory town without enough to eat or an indoor toilet Crazy from the get go John always wanted and his rise to fame is an amazing journey.Ozzy admits early on to struggling with dyslexia and I can only assume that he dictated this, leaving Chris Ayers with his work cut out for him He s done a fantastic job though because this flows really well and every page is funny, fascinating, shocking, at times unbelievable and brutally honest All the dirt is here too so if you re a fan of the music then theres a plethora of information about album covers, lyrics, band politics and the truth behind the music We also get to see a lot of other rock royalty joining in the debauchery In the end I wondered as Ozzy does how he s managed to stay alive through it all All aboard Some of the many highlights for me were 32 pages of color photographsHis jobs in a meat processing factory and testing car horns pardon His rise to fame and first experiences in America, the land of plenty of cocaine His sexual exploits with groupies including an aids scareDetails of his first marriage and trying to keep it together for the kids while seeing SharonAlmost killing a vicar with hash cakeThe real story behind the batThe death of his guitarist in an airplane that crashed into his tour busWaking up in the middle of a freewayThinking Betty Ford could teach him to drink like a gentleman or James BondHis remorse over the moments he missed in his children s lives because he was always pissedBuying a horse because he couldn t pass his drivers test and riding it to the pubThe realization that guns and booze don t mixHis numerous arrests including the infamous pissing on the Alamo The chaos that ensued after the success of the Osborne s Meeting the president and the QueenThe horror when he wakes up in jail not knowing why he is there and is told he tried to kill Sharon.How Sharon stuck by him through years of outrageous intoxicated behaviour.Why he stutters and shakesWhere he is now

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    There are many things to like about this book However, if you don t like Ozzy, you won t find them, at all This book reads as though you were listening to him in person His British accent permeates the pages that are full of pisses, fucks and bollocks, a testament to Chris Ayres helping hand author of this book ability to edit himself out of the writing In many respects this is a very honest book, that than once leaves you wondering how is Ozzy still alive old school rockers do seem to be made of stern stuff, cause the amounts of drugs and alcohol filling this book are serious than a bad car crash The good thing is that if you do find Ozzy s ways funny or at least tolerable, you ll have a good time reading this bio that it s exactly what I was expecting when I got it a wild ride through the even wilder side of The Prince of Darkness a.k.a THE bad boy of Heavy Metal and if not THE at least The Original one.The slaughterhouse labor, the prison term, the dyslexia, the guns, the blackouts, the Randy Rhoads airplane crash, the eating pigeons heads, the tremor, the mumbling, the bike accident, the many brushes with death they re all here But the best part at least for me is that accompanying all those scary, funny and extreme anecdotes about Ozzy s life there is also a plethora of writing about recording, touring, and creating In other words, about Ozzy s music Ozzy credits his initiation to the world of music to a single moment when a light went on in his head while hearing the record With the Beatles It just sucked me in Lennon and McCartney s harmonies were like magic Beyond that and throughout the book, Ozzy does talk about his music seriously, treating with respect He regards the survival of Black Sabbath as celestially ordained, and while there is much bile directed at miscreant band members and managers, not least Don Arden, there s also respect for them Interestingly, Ozzy acknowledges that he was not entirely blameless in these squabbles, pinpointing the moment when his relationship with Arden began to go wrong It wasn t long after I almost pissed in my new father in law s face that he stopped calling me Ozzy Arden is dead now, but Ozzy, once John Osbourne from Aston, has somehow pulled through My heart s in great shape, and my liver s like brand new, he says, showing to us that karmic justice is a concept that still evades him I give it a 3.5 stars I felt tempted to give it four but I prefer you to be pleasantly surprised that bitterly disappointed.

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    I think they had this idea in their heads that when I wasn t being arrested for public intoxication, I went to a cave and hung upside down, drinking snakes blood But I m like Coco the Clown, me at the end of the day, I come home, take off my greasepaint and my big red nose, and become Dad I ll admit to not being an Ozzy fan I can normally be found listening to indie pop I don t dislike him, but his music just does nothing for me It doesn t make me swoon.But my offline BFF begged me to read this, and I couldn t say no Plus she has enough embarrassing middle school memories of me to blackmail me into reading this if I said no pictured seventh grade Ellen Gail and her bff, talking to boys and eating poptartsAnd it was actually pretty good He admits freely to any number of illegal and horrid things, and occasionally expresses regret The writing is jumbled and hazy, much like Ozzy s memory But it has a charming realistic quality Ozzy really doesn t give a fuck about making himself look better or whitewashing the past It is what it is and fuck if you don t like it.So, not what I d normally go for, but it s always a joy to have someone shove a book at you and say, READ THIS

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    How this man is still alive is beyond me There are people who to quote the Hulkster say their prayers and eat their vitamins, yet they choke on a peanut or cross the street on a red light and it s curtains for them Curtains, I say But this guy did just about every drug there is and now enjoys a decently healthy life while being a grandfather I love rock music, but I can t say that I m this hardcore fan of Black Sabbath or Ozzy I do love some of his songs the well known tunes, to be honest but if it weren t for them, chances are I wouldn t be enjoying Metallica, Guns N Roses and Van Halen Still, I picked up this book mostly because I know that Ozzy is a character and he lived an insane life More importantly he lived to tell the tale The book really lets you get to know the guy for example it was interesting to find out that the man known as The Prince of Darkness makes fun of occultism, satanism and all of that bollocks Generally, even though Ozzy lacks education in a traditional sense of the word, he is extremely bright and down to earth You can t spot any trace of an ego while flipping through the pages, which is very impressive, considering he has every right to grow a big head, having reached the levels of success and wealth he has with no diplomas or shortcuts to pave the way But to tell you the truth, the main reason I loved this book is the fact that Ozzy is a complete rebel A madman Which one of us wouldn t love to stick it to the man , to defy the establishment, to stop playing ball and throw the rulebook out the window I for one would He did just that he knew for a fact he didn t want to wear a suit or work at a factory and get a gold watch once retirement hit him in his wrinkled old face So he did something about it And I truly applaud his reckless, juvenile, yet brilliant decision to go against the current and join a band instead of doing the normal thing in Aston and waste your life away at a factory.

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    Wow, I am reading the most entertaining biography out there This one I simply can t stop laughing I am about half way through this book and can tell you that it is now my most favorite book Since this is a library copy that I am reading I plan to still buy the book I love Ozzy and his book so much Even if you are not a Black Sabbath fan, I am sure you will enjoy this book I recommend this book for reading to lighten their day and for a thoroughly relaxing little getaway from the stresses of the real world I appreciate that Ozzy coming from a working class, poor background made something of himself and happen to like his music and voice And the black knight just is a really good man with a good heart He is one superstar rock star that I will always support Other men can learn by his example.

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    Every time I watched the cover of this book I couldn t get out of my head this song by Ozzy Osbourne Over The Mountain. Just this part Don t need no astrologyIt s inside of you and meYou don t need a ticket to fly with meI m free yeah Playing over and over again.And you know what, it s true It s free Well At least it was when I downloaded it This probably is the funniest autobiography out there I literally burst out laughing several times Once I was at work, reading and couldn t stop laughing, I even had tears in my eyes from so much laughter Everyone was staring at me but who cares, it was a hell of an experience I want to go get my albums of Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne, and give them a non stop listening marathon.It s really interesting to get inside the world of a rock n roller, there are times when we ve all fantasized about being one of them, and reading this kind of works give you a great insight of how not everything is glamour, money and awesomness in this world.Ozzy Osbourne struggled a lot with lawyers, Music is like any other business and have to pay the millionaire taxes Rumors from people saying he was a devil worshiper, an animal killer, among other things And drugs.I think this book would be of great help for people who might start doing drugs or going into alcoholism because it shows how bad things can get when you stop getting control and drugs do.I totally recommend it for anyone looking for a good laugh even if you re no fan of Ozzy s, perhaps it s not the best written book of literature but it will give you a great time and many things to think about And remember, he bit the head off a bat.

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    The writing is truly atrocious It reads like Ozzy dictated his life story into a tape recorder, handed it to the ghost writer, and said Transcribe this word for word Since Ozzy left school at 15, you can probably guess how that went But you don t read this book for the prose you read it for the stories And oh, the stories The famous dove, bat, and Alamo tales are there, as are behind the scenes accounts of band in fighting and tragedy Ozzy doesn t hold back on any of his crazy escapades and appears to take an honest look at his life He cops to lots of bad choices and seems to be at peace with most of them The excuses are rare, but the regrets are many He doesn t try to hide anything, choosing to rather tell us what he did and let his audience judge him for themselves The odd thing is that, even though Ozzy is by no stretch of the imagination a good person given the content of this book one could say he s a pretty despicable person , you still like the guy in the end His love for his family comes through and he truly seems to appreciate everything life has given him.

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    I read this book when it first came out in 2010 I believe the allure was not KNOWING who the heck he was, than knowing and wanting to learn about his life I m only writing this now, because I was annoyed at a few reviews of another author I like, David Sedaris The only thing Ozzy has in common with Sedaris is his ability to shock AND make me LAUGH OUT LOUD In some people s view, it s not truly literature nor worthy of their precious time The comparison of the two ends there YES, Ozzy w assistance had me hysterically laughing in bed at night to the point of tears unfortunately, waking my other half in the process His journey in life is both shocking and heartwarming I too, don t know how on earth he managed to stay alive through it all I m certainly happy that he did My love of both reading music is quite varied from each end of the spectrum and pretty much everything in between In my opinion, If an author or musician can make me feel any emotion enough to KEEP ME listening READING, then they are a genius There is no NEED to be an award winning author Save the literature and music snobs for others Life is to be enjoyed no matter your personal beliefs or tastes Life s too short R.R I liked Black Sabbath Ozzy as a solo artist especially as a teenager I believed all the stories of him biting the head off the bat I actually thought he might even be a devil worshiper I wasn t cool with that thought, but what the heck did I know I just liked his music and thought he was fairly nutswas I wrong I had to know now after all those years I ve never been able to understand a word he says EVER He just mumbles and I m lucky if I can pick up a word here and there Yet, I can understand the English British language when he SINGS How is that possible and I needed to find out what made him tick I m happy that, through this book, I had the pleasure of UNDERSTANDING the human, Ozzy Osbourne, who also happens to be immortal just kidding sort of be a husband, father, friend, band mate, businessman, addict, etc.Yes, he s had quite an interesting AND CRAZY life Yes, perhaps he s a bit nuts at times being kind , but he s also a kind and gentle soul underneath it all The book was well worth the read and I may just read it again As Dicken s said It was the best of times It was the worst of times which fits today s times in my opinion Therefore, I think we could all use a good laugh perhaps shed a tear or two while doing so Read the book and a give quick toast to Ozzy for making it this far

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    Diese Bio ist fast das ver ckteste vor allem nicht fiktionale Werk, das ich je gelesen habe Jedesmal denkt man neiiin Ozzy mach das jetzt nicht und dann tut er es doch Von den ersten Jobs in der Fabrik ber das Schlachthaus bis zur Musikerkarriere vergisst Ozzy nie, woher er kommt und bleibt sich treu, obwohl er meist nicht ganz Herr seiner Sinne ist und wie eine geladene Waffe voller Unsinn und den Kopf voller Drogen und Alkohol durch sein Leben stolpert Auch an ehrlicher Selbstkritik bez glich seiner Drogensucht und unverzeichlicher Gewaltausbr che gegen ber seinen Frauen spart er in dieser Biografie nicht und das macht ihn doppelt sympathisch Abgesehen von seiner eh schon wahnsinnig spannenden Dramaturgie des Lebens ist der sprachliche Stil des Buches zwar gut geschrieben aber voller Slangw rter, was ich mit einem normalen W rterbuch in der Hand gar nicht geschafft h tte Dank Leo Online s Slangw rterbuch weiss ich jetzt so viele dirty words, dass meine Englischlehrerin in der Klosterschule Schwester Marie Agnes wahrscheinlich der Schlag getroffen h tte Aber ich habe viel gelernt und k nnt nun schon in einem Pub in der N he von Birmingham diese ca 20 Vokablen f r unterschiedliche Schl gereien, bumsen, Beschimpfungen von M nnern, Prostituierte wohl gemerkt f r jedes einzelne Wort anbringen und somit auch vielleicht einen kleinen Eklat ala Ozzy Ozzbourne ausl sen Also ich fands witzig, gross und einzigartig und jetzt schau ich mir auf jeden Fall auch noch die Serie an Fazit macht irgendwie s chtig dieses Buch aufpassen

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    Een interessant boek Hoewel een paar dingen inmiddels wel veranderd zijn Zo was Ozzy dit jaar en vorig jaar weer op tv met een eigen serie, terwijl hij toen schreef dat hij dat nooit meer zal doen Ook denk ik niet dat hij nu nog helemaal clean is, terwijl hij dat op het einde van het boek wel was Desondanks een interessante inkijk in zijn persoonlijke leven En gezien de hoeveelheid drank en drugs die hij heeft gebruikt is het een wonder dat hij nog leeft Overigens vind ik Ozzy vrij openhartig Zo schrijft hij dat hij spijt heeft over hoe hij zijn beide vrouwen en kinderen behandelde als hij onder invloed was Ook beschrijft hij hoe erg hij er aan toe was voor hij besloot het rustiger aan te doen Al had ik niet alle details hoeven weten Zo vertelt hij dat hij regelmatig in zijn broek plaste en poepte Toch denk ik dat hij dat bewust verteld heeft om te laten zien hoe erg hij er aan toe was.

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  • Hardcover
  • 391 pages
  • I Am Ozzy
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • English
  • 26 April 2017
  • 9780446569897

About the Author: Ozzy Osbourne

John Michael Ozzy Osbourne is the lead vocalist of the pioneering English heavy metal band Black Sabbath, a multi platinum, award winning successful solo artist and the star of the reality show, The Osbournes Considered by many to be the Godfather of Heavy Metal, Ozzy has enjoyed a career that has now spanned four decades.