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The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll chapter 1 The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll, meaning The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll, genre The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll, book cover The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll, flies The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll, The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll 623238d138fcf Completely Updated With New Entries And Extensive Revisions Of The Previous ,, The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia Of Rock Roll Is The Authoritative Volume On The World S Music Makers From The One Hit Wonders To The MegastarsIn , Rolling Stone Press Introduced Its First Rock Roll Encyclopedia Almost Two Decades Later, It Has Become The Premier Guide To The History Of Rock Roll, And Has Been Selected By The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Museum As Its Official Source Of Information Giving Full Coverage To All Aspects Of The Rock Scene, It Tells The Story Of Rock Roll In A Clear And Easy Reference Format, Including Complete Discographies, Personnel Changes For Every Band, And Backstage Information Like Date And Place Of Birth, From Elvis Presley To EminemSince The Last Edition, The Music Scene Has Exploded In Every Area, From Boy Bands To Hip Hop, Electronica To Indie Rock Here, The Encyclopedia Explores Them All NSync, Notorious BIG Ricky Martin, Radiohead, Britney Spears, Blink , Sean Puffy Combs, Portishead, Fatboy Slim, Fiona Apple, Lil Kim, Limp Bizkit, Oasis, Outkast, Yo La Tengo, TLC, And Many, Many The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia Of Rock Roll, Third Edition Includes All The Facts, Phenomena, And Flukes That Make Up The History Of Rock Accompanying The Biographical And Discographical Information On The Nearly , Artists Included In This Edition Are Incisive Essays That Reveal The Performers Musical Influences, First Breaks, And Critical And Commercial Hits And Misses, As Well As Evaluations Of Their Place In Rock History Filled With Hundreds Of Historical Photos, The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia Is Than Just A Reference Book, It Is The Bible Of Rock Roll

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    Though weakened by Rolling Stone s propensity for snobbery and an occasionally sketchy definition of the term rock roll, this weighty tome is nevertheless a golden reference volume It s a satisfying time killer as well flip to virtually any page, and odds are you ll learn something you didn t know Terrific fun for any would be rock scholar.

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    I have read this cover to cover and I still refer to it I have the first copy and this one I wish they would update this book every so often Say every 5 years or so But I love to dig it out every now and then and sit in front of YouTube and see if I agree If I agree I will collect the CD s to listen to again and again I also like how the authors of the book keep the roots of blues dominant through out the book.

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    The particular volume I m refering to is the original 1983 edition A marvelous introduction to who s who s in this genre of music and is one of the few tomes of this the later ones were too big, no intimacy covers right up to the time Jacko released Thriller The 2nd of the vital trilogy of Rolling Stone Magazine The red cover Record Guide Rock of Ages being the others

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    This book was so awesome.

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    1st Read April 9, 1991 November 2, 1991 Rating When this fascinating book about music arrived in our home in the autumn of 1983, I was beside myself in happiness Music was a huge part of our upbringing as children, and to this day, aside from two of my sisters, all of us listen to music than we watch television I was twelve years old when this book was published At that point in time, I had been listening to a broad spectrum of sounds Many of the people my age group were grooving to the New Wave sounds of Culture Club, Missing Persons, A Flock of Seagulls as well as the mainstream artists like Michael Jackson, Alabama, Duran Duran, Men At Work and others I liked some of that stuff and even owned a few of them However, I was out for something that I could identify with, as to who I was I gravitated to the harder rock that was out there prior to 1982 and 1983 I sill admired some of the stuff on the radio and what my older sisters were listening to all the same The book was a great point of reference for me for many years and I still have it I have to keep it in a plastic bag, folded tight and tucked away in between a couple other books, as the glue no longer holds the pages together When I read this book from front to back in 1991, I really noticed how many bands and artists were not included in its pages A great majority of them were are Canadian artists Some of them had been around for years, while some were relatively new artists, including Triumph, Toronto, Headpins, Bryan Adams, Max Webster, Kim Mitchell who fronted that band and still tours today, and Edward Bear, Lighthouse and many others Not only those bands and artists, where were the Scorpions Pat Travers M tley Cr e Accept Girlschool Whitesnake All of these bands had been out a few years prior to this book with at least two albums under their belt at the time of writing I use these bands to clarify my point as there are of them also not included My love of music has grown from early beginnings of my Mom s records of The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson, Neil Diamond to my preteen years enjoying The Bee Gees, Gary Numan, Rick Springfield and others, to my rebellious years as a metal head At 44 years of age today, that musical tree of knowledge is than just a branch I had strayed off the mainstream and into the Blues as early as the late 1980 s, to Grunge, Dance, and Swing in the mid 90 s, Hip Hop, Alternative and House Electronica in the 2000 s I have some World music from Pakistan, Iran, Spain, Greece and others At the same time, I am still purchasing the blistering Metal, Blues from the 1940 s up to today, and a wide assortment of other Rock, Country, Contemporary, Easy Listening and other acquired tastes I seldom reach for this book any as it is not complete in the way it should be for its time It was a great starter book initially, but as I have grown and music has continued to develop and expand into new forms and sub genres More than anything, it is dated Even with the updated and revised version my room mate has from 2005, it too sometimes fails us in our searches Perhaps it is that we are two people who listen to so much than what mainstream society listens to or is aware of The musical ocean is deep.dive into it and swim

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    My search to own this book finally comes true Now I don t have to go to my local library whenever I want to do my research At last I could afford to buy this as new encyclo at cheap dirt price.Contain rich information Bravo Will never finish reading this book Date I own this book December 2008

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    The biggest and best of what you want to know about a band.

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    No mention of the Afghan Whig drops it a star.

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    Okay yeah I didn t read this book cover to cover but it s like the bible to me I use this book so much for my music research and projects and they re good to collect too

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    This is possibly the greatest reference book of all time

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