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Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley pdf Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley, ebook Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley, epub Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley, doc Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley, e-pub Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley, Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley 6f6f90b0e2b From The Moment That He First Shook Up The World In The Mid S, Elvis Presley Has Been One Of The Most Vivid And Enduring Myths Of American Culture Last Train To Memphis The Rise Of Elvis Presley Is The First Biography To Go Past That Myth And Present An Elvis Beyond The Legend Based On Hundreds Of Interviews And Nearly A Decade Of Research, It Traces The Evolution Not Just Of The Man But Of The Music And Of The Culture He Left Utterly Transformed, Creating A Completely Fresh Portrait Of Elvis And His WorldThis Volume Tracks The First Twenty Four Years Of Elvis Life, Covering His Childhood, The Stunning First Recordings At Sun Records That S All Right, Mystery Train , And The Early RCA Hits Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog, Don T Be Cruel These Were The Years Of His Improbable Self Invention And Unprecedented Triumphs, When It Seemed That Everything That Elvis Tried Succeeded Wildly There Was Scarcely A Cloud In Sight Through This Period Until, In , He Was Drafted Into The Army And His Mother Died Shortly Thereafter The Book Closes On That Somber And Poignant Note Last Train To Memphis Takes Us Deep Inside Elvis Life, Exploring His Lifelong Passion For Music Of Every Sort From Blues And Gospel To Bing Crosby And Mario Lanza , His Compelling Affection For His Family, And His Intimate Relationships With Girlfriends, Mentors, Band Members, Professional Associates, And Friends It Shows Us The Loneliness, The Trustfulness, The Voracious Appetite For Experience, And Above All The Unshakable, Almost Mystical Faith That Elvis Had In Himself And His Music Drawing Frequently On Elvis Own Words And On The Recollections Of Those Closest To Him, The Book Offers An Emotional, Complex Portrait Of Young Elvis Presley With A Depth And Dimension That For The First Time Allow His Extraordinary Accomplishments To Ring TruePeter Guralnick Has Given Us A Previously Unseen World, A Rich Panoply Of People And Events That Illuminate An Achievement, A Place, And A Time As Never Revealed Before Written With Grace, Humor, And Affection, Last Train To Memphis Has Been Hailed As The Definitive Biography Of Elvis Presley It Is The First To Set Aside The Myths And Focus On Elvis Humanity In A Way That Has Yet To Be Duplicated

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    The writing is so good here it makes things like the details of signing a contract with an agent into a riveting read I thought the opening was the strongest, bringing the worlds of poverty in Memphis to life with so much empathy and detail clothing, language, segregation, mixed neighborhoods, music styles and public housing But I stayed fascinated throughout as Elvis start to get famous, even in the sections that were mostly a ton of names.Seeing the process of how Elvis was meticulously turned from a shy teenager into a larger than life sensation was incredible His own musical training gets woven with the changes in the music industry and especially the radio.I ll definitely read book 2 someday, but it sounds a lot heavier I mean just the weight of celebrity here in this book was already a lot to handle.

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    One of the most exhilarating stories ever told Guralnick accomplishes something astonishing he rescues Elvis from myth, in the process reaffirms his legend This volume chronicles Elvis s early life his crackling charisma, musical inventiveness and genuine iconoclasm The backdrop is America in transformation postwar restlessness, racial integration and much needed rebellion In the end, we see why America needed Elvis, and why, sadly, his tragic fall was so inevitable As good a book as I ve ever read.

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    Another book I picked up after last fall s trips to visit my friends Heather and Clay in the wonderful city of Memphis Great book, couldn t put it down Reviewers say it s the best book on Elvis around Haven t read much about Elvis, but I can t imagine it getting much better than this A very sympathetic account, it keeps an eye on what is important about Elvis his astonishing talents and not the sordid stuff although the sordid stuff is mentioned To my delight, Elvis s Army buddy Rex Mansfield is mentioned several times and quoted towards the end of the book I met Rex in the course of my career in utility equipment sales Rex was a rep for American equipment in Germany, and visited us several times at the factory He told us Elvis stories, which pretty much thrilled me Lots of girls over in Germany when you hung out with Elvis Lots of girls Pretty cool to say I know a guy who knew Elvis Which is about as cool as I m ever going to get.

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    A sharply rendered and painstakingly detailed account of Elvis early days Guralnick s narrative prose is simple, even crude, but his material is richly precise in some places, we get an almost day by day account of Elvis life and career, with sources split neatly between firsthand interviews and the author s own historical knowledge, which is impressive Guralnick is, it should be noted, a far better historian than he is a writer, and there are whole blocks of prose that ramble indistinctly and contribute little to the story Still, the story is what counts, and when it is allowed to upstage the weak writing, this book is worth a read even if you aren t a fan of Elvis.

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    the Elvis book left me speechless and amazed Dreaming about hillbilly forevers Sentimental on a Sun Recording bender that nearly drove the neighbors to nail my windows shut to save them from the pain of the thousandth play of Its all Alright Momma at full volume Have you ever seen Jesus Camp It was kinda like that but with Elvis instead of Jesus and I only cried when Gladiolus died near the end To say Elvis is iconic from Tokyo to Mobile and cult like for many that hide in Dixie caves is an understatement A figure so discussed, loved, hated, mocked and glorified is anything but human But this book makes Elvis a human A man with a special talent embarked on a special journey That s the best compliment i can give a biography, especially when dealing with an epic figure Elvis is a person to me now and not a poster my mom had when i was growing up Read it for sure.

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    If you are a fan of Elvis, this is your book This is the first of a two part series on the King of Rock and Roll Guralnick goes into painstaking detail on Elvis life from the time he was a young boy getting his first guitar through the death of his beloved mother and shipping off to Germany as PFC Elvis Presley It is clear that Elvis was his own person He was at times naive and humble while at other times he was rambunctious and rebellious Everything he did, he did for his family His love for his parents, especially his mother was both sweet and heartbreaking He was inconsolable when she passed away.This book truly is a deep dive into Presley s life Where I am a fan of his I saw him in concert just a couple months before he died , I don t know that I needed details to the level that Guralnick noted For superfans, this is definitely a book worth reading It was entertaining and interesting and I will read the second book in the series This book does not cover his life with Pricilla or eventual decline in health The Kindle version that I read included audio clips of some of the interviews that Guralnick conducted with some key people in Elvis life It is worth the purchase if you are a Kindle user.

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    This enormous biography takes Elvis from his birth in 1935, through his gradual rise to stardom and on to the death of his beloved mother The author meticulously lists every live concert date, every record and every film made, but that is not all the book is about As well as explaining how and why Elvis became the huge star he became, it explains who he was The gentle boy who loved his mother and who never seemed to be anything other than caring if a little fickle with his many girlfriends, who was spiritual and clean living warning his mother against the horrors of drink when she had a beer late at night, who seemed so lonely he ended up with a local entourage to protect and keep him company, was also, undeniably, a very ambitious man Also a man who seemed to prefer to leave any difficulty to the Colonel and slip out from the requirements of personal responsibility at times not acknowedging the bitterness of Scotty Moore and Bill Black for example, until they resigned in anger at how they were treated financially This really is THE Elvis biography and continues with Careless Love , which I am really looking forward to reading.

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    Peter Guralnick s books on American RB, Soul, Country, Blues and Rock and Roll are all heartfelt, deeply researched, and written nearly entirely in the third person, and that last bit separates him from the self aggrandizing that mars the writing of so many other music writers covering the same ground If he has a fault it is his reverence for his subjects Accordingly, this first volume of his two volume biography of Elvis Presley will set you aglow with the excitement, innocence and exuberance of the Hillbilly Cat s early days, ending with his induction into the Army in 1958 Guralnick is the anti Albert Goldman no armchair psychoanalysis of the budding sexual preferences or the Oedipal domestic arrangements of his subject will be found, but instead a sympathetic treatment that pulls you into the unlikely story of Elvis success Presley nursed a gift that was bigger than he was In the second volume Careless Love The Unmaking of Elvis Presley , the abuse of that gift destroys Presley, but in Last Train To Memphis there is the delicacy of watching a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis mixed with the rude exhilaration of a musical revolution.

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    Last Train to Memphis The Rise of Elvis Presley is beautifully written portrait of Presley s early years his impoverished childhood in Tupelo, Mississippi, the move to Memphis in his teenage years, and the amazingly rich and complex soup of musical influences that city offered to a shy, sensitive boy with a huge love of singing and music of all kinds.The Elvis you meet in this book is not the troubled, larger than life, jumpsuit wearing star of the Vegas years that may first spring to mind when you think of him Instead author Peter Guralnick introduces us to a churchgoing, family loving, polite, humble, kindhearted young man who didn t quite fit in anywhere until he knocked timidly but tenaciouslyand repeatedly on the door of Sun Records in Memphis, eager to make music and have Sun founder Sam Phillips hear him Once the ball got rolling at Sun, things happened fast Guralnick paints a vivid picture of lengthy but creatively exhilarating recording sessions, nonstop road trips to play gigs in small towns throughout the South, and the mounting hysteria surrounding this young man only 21 when he hit it big on the national scene, aided by the smarmy but undeniably effective huckster Colonel Tom Parker as his fame and wealth exploded Soon he was off to Hollywood, where he dreamed of becoming a dramatic actor like his heroes James Dean and Marlon Brando.Guralnick must have read everything ever written about Elvis, listened to every interview or press conference Elvis ever gave, listened to every recording or snippet of a recording he ever made, and spoken with every possible person still living who knew Elvis Presley even a little bit The book is that authoritative and in depth on both the personal and the musical Elvis It s a brilliant biography, presenting a wealth of research in a totally readable way The book is a page turner, except for the moments when you want to put it down to Google Dewey Phillips famed Memphis DJ who first played Elvis s tunes or The Statesmen one of the gospel quartets that greatly influenced Elvis s sound , or look at the famous, breathtakingly intimate photos of Elvis on the cusp of massive fame, taken by Alfred Wertheimer in 1956.The book ends in 1958, the year Elvis s music and movie career was put on hold by his induction into the Army It s also the year his beloved mother Gladys died The unselfish love and devotion she had always shown him were suddenly gone, at the very time when the rest of his life was going dizzyingly, ridiculously nuts, and it tore him up Without her as his moral compass, he was never the same again.Guralnick continues Presley s life story in the second volume of his biography, Careless Love The Unmaking of Elvis Presley That book delves into the darker side of his life the bad choices, the drugs, the women, the entourage of sycophants with their hands out, the ego run amok Last Train to Memphis focuses on Elvis s rise, however, and it s a remarkable rags to riches story about an endearing and talented young man you can t help but empathize with and root for It made me look at and appreciate Elvis in a whole new way, and wish his story could have had a happier ending.

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    I was an Irish kid in Germany in 1958 my Dad worked in the AFEX system as an accountant when Elvis came over as an army draftee A family friend got his autograph for me which I lost soon after damn double damn and this is the point where this book the first of a two part biography closes It takes us from Elvis birth in Tupelo to his family s move to Memphis, his geeky high school days, the 12 guitar his father bought for him, and his burning desire to cut a record This brought him to Sam Phillips and Sun Records This early recording took off thanks to radio play throughout the South and a series of live gigs followed getting ever bigger and bigger Soon things became so big they nearly got out of control From some peculiar mixture of gospel, hillbilly, and Negro blues Elvis had hit on a new sound that caught the imagination of teenage America By the age of 21 1956 he was pulling in huge audiences and the music moguls were taking an interest The predatory ex Carnie barker Colonel Tom Parker moved in to guide this boy along and in his manipulatory and conniving ways made Elvis a national phenomenon.What makes this story so fascinating is the way it is told The author, an early fan of the music, spent 11 years tracking down all the surviving friends and associates of Elvis and tells the story as if he were looking through a keyhole, recording conversations and first impressions and opinions from such a wide number of people that you begin to feel you are there yourself The way this book was put together is extremely impressive by no means is it your standard biography Whether you like the music or not I did even then, I still do you cannot help but get caught up in the story After such a meteoric rise you just know that a fall is bound to come hubris, as we know from the wise old Greeks, is followed by nemesis A second volume of the biography entitled Careless Love charts the course of Elvis career from the time he was released from the army to his early death at the age of 42 That will require another review.

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