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The Haunted summary The Haunted, series The Haunted, book The Haunted, pdf The Haunted, The Haunted fbaf2815ed An Impossible Truth An Impossible Love After A Summer Spent Reclaiming Her Sanity And Trying To Forget The Boy She Fell In Love With The Boy Who Must Not Exist, Cannot Exist, Because She Knows That He Is Dead Abbey Returns To Sleepy Hollow, Ready To Leave The Ghosts Of Her Past Behind She Throws Herself Into Her Schoolwork, Her Perfume Making, And Her Friendship With Ben, Her Cute And Funny Lab Partner, Who Just Might Be Her Ticket To Getting Over Caspian Once And For All But Abbey Can Never Get Over Caspian, And Caspian Has No Choice But To Return To Her Side, For Caspian Is A Shade, And Abbey Is His Destiny They Are Tied Not Only To Each Other, But Also To The Town Of Sleepy Hollow, And To The Famous Legend That Binds Their Fates A Legend Whose Dark Truths They Are Only Beginning To Guess Spectacular The Hollow Keeps You Reading From Beginning To End Without Coming Up For Air LJ Smith, Bestselling Author Of The Vampire Diaries And Night World

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    Again, this novel was okayI said in my last review for The Hollow that I probably wasn t going to read the rest of this series but I forgot that I already put the next book on hold so when it came in I thought I should give it another chance Again it just felt kind of blah to me, just like the first one I did a lot of skim reading because the main character isn t interesting enough to me for me to read the 200 pages about her day to day life Her perfume making wasn t really as important or written about in this story, weirdly enough given the cover art I also didn t really get Caspian in this book He changes his clothes So because his clothes are physical things that Abbey and everyone can see, do his clothes just float in the air They must, because when Caspian goes to grab Abbey a snack when they are at the hotel together, she says it might look suspicious if food is floating in the air So when he walks around with her do people see floating clothes Also Caspian can pick up objects but he can t touch Abbey That seems kind of stupid the author just did that so there would be sexual tension between them, they both can t have what they want which normally would be sexy but all evidence points to the fact that he can pick up objects and change his clothes and draw and stuff so why wouldn t he be able to touch her I think the author should have stuck with him either being able to do it all, touch everything everyone or be unable to do anything.And Abbey completely threw me off At one point, Caspian did something totally swoon worthy and Abbey said to herself that was totally romanticand kind of creepy Well, which one is it Is he lovely and romantic or is he a creepy ghost Either she loves him with all her heart like she claims at some points or she doesn t She also said at one point that she was falling in love with him, and this was sometime in the middle of the novel and I was likeuh what Doesn t she already love him by this point I don t get it.Also a minor thing but Ben and Abbey said they saw a Japanese restaurant bait shop but then later it was a Chinese bait shop Those are pretty fundamentally differentso was it won tons or sushi Maybe Jessica should get a new editor or stop boasting about how she hand writes these books and gets spell check and so on Uh sorry if that sounded mean Just not a fan of these books

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    One word sums up this book in my mind, and I hope it does in others too beautiful.I loved this book It was an astronomical improvement on The Hollow, and although I did enjoy the first book as a nice bit of fluff, this one blew it right out of the water I love it when, in a series, you can see the author s writing gradually growing and improving another thing I loved about this book Verday has proved her worth in the YA machine her characters are deep, captivating, and real enough to bleed.Abbey My GOD, how Abbey has improved I m so pleased that I m actually able to say I liked this book s heroine I cannot stand hating the protagonist of YA novels, so it was really refreshing to find a girl who was relatable and likable Alright, so she s no superwoman, and she doesn t always make the best choices, but she s human I can find parts of her personality she has one that I like and that s big in a genre so hell bent on churning out wet rags disguised as protagonists And Caspianoh, Caspian Caspian Caspian, Caspian You have my heart He was just wonderful Flamboyant, deep, charming and thoughtful, he had me from the start I liked Ben, but loved Caspian, which made for an engaging tangle of feelings that roped me in from the beginning Caspian was kind, loving and respectful toward Abbey, but still boyish enough to be fun I loved the scenes in the hotel room, in the mausoleum, in Abbey s bedroom with the glow in the dark stars, at Caspian s graveside which was beautifully touching All the time the connection between Abbey and Caspian was so palpable, so beautiful and rich I really, really wanted them to be together, no matter what Their love was entirely believable.The supporting characters were equally strong Abbey s parents felt like plausible parents, the Revenants were neat and intriguing in their design, and Vincent was just as much of a slimy creep as Verday intended It was as brilliant, engaging and colourful as a pantomime I almost felt like booing when Vincent came on the scene The setting, ambience and general feel of the book was rich, earthy, dark and gothic, without the author trying too hard I loved the sticky, summer fall feeling of the town, the quaint to be perfume shop, the run down birthplace of Caspian His sad past was so touching, so enveloping and deep, emphasised perfectly by the dreary tone of his home town and the simple description of him once being the weird, quiet kid who drew pictures all the time I could see Caspian as a little child, pale and alone, an outcast on the railway tracks It drew me in, and held me there, so much so that it took a lot of force and willpower to set the book down and return to school after my lunchbreak.The one and only piece of beef I have with this book, and the sole reason that I gave it four stars and not five, is the ending It really, really saddened me Not that it was poorly written not one part of this book is but that it all happened so fast and felt like it was rushed It didn t really seem like a proper cliffhanger like the ink on the printer had run out or the text had been cut off in the middle of the author typing The climax was explosive, and the emotion radiated off the page a sign of a truly talented author but it was kind of spoiled by a tiny misjudgement, and could have been concluded better.Not to worry, though If Verday can keep up this fabulous quality of writing, stay strong with the engaging story and beautiful, vibrant characters, and make up for that tiny blip in the ending, then I m sure the next book and the last in the series gasp , The Hidden, will make it on to my five star list.My rating for this book 4.5 5 Excellent.BONUS TIME This blog post solidified my absolute love and faith in Jessica Verday It moved and touched me Her integrity, moral strength and sheer bravery left me speechless.She is, without a doubt, amazing.

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    Ghost stories really are not my thing I happen to be participating in a challenge this month that requires reading ghost stories since it is October TBH, I truly felt dread about starting any of them But I have to say, this was a good one to choose for the challenge It is YA paranormal This was probably 3 stars for me, but I upped it to 4 stars for a few reasons The characters were well defined Since they are teens, there was the whole teen drama thing, but the author kept that tightly reigned in and focused on the ghost story The romance was a little too sweet at the end, but thankfully, that wasn t the tone for the whole book The story line was also a reason to up this to 4 stars It was new to me and even though I didn t love this, it was still interesting There were also some weird twists in the plot, by that I mean they were unexpected but in a decent way.The last reason is that I was just relieved that it wasn t eerie and hokey So 4 stars.

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    Actual rating 2.5UGH UGH UGH I M SO BEHIND ON REVIEWS IT S DRIVING ME CRAZY.I know all my reviews have started this way lately, but it s true And it may affect the quality of my reviews, because I m kind of rushing through them And a lot of these books I m reviewing now are books I read like 3 4 months ago, so I m forgetting a lot of details and it s just sad I need to actually get to the point where I m writing reviews right after I read the books because this is getting super aggravating.Okay, so I found this book to be just meh It wasn t too bad, but it wasn t great either I felt pretty much the same way about the first book The Hollow , but I decided to pick up the second one because several of my reviewer friends had said that the series gets way better Well unfortunately, I didn t really feel that way I would say I liked this one about as equally as I liked the first one which was only a little bit to begin with so Oh well In case you don t know, this book is about a girl named Abbey who lives in Sleepy Hollow as in The Legend of In the previous book, her best friend died a mysterious death, which she is still trying to piece together in the second book She also started getting stalked by a creepy but sexy type of boy who ended up being a ghost Ooooh And then they had a kind of romantic thing, and yeah Well in this one, she starts kinda dating this guy who used to be in love with her best friend Awkward His name is Ben He s pretty cool But of course, ghost guy shows up again and is a jealous baby about the whole thing and Abbey is like, Oh me oh my, how do I choose between the normal nice guy and the supernatural creepy sexy guy At least I found Ben the nice normal guy to be pretty cool But Caspian the ghost guy continued to just annoy me Is he as horrible as the love interests in some YA paranormal books No, but he s just meh He s not all that interesting, in my humble opinion Plus, I find it a big turn off that he calls Abbey Astrid instead of her real name Like, there s a difference between giving someone a cute nickname and refusing to call her by her real name, which just seems condescending Is it just me But yeah, of course Abbey likes Caspian because he s a sexy ghost so duh Aaand then there were some like evil ghosts who seemed suspicious And there was some ridiculous plot twist about how it turned out Abbey s friend Kristen kind of inadvertently caused the death of her own brother Because like, one day he was supposed to be watching her when she was a baby, and then she fell off a table or something and he caught her And then he set her down somewhere, but he tripped on a chair and fell out the window And because of his injuries he became addicted to painkillers and eventually overdosed on them which is how he died I just don t understand how you can trip on a chair and fall out the window I don t think it s possible But, you know, don t try it at home kids Just in case.I apologize This review is on drugs I don t even know what I m writing right now I just want to get this done.So basically, I had higher expectations for this, but to me it s just another so so paranormal romance series I might read the third one, but probably not Especially because by now, I ve pretty much forgotten everything about this one So, oh well.

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    After the disappointment that The Hollow left me with, I was anxious to read the next in the series to see if it would be better I am so glad I gave this author another chance Abbey returns to Sleepy Hollow after a breakdown caused by the death of her best friend Kristen and falling in love with a dead boy She has been living with her Aunt and finally comes home after the completion of the Sleepy Hollow bridge to dedicate it in the memory of her friend She is scared to return to the town that caused her such pain, but she puts a brave face on and decides it is time Just when things start taking off with Ben and getting back into the perfume creations, Caspian returns to Abbey She feels conflicted at first trying to figure out if she is going crazy again, or if Caspian truly is real in her world Along the way, we get to see the love between Caspian and Abbey grow, old favorites return in Abbey s life and new discoveries about The Shade.I am amazed at how much the author s writing has progressed from The Hollow I admit, the beginning of this book moves slow like the first one, but as you get going in the story it really takes off That is about the only negative thing about the book in my opinion There is suspense with a lot of the answers you were wanting from the previous book being answered The author still left a great climax at the end of the story though that will leave you frustrated because you have to wait for the final book Some things become clear in the plot, but other things are going to be left for the final book I assume Personally, I can t wait for the final book now I have crossed the Sleepy Hollow bridge and I don t want to turn back

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    Once again. amazing This story just gets better better.The Haunted continues where The Hollow ended and Abby thinks she s gone crazy For the first part of the book, it follows Abby trying to become normal again but when she meets Caspian again the story starts to take off We finally find out who D is Kristin s secret boyfriend and we discover some answers to the mystery of Abby and Caspian s relationship like how they can t touch I must say some of the scenes between Abby and Caspian start to heat up even though they can t touch each other and it reminded me very much of the intensity in Hush,Hush I loved these parts of the book but then you had the third wheel Ben who always got in the way lol We also see a new character, Vincent Drake He is the type of guy who gets what he wants, when he wants it and he wants Abby There s also some new characters who seem to be trying to help Abby and Caspian aswell as Nikolas and Katy Once again the story really starts to develop towards the end of the book and now I m desperate for Plus, wonderful writing from the author Some of her quotes are so good Anyway, I loved this book

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    Honestly, this book deserves than 5 stars IT SHOULD BE 10 STARS I can t believe I read this book all in less than 8 hours I wanted to savor each page as much as I could but then books have to come to some end Ugh That was such a cliffhanger at the end I guess I was expecting one but not like this This cliffhanger was much suspenseful The story was just starting to get to the interesting parts There s no way I can wait another whole year for the very last book in this series after the torture I had to go through for this book But, seeing how fantastic and awesome this book was, I wait longer cuz I m gonna reread it

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    Ughhh so there was a semblance of a plot but it was at the end The entire book is basically Abbey doing normal things like putting her clothes on and eating food or talking to Ben and her parents I just need to know what this Shade business is all about. I wished The Sleepy Hollow legend was in tune with the plot.

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    This was my favorite book of 2010 While I liked The Hollow,I LOVED The Haunted I couldn t put this book down without becoming cranky This book really made me come to love Abbey and Caspian I can t wait to read the next book to find out what happens in November, and what Abbey s fate is.

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    I m sure it will be just as amazing as the first one

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