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Mustaine pdf Mustaine , ebook Mustaine , epub Mustaine , doc Mustaine , e-pub Mustaine , Mustaine 0b9e2e20db1 New York Times BestsellerFounding Member, Singer, And Lead Guitarist Of Metallica And Megadeath Shares The Ultimate, Unvarnished Story Behind His Involvement In The Rise Of Two Of The World S Most Influential Heavy Metal Bands In History Dave Mustaine Is The First To Admit That He S Bottomed Out A Few Times In His Dark And Twisted Speed Metal Version Of A Dickensian Life From His Soul Crushing Professional And Artistic Setbacks To His Battle With Addiction, Mustaine Has Hit Rock Bottom On Multiple Occasions April Was His Lowest Point, When He Was Unceremoniously Fired From Metallica For His Hard Partying Ways But, What Seemed To Be The End Of It All Was Just The Beginning For The GuitaristAfter Parting Ways With Metallica, Mustaine Went On To Become The Front Man, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist And De Facto CEO For Megadeath One Of The Most Successful Metal Bands In The World A Pioneer Of The Thrash Metal Movement, Megadeath Rose To International Fame In The S, And Has Gone On To Earn Seven Consecutive Grammy Nominations For Best Metal PerformanceIn This Outrageously Candid Memoir, One Of Heavy Metal S Most Iconic Figures Gives An Insider S Look Into The Loud And Sordid World Of Thrash Metal Sex, Drugs, And Rock N Roll Included

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    The main problem I had with it is the same one I had with both Slash s and Anthony Keidis memoirs WE GET IT, YOU WENT TO REHAB A LOT Instead of taking one chapter and devoting it to the numerous times in and out of sobriety, it s done in real time So every time he goes into rehab, he writes about it and everything slows to a grinding halt The other problem I had is the inability of people who replace their addiction to drugs alcohol to an addiction to religion to understand that s all they re doing Seems that if they recognized unhealthy patterns, they d catch that one right away, but nope As religion is a societally sanctioned addiction and drugs aren t, it s somehow acceptable shrug Interesting how almost every memoir I ve read from a musician involves them dumbfucking their way into major success Guess I should have done drinking and drugs on my path.

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    I think there are a lot of positive things that can come from a book like this There are lessons here, and warnings, than a few It takes something to be this candid and open about the mistakes you ve made, perhaps even so if you re Dave Mustaine If you ve ever read up about him, or if you ve followed his career, you ll know He owns up to a lot here, generally clearing the water Let s face it, there s only so much you can learn about someone like this on Wikipedia.This is a confessional of sorts, I suppose, and a lot of what you read in here may be unsettling Dave has led an eventful life, and no mistake If you thought the old saying sex, drugs rock n roll was just that, a saying, think again In here you will find sex You will find substance abuse of a mind bogglingly excessive nature Of course, the music is metal than rock n roll, but still Oh, did I mention the drugs You see, this is a story about survival, and if someone like Dave Mustaine can clean up and straighten out his life to the extent he describes here Well it certainly does seem to take away most people s excuses.I suppose what most readers will be after when they read this, are the sections dealing with the founding of Metallica, Dave s subsequent, highly publicised by now, dismissal and, of course, the founding of Megadeth Nothing wrong with that, of course, since I suppose most people will only be reading this book because they re into Heavy Metal in the first place But I think that there is much to it than that Like I already mentioned, this is a story about survival About being a man About coming to the realisation that you have to be accountable for your own life at some point and that you can t blame others, or your past, for your own shortcomings On that level, I think many people will be able to identify with Mr Mustaine.This book comes recommended, but there is quite a bit of swearing and quite a bit of mature content, since this is, after all, still Dave Mustaine Also, the writing itself isn t bad at all, which isn t too surprising considering Mustaine s history as songwriter If you like music history and autobiographies, check it out If you re a Megadeth fan, well, I suppose I don t even have to tell you, cause you ll have a copy already.

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    There was a time when Megadeth was my favorite est band Dave Mustaine founder, leader, composer, singer, everything , personally, was GOD to me I loved their aggressive music, I was inspired by their lyrics, and I could never stop talking about Megadeth with friends, family, whoever was tolerant to hear me out Their music went through tumultuous ups and downs, and my personal tastes moved to aggressive genres and artists But, I always remained doggedly dedicated to the old era of Megadeth So, when I chanced upon the autobiography of Mustaine at a book store, I just had to buy it immediately admitted I did not pick it up then and there I came home and ordered it cheaper from an online seller.This book is a must have for every single fan of Megadeth Mustaine has covered his entire life tumultuous times.the crazy sex drugs and heavy metal life the battles with bands and band members rehab et al.with all the gory details He especially goes into a lot of detail of his early years how he started playing music and how things evolved and then fell apart with Metallica Anyone who knows even a little bit of Megadeth and Mustaine know about his unceremonious sacking from Metallica and how that left Mustaine angry and competitive for years You just get lot details here straight from the horse s ughh Mustaine s mouth Regarding his decadent life style, gosh it is a miracle he lived to tell the tale Having dabbled with almost every kind of drugs and alcohol sometimes doing it even inside a rehab centre , it is quite shocking that his body took it all and survived Then, of course, there is the most traumatic phase in Mustaine s life when his left hand suffered a nerve problem and he could not move it properly leave alone play guitar how painful it was to recover and re gain his life, becoming a born again Christian, making amends with his wife and children, etc is very well articulated.Ultimately, this is an in depth autobiography for the fans of Megadeth nothing , nothing less I have seen lot of this material in interviews and articles and videos earlier However, to have it all captured in a single book and that too coming straight from Mustaine is a great experience.A tout le monde To everybody A tout mes amis To all my friends Je vous aime I love you Je dois partir I must leave Megadeth Youthanasia A Tout Le Monde

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    It s hard to believe now, but there was a time when Metallica was scary Not discomfiting, unpleasant, grating or annoying scary This was a pre merch era, when kids cut the arms off their jean jackets and used a Bic pen to emblazon that scary band logo on the back If there was any ink left in that crappy plastic tube, it was applied to the pants After that, they might add some scary Metallica lyrics to the ink heavy covers of their notebooks Today that might be the equivalent of taping a Ziggy cartoon to your locker door But back then listening to Metallica was enough to send three kids to death row for murders that they clearly had nothing to do with Today s noise, as DEVO once said, is tomorrow s hootenanny As their recent Saucy Jack hoe down with Lou Reed confirms, Metallica is very much in the hootenanny business It s been a long and steady descent for the band, but most headbangers would identify the point of egress as being that early morning when Lars and James roused their severely hungover lead guitarist and co writer, Dave Mustaine, and sent him packing A quarter century later Metallica fetches either critical nods or giggles, while Mustaine s music continues to set off alarm bells.Mustaine readily admits he s not the easiest guy to hang with, and that a long history of substance abuse exacerbated the worst of his many character flaws But there remain, at least to his way of thinking, many matters on which the record needs to be set straight This desire fuels the bulk of his music, and makes him an endlessly interesting interview subject How does it play out in his memoirs It s a mixed affair He touches on most of the hot button topics that fans of his music and story are familiar with, but laces the narrative with considerably less vitriol than he has in interviews It seems that Mustaine, as he approaches the half century mark clean and sober, with what appears to be a strong marriage and a healthy family life, has grown somewhat circumspect While I don t begrudge the poor bastard his contentment, I d be lying if I said I didn t miss the fury he so frequently unleashed in his wounded state.But until there is a collection of his interviews with Revolver magazine, this memoir will suffice as an account of the many tribulations that served as fodder for his still disturbing music.

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    Even I couldn t get behind this The only thing he admits he failed at in his entire life is bedding Belinda Carlisle.

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    My impression of Dave Mustaine before this book was based almost exclusively on two things his appearance in the rock star deconstruction piece Some Kind of Monster and his appearance on VH1 s Rock N Roll Jeopardy I ll get to the book in a minute, but those are really worth watching Some Kind of Monster clip Rock N Roll Jeopardy clip Pretty smart guy, eh Granted, there are first semester ESL students that would have bested Frank Zappa s kid, and George Clinton s pregame ritual clearly failed him, but still, Mustaine knew his stuff This is the guy Metallica kicked out Yes they did, and you can see the after effects lingering 15 years later in the other clip where Dave again appears not only smart witness stultify used correctly but also sober and reflective.To this day I know a few lines of Sweating Bullets, but beyond that I have no recollection of any of Megadeth s work I picked up this book because I was interested in the man, Dave Mustaine What drives a metal head to succeed What of this Metallica Megadeth feud that shed so much ink Was Mustaine Ahab I was curious and it looked like this book was written at the metal head level so I could finish it in a few lunch periods It feels good to finish a book.So, what of it It s a good book, at least as good as Slash s book reviewed elsewhere in my books When I heard it was going to be released within a couple weeks of Steven Adler s book, I had this to say on Facebook Charlie Hess just found out both Dave Mustaine and Steven Adler have memoirs coming out in the next two weeks Promoted as tell alls, here are a few things I don t expect to be told I totally deserved to get kicked out and the guys handled my departure with the utmost respect and professionalism I still love my former band mates like brothers and would gladly give them a foot rub, a kidney, or my girlfriend if asked Of course my contribution to their future success has been wildly overstated I never liked Jack Daniels Or cocaine This is a wig.Point by point, the book reveals, yes, he was a bit out of control in those early Metallica days, and yet he felt very close to his band which made the betrayal so much harder He s spent a lot of time dwelling on what he lost in 1983 when he got kicked out, but by the last few chapters it s clear he s found some measure of peace middle age Obviously he considers himself a vital part of the genesis of Metallica and defends his contribution repeatedly But it turns out he was of a beer guy And cocaine And heroin.His hair deserves its own paragraph Unlike the Metallica of 1996 that showed up in the liner notes of Load looking like some variation of U2 Anton Corbijn had a lot to do with that , it seems Dave Mustaine has never cut his metal hair You can see the contrast in that Some Kind of Monster clip where Lars is looking a lot like dad Image was very important to Mustaine People he would audition for spots in Megadeth either had it, had it forced upon them, or were dumped without even playing a note Odd considering he spends a fair bit of time talking about how the LA scene was so much about image which made moving to Bay Area that much easier where they cared about the music.But credit to Dave, he largely tackles accusations of hypocrisy head on He dumped band members as unceremoniously as he was once dumped, but he says he s a believer in second chances, and indeed, several members of Megadeth have left and been invited back He s at least a little somber about his drug past and not quite abstinence sobriety than Slash was.I enjoyed the book It has lots of pictures The message is optimistic overall He could have spent most of the book ripping his former friends, but it s measured criticism than that and a lot it self criticism Dave matures from smart and violent to mostly just smart It s nice to see people grow up.For the rest of us, here s a video that cracks me up every time I watch it.

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    I ve been a fan of Megadeth since Peace Sells My love for David Mustaine s sound he is the lead guitarist, singer, and writer for the band also the only original member , redoubled when the album Rust In Peace came out I idolized the drummer of that period, Nick Menza, and when the lineup changed again, leaving him out of the band with other members, I found myself asking a lot of questions Those questions were left mostly unanswered until I read this book.It s carefully written, and while David Mustaine s story is driven by his music career, it has been haunted by his struggle with drugs I ve never been a drug addict myself with the mild exception of cigarettes, but reading this book helped me understand what that reality is like a little David Mustaine s story is candid, but he s not telling this story to shock his audience He lays his life out, especially the hard bits, and I found myself hoping that he could beat his drug problems.This book didn t put me off Mustaine or Megadeth, not at all I know why Nick Menza didn t continue on with the band now, and have an improved understanding of Mustaine s journey not a complete one, I m sure but a better one The piece of him that he s given us with this book provides a perfect example of someone who became successful in one aspect while failing in others It s a story worth learning from, whether you re a Megadeth fan or not, and this book teaches without preaching The story told by Mustaine is also entertaining in its own right, though that s not the reason why I picked this book up.It s also important to note that there s a very honest look at the early rise of American Heavy Metal, which really got me reading.Randolph Lalonde

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    English review at the bottomEste es Dave Mustaine El l der de una peque a banda llamada Megadeth view spoiler m s de 50 millones de lbumes vendidos, ejecutor del tema que presentaba MTV News en los 90 s y parte de los cuatro grandes del Trash Metal hide spoiler

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    Warts and almost all.Despite his many public whinges, I m a massive fan of Dave Mustaine He is one of the most underrated guitarists and song writers out there The guy has had a difficult and chequered past, through his childhood, to being kicked out of Metallica and rising like a pheonix in the form of Megadeth The majority of this is covered though this well written and engrossing read There is much about Dave s childhood and formative years, helping us discover what makes the guy tick We get his side of the story on Metallicagate , through the formation and ever evolving line up of Megadeth and his numerous trips into rehab.The only mildly frustrating thing is that just as certain stories are building up a head of steam, they stop dead and we move onto another chapter in Dave s life You can tell this is where the lawyers got the editing shears out But this does not deter from what is an excellent book Fantastically written and brutally honest, its what I was hoping for If there is a ghost writer, you wouldn t know as any fan of Megadeth will tell you, this is definitely the man himself talking

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    I was going to just give it three stars, and say and a half at the beginning of this review, but I reconsidered, and decided it does actually deserve the fourth star This is hopefully going to be kind of a long review if anyone is actually reading my reviews, I realise I ve left several hanging with More To Follow or I ll write a long review later or whatever hopefully that won t be the case this time , and it might take me several tries to finish it In December of 1985, I had just been thrown out of Michigan Lutheran Seminary, a boarding school in Saginaw, Michigan, where I had gone to start the long, difficult road toward ordination as a priest of God i.e a pastor in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod In the WELS, at least at that time, one of the requirements for ordination was fluency or at least a passing grade in several different languages, both ancient and modern In addition to English, these were German, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic and at least one modern language of the student s choice The first translation exercise in our Latin textbook was titled STULTUS ASINUS which I of course translated colloquially as Dumb ass In addition to that, I got in one of the first of many arguments in this case with my English teacher, Professor Zeiger about the purposeful mis translation of Song of Solomon chapter 7, verse 2 which appears in the Bible KJV as follows Thy navel is like a round goblet which wanteth not liquor thy belly is like a heap of wheat set about with lilies My understanding is that the translation of the second word in the verse was rendered as navel despite the fact that the original Aramaic word referred to a portion of the feminine anatomy located further South Anyway, that argument ended with me being kicked out of Zeiger s class permanently several fistfights didn t help either, and my defenestration a word I learned in Latin class followed rather quickly I was soon enrolled in Huron Valley Lutheran High School, in the western suburbs of Detroit, which is where I was when I discovered Megadeth This was appropriate in a weird sort of way I only recently discovered that both Dave Mustaine Megadeth bassist David Ellefson were baptised in the Lutheran faith Ellefson was raised in and still belongs to the LCMS I m not sure about Mustaine his mother was born raised in Germany, and so presumably came from an EKD background, but that probably had little bearing on her choice of denomination here in the States I don t remember where I got it, or even which publication it was, but I was reading a music magazine one morning while waiting for school to start, and came across an article about this new band formed by the notorious original lead guitarist of Metallica, who had been defenestrated, so to speak, from that band immediately before they recorded their first album Metallica were already at that time well on their way to becoming one of the most popular well known heavy metal bands ever I had not heard any of the Metallica demos which featured Dave Mustaine on lead guitar at that point, only their first two LPs, and unlike many of my contemporaries I had not been particularly impressed The reason I wasn t all that impressed by Metallica was probably the fact that my musical taste was just like everything else about me, i.e not like everyone else I ve never consciously tried to be weird eccentric not fit in hell, for roughly the first 13 years of my life it was the reverse The simple truth is that I really sucked at conforming I simply couldn t comprehend why everyone else didn t see things the way I did they call it high functioning autism now, a label with which I m not exactly thrilled , and by the time I was 13, I figured I had two choices 1 continue trying, and spectacularly failing, at being normal or pretending I was, usually failing at that as well or 2 make a final decision that my just barely teenage ass was right and everyone else was not only wrong, but totally fucked up in the head, and that the whole fucking world could go take a flying fuck at itself, and I should live by my own fucking rules from then on I really didn t have much choice at all option number one was a straight slide to hell, both literally figuratively The point of all this, though, is that unlike normal people my age even most of my fellow musicians , my musical taste didn t go chronologically from oldies classic rock, and, as I got older, to hard rock heavy metal, and either stop or go from there to punk hardcore Unlike most of my friends parents, mine didn t really listen to much rock n roll at all not the normal kind, at any rate, though with one exception my mother did turn me on to the Beatles My father s musical taste was fairly eccentric his favorite music was that of Leonard Cohen, Lightnin Hopkins, Big Mama Thornton, the Clancy Brothers, John Lee Hooker, Mireille Mathieu, Son House and a lot of other blues, folk, doo wop like the Platters, the Drifters, Frankie Lymon, Speedo the Cadillacs or just bizarre unclassifiable stuff I ended up loving all of the above just as much as my father did My mother, God bless her, owned two Miles Davis LPs, which she played for me one day when I was about 4 years old Kind Of Blue followed by Sketches Of Spain I was in absolute fucking awe it was the most beautiful music I had ever heard, and I begged her to play those records again again again When we were in the car, we either listened to a blues station from Chicago, or if that wasn t on, a pop r b station that played a ton of Motown artists along with the Impressions, Ike Tina Turner, the Ronettes, Fats Domino, Mitch Ryder, Chuck Berry, Sam Cooke, early Beatles Stones, the Chi lites, the Stylistics etc During the mid to late 1970s, when many kids my age were getting heavily into KISS, I was completely uninterested Around 1980 81, I discovered funk, punk and the newborn illegitimate child from their miscegenation, rap Aside from Black Sabbath Motorhead, both of whom I had been exposed to through punk, I hadn t ever listened to heavy metal per se, or really even much hard rock One of the reasons a lot of people in the punk scene, myself included, sort of looked down on heavy metal its fans is that so many people in the metal scene seemed so stupid ignorant we were arrogant enough to think that we were far above them in terms of both taste intelligence, and all the demons sorcery type lyrics of metal artists like Ronnie James Dio or Cirith Ungol make me roll my eyes in exasperation even now having said that, one of the few heavy metal albums I still listen to is the first one by German thrash metal pioneers Kreator, Endless Pain Yes, the lyrics are hilariously bad, but they are great, too, in a strange sort of way also, when Mille Petrozza, the band s vocalist guitarist leader wrote those lyrics, he couldn t speak English worth a damn Even nearly a decade later, when I interviewed him during Kreator s Extreme Aggression tour, his English was so bad that I had to use my equally bad German in order to conduct an interview Somehow, we managed to communicate, but believe me, transcribing that tape was strange to say the least Also, if you ve been listening to Parliament and Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix and so on, the musicianship of even the most technically brilliant heavy metal bands is unlikely to impress you, especially if you do not have any real understanding of how hard it is to play music at that level Anyway, there I was reading the magazine to kill time before school, and Dave Mustaine was describing Megadeth as jazz metal and talking about how much he loved the band FEAR, who were one of my favorite bands at the time That was surprising enough, but he also mentioned books he was reading and or had read, stated that he wanted to inspire his fans to read books, and made a few incisive comments about politics culture that really impressed me I found all this enormously intriguing it was as though someone had designed a thrash metal band specifically in such a way that it would appeal to me Later that week, I got some money from my bank account I was making pretty good money delivering newspapers at the time , and bought a copy of Megadeth s first LP, Killing Is My Business And Business Is Good When I got home, and put the record on my father s old stereo which he had just given to me , I was completely blown away The funny thing is, I should have suspected as soon as I dropped the needle onto the record that Mustaine, at least, had a Lutheran background Why Because the very first section of the opening track, Last Rites , is a short instrumental piece that was essentially ripped off from Johann Sebastian Bach s Toccata and Fugue in D minor , which is used as recessional music by practically every Lutheran church organist in the world I m sure I must have heard that music literally thousands of times walking out of church while I was growing up One of the amusing aspects of this is that I suspect most musicians at least those of us who were exposed to the European classical tradition as children have borrowed , if not outright stolen, bits of music from Bach or Beethoven, or Mozart, or Handel, or Paganini, or even Palestrina I certainly did In my case, I adapted a bit of music in almost exactly the same way Mustaine did, except that the source was one of the piano pieces in Bach s The Well Tempered Clavier I haven t found a way to use it yet, but maybe I will some day Anyway, as I was saying, I was completely blown away when I played the record The songs were extraordinary, featuring breakneck changes played with blistering speed Mustaine snarled the vocals like a punk singer, and his style of guitar playing was different from anything I d ever heard before, absolutely unique and incredibly cool Chris Poland s playing was brilliant, bluesy and totally unlike the usual metal lead guitar styles From my perspective, one of the coolest things was David Ellefson s bass playing One of the key differences between punk metal is that, with few exceptions like Black Sabbath Iron Maiden , most punk is bass driven, and most heavy metal is guitar driven Especially at that time, most metal bass players simply doubled the rhythm guitar part, or even worse simply played the root note of each chord, most often in the simplistic form of quarter notes That was not the case with Megadeth Ellefson did play the incredibly fast and complex riffs along with the guitars some of the time, but he also threw in a lot of quick, jazzy, staccato fills that were reminiscent of Dave Holland or Miroslav Vitous or even Jaco Pastorius than anything in metal up to that point As cool as Ellefson s playing was, however, easily the best thing about the music was Gar Samuelson s drumming As a bass player, I consider myself to be something of a connoisseur of drumming drummers, and the late Gar Samuelson February 18, 1958 July 22, 1999 R.I.P is still one of the best drummers I ve ever heard, and one of my favorite drummers even now, after than 30 years Not only did he play all over the kit with almost unbelievable speed precision and punctuate the music with absolutely insane, intricate fills flurries that were always dead on in terms of timekeeping, but the really amazing thing was that no matter how fast the tempo or how intense extravagant his playing was, he always managed to give the impression of a relaxed, loping feel in other words, as formidable as his technical chops were, he had absolutely impeccable swing to match Like the rest of the band, his playing had only minimal resemblance to anything else in heavy metal it was much reminiscent stylistically of Billy Cobham unsurprisingly, I later learned that Cobham was one of his main influences or Alphonse Mouzon I d like to say something here about the original cover design of that album Both Mustaine Ellefson have stated multiple times, including in their respective memoirs, that they always hated it I find that somewhat amusing, because I ve always quite liked it I particularly like the font used for the band s name on the original cover It may be due to the fact that my perspective was and to some extent still is that of a punk rocker, but the fact that the cover art looks low budget not only didn t bother me, but I thought it actually enhanced the band s credibility street credentials to some extent Killing Is My Business And Business Is Good is still one of my favorite records all these years later one of only a tiny handful of heavy metal albums I still listen to regularly , and I was actually disappointed in the re mixed, re mastered version which was released in 2002 I thought the modern mix did a disservice to the original recording I am not a big fan of the modern production style in general my personal view is that placing the vocals way up front in the mix is not only lazy, but in many cases, such as this one, it is inappropriate and even destructive The version of These Boots with the lyrics beeped out was damned near unlistenable, and as much as I liked their version of the song and regretted its absence from the 1990 cd, including it in that ridiculous form was pointless and infantile The replacement cover art was also not to my taste I thought it was considerably worse, and looked even low budget than the original It was only nine months, but it seemed to my not quite 16 year old self that it took a really long time for the second Megadeth LP to be released in the meantime I read everything I could find about the band which wasn t much , and tried to find a copy of the Metallica demo, No Life Til Leather , which had been recorded in July, 1982 while Dave Mustaine was still the lead guitarist in that band Eventually I got my hands on a bootleg copy, on vinyl no less it originally had only existed on cassette , pressed over some weird Euro metal band s album and with artwork lifted from various legitimate Metallica releases The sound quality was far from perfect, but it was certainly listenable by bootleg standards not bad at all The music itself was something of a revelation after hearing it, I totally understood why it had made such an enormous impact and become so legendary For starters, the songs all of which were re recorded for the first Metallica LP, Kill Em All , although several were slightly modified in an apparent attempt to portray Mustaine s contribution as minimal, and to obtain a larger share of publishing for Lars Ulrich James Hetfield were played noticeably faster, and even though the band is clearly still rough around the edges, and even with Ron McGovney on bass instead of Cliff Burton, the demos convey far excitement than the polished recordings on the LP In large part, this excitement is due to the fact that Dave Mustaine s spectacular, right on the edge of out of control lead guitar work, even though his style was not yet fully developed, is so visceral wild that it sounds as though the fret board of his guitar might burst into flames at any moment I ve got nothing against Kirk Hammett he has developed into an excellent guitarist over the years, with his own unique interesting way of integrating blues influences into his particular approach to thrash metal lead guitar style In addition to that, he is by all accounts a genuinely nice guy However, when he took over the lead guitar chair in Metallica, replacing Mustaine, he was not yet up to the job If you like Metallica but have never listened to No Life Til Leather or the other early recordings , take my advice you ought to rectify that as soon as possible All the early Metallica recordings are easily available in various places on the internet do yourself a favor and check them out More to follow This fucking diarrhea of the keyboard has a point, I promise

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