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Bound for Glory pdf Bound for Glory, ebook Bound for Glory, epub Bound for Glory, doc Bound for Glory, e-pub Bound for Glory, Bound for Glory d6b95290c58 First Published In , This Autobiography Is Also A Superb Portrait Of America S Depression Years, By The Folk Singer, Activist, And Man Who Saw It AllWoody Guthrie Was Born In Oklahoma And Traveled This Whole Country Over Not By Jet Or Motorcycle, But By Boxcar, Thumb, And Foot During The Journey Of Discovery That Was His Life, He Composed And Sang Words And Music That Have Become A National Heritage His Songs, However, Are But Part Of His Legacy Behind Him Woody Guthrie Left A Remarkable Autobiography That Vividly Brings To Life Both His Vibrant Personality And A Vision Of America We Cannot Afford To Let Die Even Readers Who Never Heard Woody Or His Songs Will Understand The Current Esteem In Which He S Held After Reading Just A Few Pages Always Shockingly Immediate And Real, As If Woody Were Telling It Out Loud A Book To Make Novelists And Sociologists Jealous The Nation

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    This partial autobiography was written in 1943 and is an account of Guthrie s life and his reflections on America in the 1930s The slang is colourful and takes a little getting used to Parts of this book are brilliant, but there are a lot of gaps The first part of the book is about Guthrie s childhood apart from the first chapter set in the early 40s It gives a good deal of family background and dynamics, with a mix of loss and tragedy His mother s bouts of odd and self destructive behaviour are sad when one considers she had Huntington s Chorea, which remained undiagnosed There are only so many boyhood high jinks one can take and at times it felt like just William for the rough and ready Guthrie s descriptions are sharp and his observation of human nature excellent he was also aware of what was going on around him There is a fascinating conversation between a 9 ish year old Guthrie and a black woman to whom he was delivering butter she explains why certain words are inappropriate and how she would prefer to be addressed He also describes in detail the grinding poverty of the time and how the American poor lived and died The second half of the book describes the dustbowl era and Woody on the move using his hands and learning to use the guitar He again describes the characters he met and makes them come alive, they are so vivid, as are his descriptions of bumming a ride on the railways The longer the book goes on the the music takes over However there are gaps and the book jumps from the age of 18 to about 24 there is no mention of his wife and three children at all All the alluring stories of life on the road are set against the wife and kids at home There is a romantic passage towards the end, which is rather touching, until you remember he is already married I am not being judgmental because we all like to edit our own stories and we all have flaws I just found it interesting that he omitted them from his story There is an interesting paragraph towards the end when Guthrie talking about singing live with Cisco and he describes his audience stealers, dealers, sidewalk spielers dopers, smokers, boiler stokers saviours, saved and side street singers money men, honey men, sad men, funny men ramblers, gamblers, highway anklers and so on It reads, and particularly speaks pure Bob Dylan.

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    I ve known of Woody Guthrie all of my life used to sing This Land Is Your Land around campfires and on hayrides But until reading this book, I never knew about the man at all He had a rough life right from the git go, and this book tells us bit by bit about some of the tragedies that shaped the man he became.He was a working man who bummed around the country, singing songs about the life and the people he saw around him This book tells about his childhood, his family, his years on the road, his philosophy of life He would have been someone amazing to sit down and visit with I love his poet s eye Here he is describing his Grandma Grey hair commencing to make a stand that had come from hoeing and working a crop of worries for about fifty years And this, before a tornado The walnut trees frisked their heads in the air and snorted at the wind getting harder Or this, during the tornado Bales of hay splitting apart blew through the sky like pop corn sacks..Everything in the world was fighting against everything in the sky My favorite chapter tells about his boyhood gang his group of friends, 7 or 8 years old like he was at the time The biggest business for everyone was the buying and selling of stick horsesnot to mention the training of them Imagine a crowd of young cowboys gathered around holding down a wild stick horse until the tamer was ready and called Fan em , then everyone stood back and the show was on The rodeos that must have resulted while half a dozen boys were taming these stick horses all at the same time would have been such fun to see All those boys out there trying to prove that their stick horse was the snuffiest in the whole history of the hill And of course the horse brought a better price if the tamer could gentle him down from crazy bucking to paying attention to all the cues and docilely demonstrating his gaits Those pages were the best ever examples of boys being boys and having fun at it.He had a rough life and parts of it were not pretty In fact some sections are disturbing for the cruelty involved and the idea that anyone lived through such scenes, especially a youngster But he survived, and kept his spirit, and shared it with all of us Thank you, Woody.

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    For years, I ve been a Bob Dylan fan and fascinated by Dylan s biggest inspiration, Woody Guthrie Dylan biographers, and Dylan himself, often reference Guthrie s autobiography Bound for Glory With great pleasure I realized my local library had a copy.I didn t know what I was embarking on The jacket of the book has a quote from the Springfield Republican that reads, Reading Bound for Glory is an emotional experience far stirring for some readers at least, than even the penetrating Grapes of Wrath Guthrie s being compared to Steinbeck Isn t that sacrilegious When I usually read obscure books like this, my expectations are low Boy was I surprised not only because this is a fantastic work, but also because this work is not well known or celebrated among literary circles, music circles, or historical circles.Guthrie s vivid descriptions transplant the reader back to a time when poverty, grit, hard work and traveling were the norm in this country He makes the gruff, rough underbelly of America during the early 20th century human and real Along the way, the reader also becomes endeared to Guthrie, through his experiences and his mild manner This story transcends time the struggle, the camaraderie, the human kindness, and the universal joy of music that makes this country great It s a part of our history worth remembering.

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    I had no idea what to expect with this book I wasn t really looking forward to reading it Boy was I wrong I loved it It is not the usual boring biography, he is simply telling stories, in his own unique way His stories made me think, what would I have done in the same situation Could I have rode in the box car, waited to pick the apricots, saw my sister burned to death and kept going Could I take a beating on the dead main street and still manage to keep going Could I have suffered so much and still been able to see the country in all its beauty or would I become hard and mean My knowledge of Woody was VERY limited to some songs and of course his son Arlo in Alice s Restaurant It shed a whole new light upon the man and I am happy for gaining a new perspective I really enjoyed reading this and would recommend it anyone simply looking to expand their world by shedding a little light into a life so very different from your own.

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    How can people really write like THIS when I can barely scratch out a little review here Damn There s not much music in here until the end, but his story itself reads as this jaw dropping rambling epic earthy American folk ballad The back of my crumbling 1970 mass market edition quotes the following review I will just nod vigorously Even readers who never heard Woody or his songs will understand the current esteem in which he is held after reading just a few pages always shockingly immediate and real, as if Woody were telling it out loud A book to make novelists and sociologists jealous The Nation I m two chapters in and he s got wild stories about any old day of his life than I do about the whole thing Lord

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    Bob Dylan s music turned me on to Woody Guthrie When I heard about Dylan s love of Bound For Glory, I had to read the book for myself In fact I read anything that may have inspired Dylan, since he is my inspiration I remember singing This Land is Your Land in grade school, not knowing anything then about Woody His story begins as a young boy and his years at home with his mother Then he takes the reader on his adventures riding the rails and singing his songs It is tragic how his sister dies of burns and later when his mother burns the house down It s like fire tragedy followed him throughout his life I ve read another book, Seeds of Man, about one of Woody s adventures which includes information about another accidental fire that leaves his father suffering from extensive burns In Ramblin Man The Life and Times of Woody Guthrie, details of Woody s life tell of his daughter s death due to fire His songs are reflections of America and the common man His stories are heartfelt and entertaining I can see why Dylan admires him so much In Bob Dylan s poem, Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie, he says, And where do you look for this hope that yer seekin You can either go to the church of your choice, or you can go to Brooklyn State Hospital You ll find God in the church of your choice You ll find Woody Guthrie in Brooklyn State Hospital It might be assumed that Bob is comparing Woody to God but I believe in Woody there was always hope Hope that even though life comes with hardships, there is beauty from ashes.

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    A folk song is what s wrong and how to fix it or it could be who s hungry and where their mouth is or who s out of work and where the job is or who s broke and where the money is or who s carrying a gun and where the peace is WG Anytime is a good time to read Bound for Glory First published back in 1943, Woody s biography remains one of the essential works in the poptastic genre In 2012, Woody Guthrie s Centennial Year, B.F.G is still a classic of twentieth century American folk music.If I have read this previously, it was decades ago I already know the outline of Guthrie s life, yet the book is fresh and vivid Described as one of the patron saints of American rebelliousness Guthrie s life is lived in Steinbeck or Kerouac fiction A biography that rattles along the tracks with freight train bums, migrant workers, tramps and dust bowl refugees An iconic image that has cast a long shadow, from Woody to Dylan and extending on to the singer songwriters of today.

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    As a Bob Dylan fan, I wanted to love this I read the whole thing hoping it would get better, and it did for short segments, but there was plenty of room in between Guthrie was an amazing individual who road the rails for the life of it, and for that I gave this one star that I would have otherwise Possibly, I was lost on the dialect, and I think he should have discussed writing and literature , but something was missing

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    I first read this book when I was in my last year of high school, many years ago Woody Guthrie was my hero then, and he still is This book is a great road book, but that is perhaps 1 100th of why the man is my hero Woody spoke for the people, the real people, disenfranchised, broken up, busted down the man woman who has no idea where his next meal is coming from, let alone where in the hell he s going to sleep that night.

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    Loved this the stories were like so many songs I know and the drawings were exellent.

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