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    3.5 StarsI typically only read and review romance and SMUT Duh But if I m reading any other genre, it s usually Biography, namely those related to sports and musicians Pattie Boyd, an English model, was the wife of two of the best musicians of all time George Harrison of the Beatles and Eric Clapton, a solo artist and also member of bands such as Cream, the Yardbirds, and Derek and the Dominoes I have always loved the Beatles how can you not and Eric Clapton as a musician, not necessarily as a human being, per say And I always find song inspirations to be fascinating Pattie was famously cited as being the inspiration for Clapton hits Layla which he wrote when he was actively trying to steal Boyd from Harrison, LOL and Wonderful Tonight, after he jacked her ass and they were married thus the book title, obviously Here she is with George And later, with Clapton As with any biography I rate review, I am rating based solely on my level of enjoyment entertainment Because you can t rate someone s life Well, I mean, you can But that would make you an asshole Regardless, I found this book to be very interesting on a superficial level It was interesting to get some behind the scenes information about what was going on during some of the most exciting decades in music history Now, who knows how accurate any these accounts truly are, but one thing was clear Boyd got cheated on A LOT Seriously, I felt bad for ole girl According to this book, Harrison would bang other women right in their house WHILE she was home Sounds like a crappy romance novel, right And it s common knowledge that Clapton not only cheated on her, but had a child with another woman while married to Pattie DA YUM That blows Some other interesting things in this book were, of course, the accounts of the rampant drug use and how this affected everyone, as well as the fact that Harrison stopped listening to or allowing the playing of any outside music after being accused of plagiarizing another artist Overall, I thought this was an entertaining read The writing itself was kind of choppy and, as I said above, who knows how true everything in here actually is.but whatever All in all a decent read if you can get it for cheap And the moral of the story is Don t marry a famous musician.Find me at

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    Pattie Boyd is a mere footnote in rock n roll history Her association with George Harrison and Eric Clapton is what made her famousif you can even call her that One would think that someone who captured the attention and imagination of great artists such as Harrison and Clapton must be an extraordinary personality, but that just does not come across in this book I get the feeling that Pattie Boyd was just a pretty face who happened to be in the right place at the right timeon that train with George during the filming of A Hard Day s Night and then only because of her association with George did she meet Eric Clapton The book is not well written, which I guess you can t expect from a celebrity autobiography Much of the text is self serving and Pattie seems to take great joy in endless name dropping and even annoying, listing in great detail all the lavish furnishings she and George purchashed for their giant homes Obviously since I picked up this book, I am just as curious as anyone about the infamous love triangle that Pattie was at the center of, but I think I would recommend picking up Eric Clapton s new autobiography and getting his perspective on it instead.

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    She s the only woman to have two superstars write songs to her, and in her prime, her intoxicating beauty was that of a sexual siren driving men s souls to the rocks in pure passion Her new book Wonderful Today is a biography that seems to want to tell all, and indeed sheds light on this wonderful woman who came from an abused childhood to make it as one of the world s top models Ms Boyd begins in a chronological fashion with pictures of family and tales of Kenya with snakes, tigers, and scary natives Quite the childhood, but then when her parents separate she is forced back to England with an abusive and cruel step father.The voice of the book is sweet and innocent, but the sixties flower children go through an innocence of their own and as the drugs they use to free their minds and give them empowerment for hope eventually drive them to pure misery as well She became the wife of Mr Harrison at the end of a fairy tale courtship, but due to the heavy hand of the Beatle s Manager Brian Epstein, was denied a proper wedding, as the public was not to know George was no longer available in the heady days of Beatlemania She and George lived a simple life, in a relatively small house with George off to the studio each day and Pattie embracing the role of wife, lover, cook, and home keeper It was all she wanted and needed George on the other hand became intensely involved in meditation, ironically because of Pattie s suggestion, to fill a need for a childhood he never completely experienced, and they all went off to the Yogi Master Maharishi Mahesh in India.George eventually became emotionally unattached to her as he began binging on drugs and then meditation trying to find his way through a lost childhood Eric Clapton then appears writing her passionate letters and begging her to leave George for a life with him At first, she thinks this is all very nice and flattering, but then Eric goes on a heroin binge because of her refusal to give in and be with him much like a spiteful boy Eventually George s lack of attention and Eric s determined persistence, get the best of Pattie and she leaves George to follow Eric on tour Years go by and the addiction to drugs, alcohol, and heroin take their toll on Slowhand and he shows no attempt to stay faithful to any one woman As much as Pattie wants to understand and deal with the issues of his dalliances and drunkenness, she indeed compromises her own principles in doing so, the relationship grinds to an inevitable crash as Eric keeps on keepin on, in full persona of what a rock star is all about After Midnite sex, drugs, and rock and roll Pattie was and is only looking for love with someone who can make her laugh, and treat her as an equal This book is not a kiss and tell epic, and one would love to hear some of the intense times of emotion and vase throwings I m sure, but one can sense the immense pain she had in finally putting this to words for all to read without destroying her relationships especially with Clapton Her only mistake was believing in young men that couldn t tie their shoes on their own, and needed to grow up and take their marriage seriously But now at last she is on her own, enjoying her life without expectations and has accepted her responsibility in enabling these boys and being a part of the problem She still maintains great beauty within and without and is and will always be the mythical lady immortalized much like Helen of Troy in that Pattie launched a million flickers of light for encores at concerts everywhere in the world Layla, you still got me on my knees

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    OK, I should say that I m a bit of a nut about the Beatles, and George Harrison in particular Also a fan of Clapton So I expected that this book would be interesting, and when I had the chance to snap it up at a deep discount, I did so.Mostly, this book is the most superficial treatment imaginable of the people and times it descibes If you like name dropping, lists of who attended what party, which drugs were consumed, and who slept with whom, this book is for you If I didn t know that George Harrison and Eric Clapton were brilliant musicians, I might conclude from this book that they were dilettantes on the order of the rest of the characters described in the book Those who disagree with me about Harrison s and Clapton s musical talents can draw their own conclusions.It s not entirely without redeeming qualities, however Somewhere beneath all the surface glitz, there are occasional honest glimpses of an insecure young woman who is trying to make sense of her milieu Nowhere is this poignant than the last page of the epilogue But rather than read the whole book, I d recommend skimming a few sections and then going to the end.

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    Hmm Ok, here s the problem with this book and there are quite a few Patti Boyd isn t a particularly good writer Her stories are a bit scattered, and they don t have overarching themes to make them memorable She just sticks in small tidbits that she remembers in random places Part of this is due to the fact that these stories are 40 years old, so it doesn t have the immediacy of a journal or memoir Also Patti isn t that interesting on her own You d think the woman who was both a Mrs Harrison and a Mrs Clapton, inspired the songs Something which has become one of my favorite Beatles songs , Wonderful Tonight , and most famously Layla would be fascinating The LIFE she led was fascinating, the men she married were fascinating, but Patti Boyd the woman Meh And she overestimates the reader s interest in her own story Honey, I didn t get this book from the library to read about how you climbed the French Alps in your 60s or whatever it was, I kind of skimmed through the last chapter , and tried unsuccessfully to get your sister into rehab, I borrowed it to read what kind of person Eric was, how he wrote such interesting music, what John Lennon ever saw in Yoko, and what George saw in your and why he connected spiritually to Ravi Shankar And shejust doesn t have that many insights into the character of these men What you come away with is Patti Boyd was co dependent, needy, insecure, ignored the multiple affairs both her husbands had, married Eric basically on a bet on his end , left George when she probably should ve stuck it out to be with Eric, and likes being a photographer That s about it She grew up in a fascinating time, but I didn t finish the book understanding why two incredibly famous songwriter singer musicians were so crazy about her Although she seems very nice And she cooks well.What it DID make me do is listen to a bunch of Beatles records which I haven t really ever done before, and I ve figured out that I like of their stuff than I thought I would, especially Abbey Road and Revolver and borrow the Eric Clapton autobiography and the recent Beatles biography 900 pages and read about these guys straight from the source So, hey Patti Boyd did me a favor, I guess Thanks, Patti

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    An emotionless recounting of parties, people met, trips taken, and life events.I ll save you the trouble of slogging through the book 1 Patti didn t have a happy childhood.2 She became a model.3 She met and married George Harrison.4 He became addicted to meditation.5 She was wooed by Eric Clapton and left George.6 Eric was addicted to drugs and alcohol.7 Patti was unhappy about both husbands being unfaithful.8 Now she s single and OK.I almost forgot the most important disclosure 9 Yoko Ono was the last straw on the camel s back that broke up the Beatles.

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    Gee, I wouldn t have left George Harrison for Eric Clapton, even if he did win the guitar duel for me And, wow, Pattie Boyd had great shoes.Seriously, once I recovered from the realization that this wasn t a kiss n tell damn insert Slowhand jokes here , I have come to see Pattie s story as an interesting extension of a recent conversation with my own girlfriends you know who you are, shout out to the female half of the Six O Cups It began with gender roles in traditional male female relationships, with the female fulfilling the Keeper of the Fun role, and when we know the men are wrong, clueless, and or depressingly real as opposed to Fantasy Prince , we punish them by witholding the fun in the relationship Then the point was made that women can become immersed in work, children, etc and the male coax her to come up for air to see a movie or go out to dinner, that gender is irrelevant I conclude we all have roles we fill in all our relationships.So, I ll never know if George or Eric was the better kisser, but Pattie does share a lot about the roles in her relationships her most obvious being Famous Rock Star Muse In Eric s eyes, she was Layla, the un gettable, never to be dream When he got her, he wrote in a poem that she was the butterfly and that he d destroyed her wings She became his Victim To George, she was simply Something They married very young, and she was his playmate, sister, innocent love, witness to the insanity his life became They were all Naughty Children, not having children themselves to force them to grow up she later discovered she s infertile , every aspect of life handled by the Father Manager, paying all the bills, giving allowance, arranging all travel Problems come in when one of the partners allows someone else to fill that role or stops playing that role by their own hand.The book was fascinating in one regard, to glimpse into the life of a wife of a rock star, with all their creative, unstructured mania She left one who chants all the time for an ex heroin addict who drinks all the time They were both unfaithful sexually to her, and she realizes she rationalized all that But what really would hurt her is when they would take away her role she played in their life even if it was playmate or journey companion.Her creative outlet was cooking and she poured through cookbooks and never bought anything ready made, so she shopped for ingredients every day, and threw her heart into it And then George would say something like No, Kumar one of the countless hangers on that came and went is going to cook something Indian for me That would devastate her It took this lady a long time to find herself Both Eric and George refused to let her continue working as a model She was to fill the role they needed her to Eric needed a 24 7 Nursemaid and Rescuer How tedious.I have this whole new perspective on the Beatles as people George told her, when she left him for Eric, that if she ever needed him for anything, he would be there, that he would always be there to take care of her, no matter where she went or who she was with What selfless, generous love How heartbreaking that he would shut her out for months while he was meditating or whatever.They had a bungalow they lived in for years and they kept spray paint cans outside and would have everyone who visited add to the exterior walls their creative touch So the place looked like a sweet crazy grafitti mural dive from the outside Then they found a castle pile of stone to restore that became a project George had become obsessed with privacy and security, some incident with a fan had frightened him how prophetic , he couldn t do anything normal like go to the pub or go bowling or see a movie without mobs So, he proudly shows his restored treasure, his find, the thing he lovingly researched to accurately restore to former glory, to John and Yoko, and John being the cynical, jealous prick says It s so dark I don t see how anyone can live in it Then George suggested John take off his sunglasses Ar ar.Also interesting is who John was with first wife Jerk, Selfish, Sexist Pig and who he was with Yoko Student, Worshipper, Servant Everyone hated her But what an amazing teacher she was for him this fiercely intelligent, artistic, Japanese Royalty chick wasn t about to take his crap and forced him to grow up and evolve.So, how does it end for Pattie Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who is so brilliant, exciting, forceful that there is no room for you, in the shadows She is now playing the starring role in her own life.I ve only seen Gene Simmons show Family Jewels once, but loved how his wife and kids consistently knocked the wind out of his sails, cut him down to size, to ensure room for themselves, the ones he loves and needs It s actually healthy and happy People fascinate me.

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    That s Pattie with an e , weird considering for years her name was spelled Patti, but okay Wonderful Tonight is a cool book written by the only living OG Beatle Wife, so it s major In this book I learned the following gossipy tidbits 1 Brian Epstein was a surrogate father to The Beatles, so much so that George even asked Brian for permission to marry Pattie.2 George had several Hare Krishna couples living on the grounds of his home to do general maid and household work 3 George had a steady affair with Maureen Starkey, Ringo s wife It got so involved Pattie had to blow the whistle, so to speak, on their liaison and a brief fight between George and Ringo transpired.4 Eric Clapton told Pattie if she didn t leave George for him he d ride the heroin tiger and it would be all her fault True to his word, he became a shut in junkie for the next five years until he bagged Layla.5 Slowhand lusted after Pattie so much he dated her younger sister Paula for a year, thinking she would be the next best thing to having her.If there s any criticism I have about Wonderful Tonight it s that the timelines are sloppy and there are important events that lack dates Maybe you can chalk that up to too much acid, I guess In general, though, this is a pretty good book for Beatles completists because there are a lot of gaps and spaces in The Beatles legend filled in, courtesy of one of the few women left alive to tell the tale.

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    I just borrowed this book from my mom She passed down to me a love of both British bands and celebrity gossip This book is a perfect mix of those things Pattie Boyd was married to George Harrison during the Beatles heyday, and later left him for Eric Clapton Strangely, they all remained friends She was the muse for some of their greatest songs She was a sassy British model and some of the pictures of her in Swinging 60 s fashions are really fab Candid shots of all the rock stars are pretty fun too I haven t gotten too far yet But so far I m just glad that I didn t grow up in a dysfunctional British family in the 50 s who ate dinner in silence Yikes The other night I asked my mom where she got all the gossip about these rock star folks back in the day I can t imagine a time when there wasn t E News, US Weekly, TMZ, and Perez Hilton to tell me every gritty detail of celebs lives She said that there were lots of rumors and some reports in newspaper gossip columns And then later of course people write their tell all biographies to set the records straight I don t think there s anything too shocking in this book, but it seems like a fun read if you re interested in the 60 s and these particular musicians.

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    It s difficult to rate a biography like this, simply because Pattie Boyd isn t a writer, and though she had help, it s about her stories and not simply the whole, but the components of the whole She s had an interesting lifeand, after spending my formative years longing and wishing to have been married to a Beatle, I was relieved, after reading this book, that I wasn t.I had some trouble with Pattie She s not a terribly reliable narrator, but no autobiography should ever be taken at face value She certainly has a lot invested in her niche as ex wife And that being said, I had to give her a little credit and slack She seems sweet, and, in her own way, honest I believe that was her life as she saw it, but I also found her to be pretty un complicated, which would have been frustrating for a lot of the artistic types she rubbed elbows with I would have liked to have had some basis for comparison by a few of those she referenced, other than them simply wanting to sleep with her I wish Mick Jagger would have said if he found her fun to talk to and with worthwhile hobbies or interests It went largely unsaid She doesn t even validate it herself Pattie likes to cook, she seems to like animals, company, family Those are all worthwhile and likable traits The whole keep it simple, stupid, seemed her motto, but I m not sure she s stood her personal ground long enough to know if she has a motto, which was a bummer.She resented George Harrison s spirituality and loner status all attributes I ve admired in George , she wanted to be involved with him that was clear Yet, at the same time, George valued her enough to write the song Something about her, and importantly, to marry her I really wanted to find the meat of Pattie, and I think it s there, but even in her sixties, I m not sure she can pin point it, which was why I read the book to try to find it, and when I couldn t, it was sad on many levels Sad that she married twice to try to find her worth in someone elses love for her, sad she was on the side lines and frankly, even sad her art show, in the end, was photographs of the famous people she knew I want her to OWN something.I like her And, it s a relief, at some level, to see someone just accept their role But I think there was potential for her She could have been stronger, I think, if she d brought up differently as she says many times but also if she were in a different eraBut again, that s the whole point of the book because The Beatles were a different era I know that, it s all quite dated now She was a stay at home wife to a famous persontwice It s very nearly still a fifties mentality, she just wore crazy clothes and did some drugs, too But she gets half into everything culture, cooking, yoga, meditation, her marriages, even the book You never really get the specifics of her life with these men, only portions of it, like the snap shots she s now famous for.

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