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In Country files In Country, read online In Country, free In Country, free In Country, In Country 3f595640b The Bestselling Novel And Deeply Affecting Story Of A Young Girl Who Comes To Terms With Her Father S Death In Vietnam Two Decades EarlierIn The Summer Of , The War In Vietnam Came Home To Sam Hughes, Whose Father Was Killed There Before She Was Born The Soldier Boy In The Picture Never Changed In A Way That Made Him Dependable But He Seemed So Innocent Astronauts Have Been To The Moon, She Blurted Out To The Picture You Missed Watergate I Was In The Second Grade She Stared At The Picture, Squinting Her Eyes, As If She Expected It To Come To Life But Dwayne Had Died With His Secrets Emmett Was Walking Around With His Anyone Who Survived Vietnam Seemed To Regard It As Something Personal And Embarrassing Granddad Had Said They Were Embarrassed That They Were Still Alive I Guess You Re Not Embarrassed, She Said To The PictureThis PS Edition Features An Extra Pages Of Insights Into The Book, Including Author Interviews, Recommended Reading, And

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    This book wasn t bad at all and there wasn t anything I particularly disliked about it, it just feel very flat for me The main character is sorting through identity issues because her father died in Vietnam before she was born so she s trying to learn about Vietnam to unveil some of the secrecy behind her father I think there were some really cool threads in this book that were pulled together, and it definitely has something to say about femininity and war, but I couldn t really connect with Sam and idk I can t put my finger on why this one didn t really grab me it was just alright Not boring, not badly written, just not nearly as good as The Things They Carried, which was the book we read right before this one that blew me off my feet.

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    Fucking finally finished this piece of shit.Ok, so I read this for class and I legitimately don t understand what is so great about this book The writing style is annoying and sort of choppy I didn t like Sam, I didn t care about Emmett, and I think just because you don t have sex with a minor but only because you can t get a hardon doesn t make me like you The only person I could stand was Irene, her mother, and that is probably because she was only in it for about five minutes Am I missing something I personally think this book is a piece of crap, and yet it s being taught in schools Usually, when I read something for school, even if I don t like it I can appreciate the idea of it, or the writing, or fucking something I don t know what other people see in this, but I am going to stand by my original statement and say this book sucks monkey nuts.

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    As someone obsessed with Vietnam, the 80s, and strange girls coming of age stories, I was keen to read this one And for the first 3 4 of the book, it didn t disappoint Great heroine, set in the South, lots of references to early MTV, and a gripping central mystery are Uncle Emmett s health problems a result of Agent Orange or not It definitely kept me turning pages, and than once I was reminded of Carson McCullers always a good thing But then it came to the last 40 or so pages, and it fell into hackneyed dialogue and sloppy, sentimental writing Characters went weak in the knees, were wracked with sobs, and planes had wings like birds Uncle Emmett s a bird watcher, and the symbolism gets ham fisted as all hell It was like she had to finish it in a hurry and without an editor or something Way too many words that didn t need to be there for example, a character s talking, the quotation marks end in the middle of a paragraph, and then there s a He continued, quotes, and of the character s speech I found myself editing as I read, which is never a good sign.It s the first Bobbie Ann Mason I ve read, and I liked the parts I liked well enough to read something else she wrote I ll certainly give her another chance, I just wonder what happened here.Oh, and don t expect the mystery to be solved.

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    Very much enjoyed this book It was a blast from the past, as we used to say growing up Set in 1984, many of the references and allusions are to music things products foods that were part of my youth I was roughly the same age as the main character in 1984, in fact, so for sure could relate.The book details almost overloads you, in fact on the repercussions of the Vietnam War For readers who didn t grow up during this time, the subject is still timely, considering all wars have similar after effects for friends and families of the soldiers who return home or who don t One of the most powerful passages is when Sam looks at the photo of her father, who died in the war She stared at the pictureBut Dwayne had died with his secrets Emmett was walking around with his Anyone who survived Vietnam seemed to regard it as something personal and embarrassing Granddad had said they were embarrassed that they lost the war, but Emmett said they were embarrassed that they were still alive I guess you re not embarrassed, she said to the picture The face in the picture ruled the room, like the picture of the President on the wall of the high school auditorium Sam set Sgt Pepper s Lonely Hearts Club Band on the stereo You missed this too, she said.

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    My reaction on re reading s pretty much what it was the first time through Mason s telling an important story focused on the daughter of a father killed in Vietnam before her birth Sam Hughes, the daughter, is immersed in mid 80s pop culture especially Bruce Springsteen s Born in the USA album and MASH re runs and the sketch of the small town Kentucky milieu is compelling but not as densely realized as Mason s short story collections It s the classic nothing major wrong with it book that doesn t take me anywhere I m not already aware of The community of Vietnam vets tilts a bit toward types not quite stereotypes the agent orange theme is praiseworthy but a bit superficial Sam s reading of her fathers letters and diary leads to an emotional response which doesn t quite work it requires us to believe she s much naive about the war than someone who s read a bunch of books about it, which she has, could possibly remain One specific false note Sam s uncle Emmett is one of the anti war vets portrayed in the novel At one point, he unfurls a Viet Cong flag as a political statement While I know a good number of anti war Vietnam vets, I ve never met one who would have considered associating himself with the Viet Cong or the NVA flags, which represent sympathy for those who killed their comrades Placing the scene in a small Southern town makes it even less believable.An okay introduction to an important set of themes The book teaches well, but has to be followed up with some serious footnoting.

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    This book has stuck with me since I first read it ten years ago in an American Literature college course It s a book that, stylistically, probably deserves four stars there are some awkward jolts in the momentum of the story But I can t bring myself to lower my perfect rating I get so attached to Sam and Emmett everytime I re read this book that I feel like I would be letting them down personally if I were to confess flaws in the story Several reviewers have noted that this book ought to be on high school reading lists I agree As a high school English teacher, I added this to my curriculum and found it was a great asset, both to class conversation, but also to my students understanding of Vietnam and its legacy Mason deftly juxtaposes the vapid pop culture of 1980 s America against the raw wound of Vietnam s collective memory.

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    i liked the concept of the novel quite a bit a Vietnam War story told as a coming of age story by a girl coming to terms with her family s war history but, in the telling, the book was often disappointing too many of the themes were beat to death Agent Orange, Bruce Springsteen, the Beatles, M A S H, etc the moments that were supposed to be poignant were increasingly not any love i had for Sam was obliterated by the end of the novel perhaps if the author was drawing from her life, it would have saved the novel as it was it was a mediocre read.

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    I didn t like this book as much as I thought I would.Sam, the main character is kind of annoying She s 18 and finding herself and coming to terms with her family history and the history of the Vietnam War, so I guess it doesn t surprise me that she is annoying She is probably supposed to be annoying In any case, I was annoyed.All of the characters were kind of bland I didn t hate any of them, but I didn t love any of them either I guess that s how I felt about this whole book didn t hate it didn t love it Not a glowing endorsement.

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    Sensitive, insightful novel about the Vietnam War published in 1985 amid the tide of fiction on the topic being written then I reviewed many of them Here I liked the articulate voice of the narrator, Sam Hughes, whose father died over there and whose vet uncle she lives with in Kentucky Sam is learning about life and herself Lots of pop culture references from the time period are included If I had to read one work of fiction on Vietnam, then I d pick this one.

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    A beautiful story that makes its point in a quiet emphatic way without hitting you over the head with the sledgehammer of plot and meaning The world that Mason depicts feels real and moving that quiet rural American town where nothing seems to happen slowly with people either trapped or looking for an escape route The impact of Vietnam and the exploration of Agent Orange and PTSD for the veterans such as Emmett is sensitively handled and evocatively written and the way in which the novel works towards its ending and Sam figuring out her place in the world is excellent and moving.

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