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Hymn to the Fallen quotes Hymn to the Fallen, litcharts Hymn to the Fallen, symbolism Hymn to the Fallen, summary shmoop Hymn to the Fallen, Hymn to the Fallen 0cc1f8c5 Your Strength In Heart And Hand Will Fall Ellie Knows That The Darkest Moments Are Still To Come, And She Has Everything To Fight For She Must Fight For Will The Demonic Have Resorted To Their Cruelest Weapons To Put Will In Mortal Danger, And Ellie Makes An Unlikely Alliance To Save Him And To Stop Lilith And Sammael, Who Seek To Drown The World In Blood And Tear A Hole Into Heaven She Must Fight For Humanity As The Armies Of Hell Rise And Gather For The Looming End Of Days, Ellie And Her Band Of Allies Travel To The World S Darkest And Most Ancient Regions In Her Quest To Come Into Her Full Glory As The Archangel Gabriel And Ellie Must Save Herself Her Humanity Withers Beneath The Weight Of Her Cold Archangel Power, But Ellie Must Hold Tight To Who She Is And Who She Loves As She Prepares For The Ultimate Battle For Heaven And Earth In This Final Installment In The Angelfire Trilogy, Courtney Allison Moulton Brings Her Dark World Of Epic Battles And Blistering Romance To A Blazing Bright Conclusion

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    I can t even begin to explain how I feel about ending this story I m so overjoyed with the finale and the ways in which my characters grew Not everyone gets their happy ending, but the little things that make you smile or happy cry make the broken hearts hurt a little less I had a lot of fun writing most of this book, but much of it was written as I wiped away tears Thanks for being there with me from the beginning to the end and loving my reapers as much as I do I can t wait to share Shadows with you.I love you guys It s been amazing.

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    What What What an awesome way to end this series Actual Rating 4.5 please don t hurt me I m not going to even try to explain what this book is about what happened in this book because frankly, I suck at it, and also, there was way too much madness going on to even attempt to list all of it If you ve read loved the first two books like I did, you d understand Just to be a debby downer, the one thing I wasn t a total fan of was the dialogue at some points It would get kind of for lack of a better word, cheesy Not that that s a huge deal, but it did bother me It wasn t throughout the entire book, though Just at some points, I d be reading it and I d be all Do people actually talk like that It was mostly between Will and Ellie All that gushy gushy love stuff But anyway Holy shishkabobs there was never a dull moment in this book Something crazy was always happening It was jam packed with action and suspense And man, that ending Even if the whole first 3 4 of the book was painfully boring which it wasn t , the ending would have made up for it I can t say anything about or I ll literally spoil everything, but let s just say it was craaaaaaaazy So to end this review I ll just say that if you want a series that s stuffed with romance, heartbreak, action, suspense, characters that feel like real people, and exceptional writing, read this You ll love it I promise So, farewell Angelfire It was a crazy and wild ride while it lasted Thanks for the good times That creepily sounds like I m breaking up with the book Bravo, Moulton You rock Thanks for such a marrrrvelous series.

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    Awwww, I cannot believe it s over Such a great ending.It was funny Seriously, this book put me into so many giggle fits I m totally on Team Waffles It was sad Honestly, what else do you expect This is a war, people An epic battle Of course somebody s going to die This hurts my heart, but it s inevitable.It was freaking kickass So much fighting and fierce awesomeness This was one exciting stack of pages It was sweet Not just with Ellie and Will, but with all the characters I m really going to miss these guys I heart them so hard.CADAN I love Cadan the best I don t care what happened in this book Cadan is so mine Even if we re planewrecked on an island, Courtney I CLAIM HIM MINEMINEMINE This was such a sweet ending AHHH, I LOVED IT SO MUCH I m sad it s over, but I completely approve of how it ended Good job, my new author friend I LOVE YOU FOR THIS 3I ll post a full review closer to the release date The Angelfire trilogy It is so weird to see this one come to an end I remember when the first book came out Goodness It was before I became a blogger, but after I decided I d let books rule my life Either way, I d never given much though to this trilogy ending No Will, no Ellie, no no no CADAN I m going to cry for days for that one, guys Anyways, back to the point This book The ending of a very kickass trilogy Well, if you MUST knowthis was such an amazing way to end the trilogy Goodness gracious, this book was badass I laughed a lot , cried why must people DIE , slapped things I d rather not specify WHAT, because then y all may not like me anyhehehe I m totally kidding Kind of , punched things, threw things, yelled things TEAM WAFFLES , and so on I think you get my point This book was a bunch of feels Because, you know, I may not have said this, but this was the ending to a trilogy And it was badass So yeah.Courtney s writing makes me smile, just like always I don t even know WHAT it is about her writing, but it just feels different to me, and I like it A lot Like, a lot a lot Pulls me in and keeps me reading Even if I don t want to Yeah THAT great Character Rundown Ellie Ellie s been through a lot in this trilogy, and I must say I liked her and with each book and she grew into a character I could actually stand Um, yeah, I wasn t her biggest fan in the beginning But now, she s all right Completely fierce I suggest you watch yourself when in her presence.Will Awww, Will He is so incredinly sweet, I just want to hug the snap out of him I love how stable and just plain supportive he was If he were real, I d totally be first in line to be his BFF He s just so cute Love this boy Cadan While I love Will, Cadan is the boy that has me in this trilogy Gosh, I ADORE this boy He makes me laugh and he cares He cares so much, I can t even He is sooooo mine I love how we ve grown to trust him and throughout these books We can depend on him now Did you hear me DEPEND on him TRUST him We can, we can Ahhh, this boy 3Plot We were focused on what was going to happen, which I seriously liked because I actually KNEW what was going on A lot of the time, I m slow with figuring out just what the heck the characters are doing or trying to accomplish, but in this book Not a problem I get it, guys WOOT Another thing This is a WAR We all know what happens when at war, yes The D word Because it does happen, no matter how much we wish it wouldn t In this very book It happens sad face Sweets Well, first and foremost for me, anyway , we have Cadan Who, as I said, CARES And we see him caring and cooperating and I am so happy our relationship with him has grown to this point And then there is Will Oh, Will I ve already told y all that will is so sweet This guy is such a sweetheart Him and Ellie togetherit just works So well I can t imagine these two actually being with someone else Just doesn t blend in my brain.The ending Ohhhh, guys, the feels The feels the feels the feels It s over But I think Courtney gave us a darn good ending I closed the book feeling all satisfied and a little teary eyed SO MUCH happened in this book, in this TRILOGY but Courtney wrapped it all up in such a wonderful way Overall, Courtney Allison Moulton did a supremely GREAT job on this book and therefore, she rocks Seriously She rocks my socks off BARE FEET RIGHT NOW, Y ALL If you ve read the first two books in this trilogy and are feeling kind of meh about the whole thing, I suggest you most definitely read the last installment It s an ending worth reading And if you read the first two books and think they re the best thing ever I say the same thing Most definitely a trilogy worth reading, right here GAH I just can t believe it s over AHHHHH But seriously Read it.You can find from me on my blog Just a Booklover

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    SpoilersMeh Didn t find the story or the characters engaging The whole plot consisted of Ellie and co trying to find different people things 1 Ellie and Cadan try to locate the Grigori angel, Antares. So that Antares can heal Will Who for some silly reason was on death s door at the end of the previous book Why bother with a cliffhanger like that when it s so bloody obvious Will s not going to be killed off It s just a cheap and lazy way to get readers to buy the next book Anyway, whilst Ellie tried to find Antares, she naturally moaned, cried, whinged and complained about every single little thing especially her pwecious Will it wasn t fun to read.2 Next, Ellie was desperate to find some Grimoire of some sort as it contained a deus ex machinas type spell that would make her powerful enough to kill Samael, Lilith and the gang It was predictable and dull.3 Ellie and co also travelled around to find a nephil, a ring and a bunch of different angelic reapers it was all so unimaginative and simple There was no tension, twists or genuine drama And I don t find good vs evil plots all that interesting when all that s needed for good to win is magical weapons spells people it doesn t make for exciting reading Ellie was hugely unlikeable She was useless for a good portion of the book there were a number of times where she just stood, watched and kindly described innocent humans being killed you know instead of actually taking action and using her super speshul snowflake powers to protect them Ugh.Her rudeness was another turn off she was rude to Cadan for no good reason And worst of all she called a grieving girl a bitch because the girl deigned to blame Ellie for her friends dying Ellie for some reason thought she had a right to be pissed even though it was actually her fault that the girl s friends were killed The only bitch was Ellie I wasn t impressed with Ellie s reaction when she met one of her descendants from a past life She didn t feel any emotion or wonder at discovering her great great whatever grandchildren She didn t even think about all the kids she had in the past or what became of them Did they all live long happy lives Ellie didn t give a shit It was sad how little she cared about them the only emotion she showed in regard to having been a mother was her being upset that Will must have found it hard to watch her have a husband and family It just showed that she had the depth of a puddle Where was her regret at not seeing her children grow up Where was her need to find out what happened to them Where was her joy at finding her children s children Nowhere It was all about Will Why was Cadan in love with Ellie I guess I could understand Will s love for her since he d worked with her over centuries and had probably gotten used to her like you do a pair of old slippers but Cadan didn t even know Ellie and when he did meet her, she was nothing but shrill and bitchy to him So why did he love her Why did Ellie keep referring to Ethan as Ethan Stone Every other sentence was Ethan Stone this and Ethan Stone that Why did I need to keep hearing his full name instead of just his first name It wasn t like they were any other Ethan s around All in all, I wasn t entertained The plot was boring, Ellie was bland, the romance was cliched and the side characters were flat Not good.

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    The appeal of Angelfire and, really, the reason why this series gets such high marks in my book, can be summed up by the following simple analogy TWILIGHT VAMPIRE ACADEMYany of FALLEN HUSH, HUSH or UNEARTHLY ANGELFIREI m tired of being tricked into reading paranormal after paranormal vampire, angel, or otherwise where the first half or two thirds of the book is nothing but overwrought angsting and love triangle setup, with really no plot until the bit of action tacked on in the last two or three chapters just so there s nominally something paranormal related, so a book with a kickass heroine, actual, threatening villains, and a plot that s all angel related from the first page to the last all exactly as advertised is, umm, refreshingly honest Action packed and interesting Actually good All of the above Anyway, yeah, I liked Angelfire even though it didn t have the depth it could ve had, I thought Wings of the Wicked was much improved if a bit uneven, and Shadows in the Silence continues to kick ass and take no prisoners I m not demonic reaper slayer Ellie s biggest fan I thought she was a bit too bland in the first book, too whiny in the second particularly with the stuff between her and her father, even though there s a reason for that, and too shrill at the beginning of this one the way she s described as acting is kind of bad, but despite her flaws, I like what she s doing She s off saving the world and Will s life with Cadan and it s not one of those obnoxious will they or won t they situations that other angel books will spend six or seven chapters going into in excruciatingly bad detail one slap takes care of that so the focus is entirely on finding a cure for Will and then stopping Sammael and Lilith from bring on the apocalypse And along the way, there are swords to the chest, swords to the neck, swords to the well, yeah, there s hardly a dull moment as usual Yet even still, Ellie s not written as a robotic character the badass Preliator fighting off the demonic reapers I ve said before one of the strengths of this series is that Courtney Allison Moulton knows how to balance action and character development, and Ellie having to channel Gabriel to save the world while possibly sacrificing her own humanity certainly qualifies as a great angle to her character.I liked Nathaniel and his presence is sorely missed, so I m not sure if I m the best judge of whether the supporting characters work out, but I do think Ellie and Will s dynamic with the whole her saving him and then him being unable to save her from becoming Gabriel situation is really what makes most of the story work even if the scene with Michael after his warning to Will in the last book was really really cheesy , so much so I don t think the epilogue could ve ended this series any better than it did I m a little disappointed with Cadan because he started out in the first book as the stereotypical bad guy with possibly to him and he really got some interesting development in the second book and the short story A Dance with Darkness, but I just got the feeling here Moulton didn t really know what to do with him and Ellie now that he s officially switched sides so there was something missing to his development and he missed a lot of the conflict that could ve been, except for one fake out right before the climatical showdown, but the stuff with him and Will being half brothers makes up for it, sort of, I guess Otherwise, the new characters are really put to good use, I didn t expect to see Antares again after Ellie s quest to cure Will or Ronan for that matter, didn t expect Azrael to really do anything either, but they make cameos in just the right places to make things interesting Plus, the supporting gang is or less back, Kate rocks the best friend role for the third book in a row and did that really just happen to Landon Ummm Yeah Best of all though is, compared to most angel books, the actual plot is fairly well paced Ellie goes from resolving the cliffhanger from the last book with Will being poisoned to finishing off the loose villain plot thread with Merodach to figuring out the clues to beating Sammael and Lilith, and all of it is tied together with action and character development and angel mythology and historical intrigue that it really flows The pacing is almost absurdly fast, going from haunted Belgian castles to mysterious underground Syrian ruins to a showdown in Israel in a span of a few chapters that at times leaves me with a billion questions like I d think people would freak out from seeing an angel flying around Jerusalem or Those mercenaries fighting with Ellie at Armageddon are going to be like on every news channel at the end of this whereas the actual book is kind of dismissive of the climax besides focusing on Ellie and Will, but I m still distracted by the awesome fight scenes, including one in the middle of a highway between Ellie and Merodach, and the final showdown against Sammael that I m really letting all the loose ends about the effects of Armageddon on the world basically slide Something for a spinoff series maybe Since Lucifer is still around I don t think I ll ever accept Gabriel being a girl, but these books are so action packed and intense that I m than willing to overlook that and all the other flaws I ve called out Shadows in the Silence ends the series at just the right place that I think will satisfy any fan of the series.

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    oh..SO MANY FEELS I can t even. THIS SERIES EPIC Posted on I can t believe I m writing a review for the last book in the Angelfire series I have the most bittersweet feelings about this If you ve been following me for a while you know my love for Courtney s writing and these particular characters Shadows in the Silence picks up where Wings of the Wicked left off If you ve read my review of Wings of the Wicked you know how many feels I had for that book There was SO MUCH going on It broke my heart, it really did Ellie is on a mission to find a cure for Will and she goes to one person she knows will be able to help, Cadan Ellie will stop at nothing to save the one she loves, even dealing with forces of the evil But is Cadan really evil In order to save the world, Ellie will have to push herself beyond anything she could ve imagined Is she strong enough Guys, I don t even know where to start I m so conflicted about this review because I want to say so much but at the same time I can t I loved this book to pieces Ellie stands as one of my favorite heroines in young adult literature right now She s strong and fierce Real and emotional She s every girl and yet she s not I think Courtney created a persona that inspires and really pushes you beyond the norm Will le sigh I can t even talk about this boy without swooning He s everything a girl needs Strong, capable, a hopeless romantic I just want to hug him to pieces I loved watching Ellie and Will together, their relationship so sweet and real They are so not your typical YA couple You should ve heard Courtney and I discuss this particular topic snickers I have the utmost love for this series and these characters I adored Cadan, Katie, Marcus and every other character Courtney penned on that paper Seriously, it s hard to pick just one thing that I enjoyed about this series I can t wait to see what Courtney will come up with next I recommend these books to anyone who loves good writing coupled with a strong breathtaking romance and action that keeps you on the corner of your seat You did well Courtney, you did well

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    A perfect ending to a great paranormal romance series Great wrap up, tension, and plot twists The romance was a good SIDE dish, not the main part of the story and good butt kicking action Good characters really enjoyed getting to know Cadan I really can t say much The ending was perfect in every way possible I m still kind of speechless As you can obviously tell by my horrendous sentence structures etc Shadows in the Silence Great book, wraps up an awesome trilogy, and The Angelfire series is a great paranormal series you should not miss out Pre review Update IS THAT THE TITLE AND THE COVER COME FASTER 2013 No way 2013 NO WE COULD ALL BE DEAD BY THEN I NEED THIS NOW YOU CAN T JUST LEAVE US HANGING LIKE THIS, IT S NOT FAIR.Someone has GOT to had this book to me ASAP, cause, believe me, I m ready to kill for this book LITERALLY The ending to Wings of the Wicked O.O screams in frustration, running off like a wild women untamed

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    I am in awe This is one of the best closures I have ever read I I just don t know what to say This book is fucking brilliant It s emotional, it s tense, it s heart breaking, and it makes you feels a thousand different things while reading it Ellie and Will have come so far, and this installment has truly proved me that The ending of this book is sensational Courtney Allison Moulton, you ve just become one of my favorite authors of all times Final review I don t know whether to cry or jump in joy Angelfire is one of my favorite series trilogies, actually and to know that Shadows in the Silence was the last book is pretty heartbreaking However, I m happy with the way things ended Courtney Allison Moulton just proved herself yet again as a magnificent writer I might not make justice to her work, but I ll sure as hell try In this installment, things are a lot darker than before Nathaniel is dead, Ellie s parents are dead, and she has nobody except Will to rely on You can feel how much this fight against Hell has worn Ellie out She s exhausted And now, to make things even worse, Will has been poisoned by a reaper poison, and it s up to her to look for a cure with Cadan s assistance I should probably start this review by saying that I loved Cadan in this novel He was everything Ellie needed him to be, and the fact that he was helping her, that he was in love with her, but a love triangle was never even mentioned made things a lot comforting Yes, I felt sorry for Cadan a lot of times, but I was relieved that Mrs Moulton didn t go down that route Instead, she tried to explore Cadan s character a lot deeply, and with that, she raised a very disturbing question Are all demonic reapers really bad And that, my friends, is one of the reasons I was on the edge of my seat the entire time In Angelfire and Wings of the Wicked, we saw the demonic as horrendous creatures, who only tried to harm humans and aid Bastian And now with Cadan, everything has changed It s like my point of view changed right along with Ellie s, and that is extraordinary I was loving Cadan and rooting for him before I even knew what was going on.It was crazy And you know what else was crazy Will Yes, you ve heard me right Will was just a crazy character in Shadows in the Silence As Ellie got closer to the end of the war, and began to realize that the only way to stop Bastin was to call upon her archangel power and loose herself in the process Will began to scare me He said some things that screamed co dependent Twilight y relationship , and I admit I panicked However and thankfully Mrs Moulton also didn t go down that route As morbid as this may sound, I actually understood Will s position in the matter If Ellie died and never came back, he would be destroyed His soul would be destroyed, and he d never be the same again but not because of some ridiculous insta love yes, Edward, I m looking right at ya , but because he d known Ellie for five hundred years For five hundred years, he had devoted his entire life to the simple task of protecting and serving her and loving her If Ellie were to just die, part of him would die with her And I found that incredibly endearing And a little disturbing, but like I said, it made sense As the action scenes and the dialogues got and intense, it became obvious the fact that the end of the war was near And boy, let me tell you, the final battle was just incredible I m not saying this because I was deeply invested in the characters, I m telling you this because it s the absolute truth The ending of this novel is intense It s full of pain, agony, love, heartbreak, loss, and most of all, sacrifice It s perfect Characters die, blood is spilled, but by the time you finish reading this incredible series, you just get the sense that it s over, and that it s okay Because after such a huge climax, you re ready to let these characters go Courtney Allison Moulton is a sensational writer, and I m so glad I decided to pick Angelfire up two years ago I m glad I took the time to devour this trilogy otherwise, I wouldn t have fallen in love with Will, I wouldn t have grown to love Ellie and root for her so much, and I wouldn t have become so invested in the secondary characters Cadan, Nathaniel, Eva, even Bastian If you re wondering if Shadows in the Silence is a good ending to this trilogy, rest assured It is Just pick it up and read it What the hell are you waiting for

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    Ok, so as this was the finale to what has been undoubtedly an amazing series expectations were high I loved many parts of this book I loved that no matter what, Ellie ALWAYS stayed loyal to Will Even though he bored me and I much preferred and loved Cadan sorry guys she would never cheat on Will that is love I think it s the first time a heroin hasn t cheated and done something they later regretted It was refreshing Even when Cadan was all like I know your his, but please, one kiss That s all I ask before I give you up forever Ellie admirably said If I m his, then I can t kiss you I won t Not even once And when he insisted she warned him Cadan, I am going to slap you And when his lips brushed hers you can imagine what she did OUCH.Even though I badly wanted her to give into him, it made me laugh when she carried out her threat It was admirable, she was fair and she didn t hurt him she would have given him false hope if she had kissed him Now he could move on and be certain that nothing was going to happen She spared his feelings in the long run I loved the war the great battle It seemed fitting and provided a fulfilling ending.I loved it when Ellie ascended and became her true self Gabriel It was great to see her embrace her power and be the strong person she was No longer hindered by her mortal shell I loved the new side of her getting to know her for all of her and not just Ellie Gabriel was an awesome character I also loved Azrael, Antares who was the cardinal lord that bargained her freedom with Ellie and who eventually fought with her to kill the demonic Hellspawn and Michael her brother I would have liked to have read and got to know them better What I disliked There was only one major aspect of this that did not bode well with me Will s epilogue I mean there was this whole Ellie had to sacrifice herself in order to embrace her archangel self and wield the hallowed glaive Azrael s staff that he used to imprison Sammael in order to finally kill Sammael Which is what happens and Ellie dies peacefully in his arms but no before whispering to him that she d return to him I took this to mean in the heavens or maybe just some sentimental words that they both needed to hear to have hope But then in Will s epilogue she returns as an angel The last line in this books is Her smile became something that was very human and held a thousand secrets That just leaves me with a thousand questions questions I can summarise into one How How is she alive and how has she returned to Earth Let me know your theories interpretations But I just can t believe the author left us dangling It s driving mr crazy I screamed when I saw that she was just leaving this ending as it is and for it to be up to our creative imaginations Nevertheless it was a good book, the ending has ruined it for me a little though I like a full closure not an open book.

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