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    I adore this book I picked it out for my high school graduation my parents were surprised I hope to someday write a book that is as moving to others as this was to me.The story illustrates a beautiful picture of how special God s gift of purity is I love the classical artwork, characters and ultimately the message that it proclaims It is not your average fairytale There is no one singing and dancing around about their true love s kiss No, this story is a representation of any girl who, with God s guidance, has the perseverance to not give into the temporary promises of pressing suitors I showed this book to my parents and they were so touched that they had tears in their eyes This book is dear to my heart and I will treasure it always PS I still have my kiss saved until marriage Do you

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    We are blessed to own this book Such a beautiful message about purity and chastity.

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    The goal of this children s book is to impress upon young girls Ages 9 12 to save their first kiss for the right guy, and to not give it away prematurely The kiss is a very thinly veiled metaphor for virginity, and is visualized in the story as a glowing orb The princess in the story does wait, and is rewarded.It s worth noting that the book doesn t promise that such a guy will come As the mother explains Oh, yes, my dear I think God will bring a husband to you But, if he does not, the kiss will be yours to treasure forever Clearly this Christian book lines up with the American Evangelical ethic, but does it follow from the scriptures Sometimes 1 While the princess was growing up, the king and queen kept this precious gift the kiss safe in their care Yes In the scriptures, a daughter s reproductive role was her father s property If a daughter was cheapened by rape Deut 22 28 29 or seduction Exodus 22 16 17 , the damage was done to her father s assets, and he must be paid The standard bride price was thirty shekels of silver 423 even if the father refused to give her up There are still vestiges of this in American culture, when the father gives away the bride at her wedding The reduction in her worth to the father was independent of the cause whether the depetaling was consensual or not All in all, it was a violation of the father s rights 2 In the story, the princess accepts the farm boy s surprise marriage proposal.No Marriages were arranged by the father.3 The farm boy offers his glowing orb of virginity to the Princess, saying My parents kept it for me until I became a man No In the Hebrew Bible, virginity is an attribute only of women The word virgin is only used with females save one reference in Revelation concerning the 144,000 men that will be saved apparently, no women in that saved group The scriptures frequently talk of women who have not known a man, but never men who have not known a woman Indeed, this book is targeted to girls, not boys.Incidentally, this resolves another question If a man of the scriptures only had one globe, to which of his possible many wives would he give it to Approx 40 men of the Bible had multiple wives, including such heavy hitters as Abraham 3 , Jacob 4 , David 8 some concubines , and of course Solomon 700 300 concubines Indeed, polygamy is presumed in the law Deut 21 15 17 , which we d assume is reaffirmed with Matt 5 17 18.

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    My favorite modern fairytale for girls I ve purchased and given away at least twenty copies with personal inscriptions Are you tired of the princess stories where the prince shows up, kisses the princess, and off they ride into the sunset This book actually empowers girls to exercise wisdom, discernment and discretion before giving her kiss away to the first handsome, arrogant, or rich prince that shows up on her doorstep This is the kind of girl empowerment I can embrace My three daughters are being raised to be confident and pure My son has benefited from the story as well, learning to be a prince whom a princess can respect, learning to wait for a respectable princess as well.

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    I think The Princess and the Kiss was mostly about love I like how the princess falls for a farm boy at the end It was wise how she was thinking about the consequences of sharing her gift, the kiss It was amazing when she found the right man with the same exact gift that God gave her when she was born.The princess was wise about making the decision of who she will marry She was looking at the consequences about the man s personality and how it will affect their marriage in life She chose the right man at the end someone who was considerate and thoughtful I think this book should be recommended for children especially little girls Little girls should read it mostly because it is about a princess They also should read it because most little girls dream about being a princess someday.

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    Wonderful book for little girls I have given several to the precious children in my life I love the illustrations as well as the message behind the book In the culture we live in today it is rare for people to save their affection for the one they will marry I feel that if children learn from this book now they can save a lot of heartache in the future The great thing about this book is that even though it described in a fairy tale it can be reality for anyone This book also shares with children that wealth, appearance, and physical strength do not equal a great person To be truly beautiful you must beautiful on the inside.

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    What a wonderful book to introduce the topic of romance with your child It s important to start talking about love early with children, and tools like these are a wonderful way to do it This book tells the story of a king and queen who kept the princess kiss safe until she was old enough to choose who to give it to She met many different suitors, but was wise enough to wait for one who had saved his kiss for her Love this book

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    This has been a wonderful book to have on our shelves Reading it to my duaghter as she grew gave her a sense of how valuable she was and to weigh EVERY decision carefully I love it the artwork, the story is simply put, beautiful, and she STILL asks me to read it to her form time to time and she is SIXTEEN This will be one I will make sure to have on every grandchild s bookshelves.

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    We were introduced to this book about 3 years ago It is great Highly recommend to get the book that has the cd with it so the kids can play it over and over while looking at the book.

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    This book is beautiful, and introduces the virtues of purity and chastity in a child appropriate way, while honoring the dignity of the human person and the sanctity of marriage.

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