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The Action Bible chapter 1 The Action Bible, meaning The Action Bible, genre The Action Bible, book cover The Action Bible, flies The Action Bible, The Action Bible 4e244effcc3d9 Here S The Most Complete Picture Bible Ever And It Features A Captivating, Up To Date Artwork Style Making It The Perfect Bible For Today S Visually Focused Culture The Action Bible Presents Fast Paced Narratives In Chronological Order, Making It Easier To Follow The Bible S Historical Flow And Reinforcing The Build Up To Its Thrilling Climax The Stories In The Action Bible Communicate Clearly And Forcefully To Contemporary Readers This Compelling Blend Of Clear Writing Plus Dramatic Images Offers An Appeal That Crosses All Age Boundaries Brazilian Artist Sergio Cariello Has Created Attention Holding Illustrations Marked By Rich Coloring, Dramatic Shading And Lighting, Bold And Energetic Designs, And Emotionally Charged Figures Let This Epic Rendition Draw You Into All The Excitement Of The World S Most Awesome Story

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    I m a Christian so this just touches my heart because of my belief in God because of what he has done for me

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    The Action Bible is a comic book style picture Bible for children ages 5 8, though older children will also enjoy it I d personally call this book Biblical fiction rather than a Bible since extra Biblical comments, commentary, and historical information was worked into the book s summary of Biblical events Also, some Biblical events were left out Sexual content and gore was largely smoothed over using euphemism or implication or skipped entirely.I really liked that the events were in chronological order and shown in their historical setting Several psalms were worked into David s life story and several proverbs into Solomon s story The prophets gave their summarized prophecies during the actual events where they were given, and Paul s summarized letters were shown as written when they really were written during his travels There were even some maps of Paul s missionary travels Also, the Old Testament flowed into the New Testament through a brief and clearly marked as not in the Bible historical summary of the events that happened between the two So the Bible came across as a continuous historical account of God relating to man with a redemptive plan in action rather than as disconnected morality tales about heroes of the past.I was also very impressed by the vivid, detailed illustrations The illustrator did an excellent job of correctly showing the character s age, ethnicity, and culture The illustrations were a lot accurate than other Children s Bibles I ve seen.And, best of all, children really will read this book without prompting by their parents I m testing it on two boys ages 5 10 The report for day 1 is that whenever they weren t running around, they were looking at this Bible.However, like most children s storybooks, the stories in The Action Bible were only based on the Bible The author always indicated based on Judges 16 1 20 or whatever verses and, overall, did a good job accurately summarizing the Bible accounts But the author s interpretation is a part of the text Those highly familiar with the Bible are likely to come across several places where they won t precisely agree with the wording used or they ll wish that some point that was omitted or implied was clearly stated But, again, that s usually true.As long as parents don t neglect teaching the actual Bible, The Action Bible is an excellent foundational overview of the Bible that children simply aren t getting any other place, including at church I d highly recommend this Action Bible for use with elementary aged children instead of children s story books.I received this book as a review copy from the publisher.

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    I ve always been intimidated by the Bible I m not in any way saying this a replacement, but I think it s good for younger people to read first so that they touch the surface of God s work and know generally what every Christian should know It will help ease them into the Bible I loved the action Bible I loved the artwork and the graphic novel idea of it Good work, Mauss

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    especially good Bible for reluctant readers The Action Bible targets juveniles ages eight and up with the look and feel of a graphic novel, from its kid friendly artwork to its comic book style dialog boxes with easy to understand language Because of that it doesn t follow a specific Bible translation, such as NIV, HSCB or King James Instead the comic book style format simply tells over 200 Bible stories without further explanation.The Bible was awarded best children s Bible in 2011 by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association ECPA www.christianretailing.com index.php perhaps due to the efforts of award winning DC and Marvel comic s illustrator, Sergio Cariello Doug Mauss, General Editor believes children are the next generation of difference makers He wants them to understand Bible stories are about imperfect people, just as you and I are imperfect, yet God used them in spite of their imperfections He uses the breathtaking artistry of Sergio Cariello to capture their attention with an analogy to the action Full Review

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    My boys have been reading The Brick Bible, which illustrates the Old and New Testaments with Lego While it s very well done it s also very graphic, and I m not entirely comfortable with some of the depictions of blood and war for my 9 and 7 year old kids.The ACTION BIBLE is awesome It s like a comic book, with exciting illustrations and dialogue The stories are retold in a minimalist style, and the books chapters verses are called out, so if you want to go back to a real Bible to reference the story, you can look it up.I read this one cover to cover this weekend to make sure it s appropriate for my boys And I highly recommend it

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    This book s best qualities are its worst ones too Kids will love to look at it, and I like that it draws them in There are, though, obvious problems with reading the Bible through an action hero lens, and sometimes the hermeneutics are just odd Nonetheless, glad I own it for the fascination it provides, especially to the boys.

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    Our children really like this to

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    I previously reviewed The Action Bible and gave it 2.5 out of 5 stars but it s steadily grown on me You can see some of my positive comments below I have two young kids and so I m always on the look out for illustrated stories and Bibles My oldest loves to read books and we supplement our family Bible reading time with another illustrated Bible What I like about The Action Bible was that it rooted its narrative in Scripture Each section had a subheading with based on and then the Scripture reference That tells me the writer know that their book is a supplement to the Bible and not a replacement For me that s huge because I want my kids to know the importance and primacy of the Word of God while also being able to enjoy illustrated Bible stories I can start each section with This is based off of this Bible story from Luke 1 Let s look at that real quick and then delve into the illustrated story it helps convey that truth Also, the stories seemed faithful to the Biblical narrative then some other Bible stories we have tried out Again this conveys an important truth about the Word of God.In the original review, I said I was unsure if I enjoyed the illustrations but as I said they ve grown on me and my oldest daughter loves to read out of this storybook If I were rating The Action Bible today I would give it four out of five stars Excellent work and you ll love it if you appreciate classic comic book art.Last, I received a copy of The Action Bible Devotional It stands alone but could also work in tandem with the The Action Bible The devotional takes 52 Bible stories and provides application and insight for everyday life They are fun and build up It s also not an overwhelming devotional because it s meant to be used once a week I can envision using it to jump start our every day family worship because it gives great questions and activities After each story you ll have key verse x ray vision short thought connecting with gospel story Mission three fun activities to make the story tangible Debrief questions Mission Accomplished Notes, etc Share the Adventure Ideas for involvement Big Picture Creative Page to write, draw, or add to devotional It s not your typical devotional because it s so interactive Unless you re just a complete bore there s no way your kids won t enjoy this Have fun with it Explore Create Apply Celebrate the creativity of God within the pages of The Action Bible Devotional.

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    This took me a long time to read but it is very good First, the illustrations by DC Marvel illustrator Sergio Cariello are gorgeous Secondly, the book is not arranged by the books of the Bible, as usual, rather, instead, it is arranged chronologically really providing an historical view of the Greatest Story This really helps in the OT presenting one continuous story Between the OT and NT is a non biblical history of what went on during those years and though not noted as such this contains some information from Maccabees The NT is already mostly chronological but it brings a bigger picture by weaving the Letters throughout Acts While the book is intended for children I d recommend it for any age As a Catholic, I found the Protest publisher s take to be Catholic friendly with only a few common Protestant only ideas.

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    This is an excellent kids Bible storybook It s not a redemptive, story arc emphasis book like The Jesus Storybook Bible or The Big Picture Bible, but it is true to scripture with great attention to detail, excellent narrative, and very accurate It is also the first children s bible that captivated my eldest She absolutely loved the non cutesy graphic novel style illustrations and speech bubble conversations The simple, straightforward retelling of scripture resonated with her in a way stylized commentary and summaries hadn t even the ones targeted at kids Certainly there is a place for those things, but there s absolutely a place for simple narrative on a level kids can comprehend Our adult small group even got it out when we studied Daniel, because it has such great illustrations of the beasts.

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