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Mina's Joint summary Mina's Joint, series Mina's Joint, book Mina's Joint, pdf Mina's Joint, Mina's Joint 954b3b6e7c Once Again She S Back Keisha Ervin That Is, With Her Spellbinding Tale Of Love, Family, Money And Scandal In This Sizzling New Story, Keisha Introduces You To Mina Matthews Mina Is Not Your Typical Around The Way Girl Her Dreams Of Making A Life For Herself Outside The Hood Are Now A Reality At The Age Of Twenty Five, She Has Her Own Full Service Salon, Mina S Joint, Drives A CLK And Is Engaged To The Mayor Of St Louis Son, Andrew To Most, She Has It All But Everything That Glitters Ain T Gold Mina S Life Is Turned Upside Down When The Man Of Her Dreams And Childhood Sweetheart, Victor Gonzalez, Re Enters Her Life Suddenly Everything That She Thought Was True Is Now A Lie Will Her Loyalty To Andrew Overshadow Her Love For Victor Or Will The Pasts Of These Two Men Bring Her Life To An End

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    SPOILER FREE REVIEW4STARSGenre Urban Romance Interracial Love Latin LoverSetting St.Louis, Mo How can i marry him when i don t wanna be in the same room as him Mina in Mina s JointMina is young black and successful She is 25 yrs old, ownwer of Mina s Joint Salon and currently engaged to the mayors son Andrew Wellington The Wellington s are a well known wealthy family in St.Louis, Mina s family lives in the hood And they are very hood in every stereo typical way.Mina is not happy with Andrew and she wants to leave him Andrew is a cocky uptight A hole He also has this issue with his hands with balling up his fist and hitting Mina Mina should leave right Problem is Andrew has his name on everything the house, the car and the salon While out at the club with her Best friend Mo, Mina is spotted by the owner Victor Gonzalaz Victor is tall, sexy and dangerous Victor asks Mina out but she turns him down But the two end up together and have sex Mina thinks to herself ok, one night and that s it But one night turns into many Victor knows Mina is unhappy in her relationship so he tells her to leave Andrew, Mina is hesitant because she knows she would walk away with nothing What s a girl to do I enjoyed Victor and Mina s love story I really like Ms Ervin s writing Style The twist at the end was crazy And Andrew was such a punk, among other things.My RatingsCharacters Likable and WittyWriting Style GoodPlot Storyline Enjoyable with nice twist and turnsOverall A Goodread

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    I had heard so much about this book that I finally decided to read Let s just say that recommendation was on point From the very beginning I couldn t stand Andrew he was so disrespectful and Mina didn t deserve it The crew at the shop is a whole mess and that Delicious is some thing elese You can feel the family environment through the the book with Mina s stylist they had her back no matter what They definitely help her with taking care of Andrew Now Rita and Bernice had me in tears The 2 of them have no filter and that talent show scene had me on the floor Now for that Fine Vicotor, that man could do no wrong and I was rooting for him I understood and was extremely shocked on how he handle things after what happen However true love is deeper and when the soul and the heart are connected there is no turning away.

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    I had high expectations for this book because I love Keisha Ervin, but the book was not that good to me It held my attention for a few parts and then completely didn t have my attention for a lot of other parts I m glad I read it and got it out of the way, but I won t be reading it again and will be getting rid of my copy.

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    One of my favorite Keisha Ervin reads The dialogue was just too real and funny Lots of drama

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    In High I use to love books of the nature but after awhile they all seems to run together Although I really enjoyed this book

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    Very good read I loved it I wish this book had a part 2

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    Outstanding story I will be reading from Keisha Ervin.

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    Here it is 2017 and I m just now reading a book that came out in 2001 and has since been dubbed an urban classic I loved this readit was fast pacedfull of drama and suspense.and had some great sex scenes I bet when this book first came out it was even amazing but now it seems like a lot of urban books have plots like this so I wasn t as impressed as I would have been back when it originally came out Mina Matthews is the owner of Mina s Joint, the most popping hair salon in St Louis She is set to wed the Mayor s son but their picture perfect relationship has a lot of secrets only Mina knows about and she s tired of it Victor, her childhood love, comes back into her life at a time when she is at her wit s end and now she is faced with the dilemma follow her heart or stay with the man who saved her from the Hood

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    Great bookI love me some Mina and victor one of my favorite books i can read this a million times and still fall in love with it Victor is so damn sexy i can t even explain it and the love be have for Mina shows Great book

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    Man, this book was tugging at my feelings It had many plot twists that I wasn t expecting at all I loved it Every character got what they deserved I found out there is a part 2 I m scared to read it lol I have a feeling it s going to be crazier than this first book.

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