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    First, I d like to say I love Jennifer Echols Secondly, I d like to clarify my previous statement by saying, I love the Jennifer Echols who wrote Major Crush and Going Too Far Can anyone tell me where she s hiding And can we perhaps brainstorm a way to lure her out to write another decent story Those aren t the only books by Echols I ve read While The Boys Next Door was OK, Forget You was, ironically, forgettable Given this pattern, I think it s safe to say Echols is a hit or miss author Love Story is definitely a miss This is the story of Erin Blackwell, a college freshman on her own in New York City after a falling out with her rich grandmother and legal guardian During one of Erin s creative writing classes, Hunter Allen, a boy Erin shares a past with, walks in and hilarity ensues Er.I wish hilarity ensued What actually ensued was convoluted melodrama and infuriating plot points that were crafted and employed for the sole purpose of dragging the story out even though they made little to no sense Erin s first story submission for class is in the style of an historical romance, with characters Rebecca and David modeled after Erin herself and Hunter Hunter reads the story and knows right away that Erin s romantic lead is based on him Erin is mortified, understandably What isn t so understandable is Erin s obsessive vehemence that her writing professor not find out that David was modeled on Hunter She s convinced that he will think she isn t serious about her writing, but that she s nothing than a silly schoolgirl with a crush I m still trying to figure out how that makes any sense since one of the first rules of writing is to write what you know I believe something similar is on the page describing this book I suppose this is as good a time as any to discuss my feelings about Erin Echols is usually fantastic at creating likable female protagonists After reading Forget You, I had hoped that I would never again be subjected to a female lead as vapid and irritating as Zoey My hopes were promptly crushed as Echols has managed, in Love Story, to not only create a character I cannot in any way relate to, but whom I genuinely dislike Erin is shallow, judgmental, arrogant, stubborn in a very, very bad way , jealous, rude, deceitful, and just plain uninteresting She mentally writes all of her classmates off as manic depressive when they seem to like her stories crafted around her childhood than they do her silly romances When her writing professor tells her that she has talent for dialog and pacing than any young writer he s yet seen in his teaching career, she doesn t even register the compliment because she s too busy focusing on the very helpful constructive criticism he offers afterward Reading her mental processes he doesn t know what he s talking about is like being trapped in a room with one of those ego maniacal douchebags.you know the kind of person I m talking about We all know at least one The supporting cast is, in general, good Underutilized, of course, but this is common in YA romance since the stories are generally short and teens want to read about the romance I think my favorite character was Erin and Hunter s writing instructor, Gabe, and I would have liked to see of him But again, thinking about Gabe brings up another confusing plot point Erin s major ambition in the story is to apply for and win a publishing internship When she mentions this to Gabe toward the end of the book, he says there s no way she would get it.Why not She s the best student in his class he has just told her as much , so why wouldn t she have a chance at the internship We re never told because Erin never asks She just assumes it s because she got into one too many arguments in class regarding her work, and because she and Hunter blew up at each other If those are really the reasons Gabe wouldn t allow her to get the publishing internship, that says than I want to know about his personal integrity To deny a qualified student the chance of a lifetime because she has an argument with a boyfriend in class after said boyfriend burst into the class screaming at her is something beyond petty Hunter Allen What can I say Echols didn t fail here, she once again wrote a male protagonist I like The only problem I have with Hunter is that he s in love with someone as utterly disgusting as Erin In this sense, he suffers the same fate as Forget You s Doug he s a great guy, why is he in love with such a horrid bitch Sigh Echols does a fairly good job at crafting a traumatizing past for Erin, one in which Hunter s father has an affair with Erin s mother before her mother s death , which causes a rift between Erin and Hunter that continues through their teen years But it just wasn t very believable The idea that something so petty could keep two people apart for so long is ridiculous And if it really did happen, I would say that at least one of those people is one of the pathetic human beings I ve seen in my life To top it off, we find out at one point that Erin was a frigid bitch to Hunter throughout high school, never once standing up for him when people began making fun of him because he worked for Erin s family But she was traumatized after her mother s death, so we re apparently supposed to give her a pass on the whole horrible person thing While I generally admire Echols frank, honest portrayal of teens and sex, Erin having sex with Hunter despite her knowledge of his deception and her subsequent assertion that she used him was disgusting and infuriating Throughout the entire story, Erin is constantly second guessing Hunter, making assumptions regarding his motives, and accusing him of things he was neither doing nor planning on doing Yet we re supposed to believe that this is the girl Hunter is in love with The reader can t help but ask, in exasperation, Why To top it all off, this book didn t even really have an ending I paid 8.99 for three quarters of a story Erin finds out about Hunter s deception, they have sex, Hunter reads Erin s story about losing her virginity to some social parasite they both dislike, they blow up at each other in class, their professor dresses them down in his office and then.Hunter is in Erin s room packing her things and telling her they need to go back to Louisville so Erin can talk to her grandmother Erin agrees and as she leaves her room to head for the shower, Hunter smiles at her.That s it The reader is left wondering what happens to Hunter and Erin Do they stay together Does Erin make up with her grandmother Does she stick with writing or decide to take over the family business like her grandmother wants I understand the impact an ambiguous ending can have, and I ve read and loved plenty of stories where I was able to ponder the ramifications of future events on my own without them being spelled out for me The ending of Love Story, however, did not leave me with a pleasant, floating in limbo while pondering the possibilities feeling It left me with a What the hell was that I spent all this time reading this and that is the ending I get feeling I m giving it two stars because, despite my dislike of it, it wasn t horrible Not nearly as bad as some other books I ve read But it definitely did not live up to what I expect from Ms Echols.

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    There is just something about Love Story that I think deserves a review, and I don t normally give reviews I really like Jennifer Echols, there is just something about her writing that captivates me I have never given her books anything less than a four So, it s no surprise that I am giving Love Story 5, and if I could give it higher, I would Love Story is about Erin Blackwell and Hunter Allen Erin and Hunter go to the same college in New York Here s the catch, Hunter and Erin already know each other Hunter worked at Erin s grandmothers horse farm as a stable boy Except the tables are turned, Erin s grandmother decided to give Hunter Erin s inheritance, all because Erin did not want to major in business and run the farm There is a obvious attraction between the two of them and throughout the book, through short storeys, they write for class and real story world life, their attraction develops Da da daa daann a theme song from god knows where.I liked a lot of stuff about this book Because of that, lets start at the start.I liked the very beginning, how it did not start with the actual story, but a short story that Erin had written for the short story class she was taking I really liked the fact that the book had short storeys like this throughout the book I really enjoyed reading them, and then listening to the class discuss them, especially Manohar, but we will get to him later I think the short story s really enhanced the story, and they were probably one of my favourite aspects of the book.Onto the climax, the writing, the charactersI really enjoyed how the book built up to the big scene and how it then kinda let itself down from there, how we were waiting for the scene to happen and once it did the characters were left in the aftermath.Ahh, so onto the characters, we have some very, very interesting characters and because of my weirdness I never seem to like the hero that much, I m a sidekick sort of girl , I think this picture describes how I feel, especially in psych image error

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    This book left me with an annoying feeling of nothingness The ending is abrupt And there s really no love story like you d think Hunter is the absolute definition of a boy in love with his unattainable childhood friend, I don t know how she doesn t get it and is always suspicious of his feelings when he very obviously keeps hinting that he loves her It s kind of infuriating actually, so he goes around, whispering things to her, making sure she s okay, kissing her at every possible chance, not taking advantage of her and never actually FORCING her to go back to her Grandma and that lifestyle of hers so why in the name of hell does she mistreat him so much and what kind of person would take out their romantic frustrations and their horrible family secrets and flag them about for all the world to see like some dirty laundry Not once, not twice but FIVE times and what kind of creative honors class allows those kinds of disturbing writings and discussions And I beg of you, WHAT is so wrong with being rich So WHAT she could have VERY apparently went to business school AND taken the writing class as well where exactly seems to be the problem All in all, I DETESTED HATED LOATHED that stupid COW Erin with her thick brain and her shit freckles with a PASSION She s shallow, proud, unprofessional, very sucky at writing, idiotic, childish, blind, needy, fake, hypocritical and just down right MEAN not in a witty way, no, mean in a I m the boss s daughter kind of way Well fuck YOU even your MOTHER was dating the stable boy of her time and really this story proves just how newly found this sense of Aristocracy is to Americans who pretend like they own the fucking world just because they have a ranch somewhere This story simply proves that money can t buy class or happiness.Do not read unless you enjoy faulty heroines who get everything and give nothing.

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    And in the end, I was left frustrated and hugely dissapointed.First of all, I love Echols works, but this, seriously , what is this It started off interestingly, but Erin become hard to connect to I just can t help but hate the fact that she chases him And Hunter, a selfish, arrogant jerk who lives off feeding from other people s success Let me get this straight, why, just why could he NOT apologize to Erin for EVERYTHING And I mean a proper apology where we could bawl our eyes out for the Grammy moment But no, he walked the earth like some hotshot, but ugh, he s a total parasite Where are those John After, Doug Fox, Adam Vader, Nick Krieger like guys who made our toes jelly with their sweetness and ability to apologize Eh, they don t exist here The ending was absolutely crappy, with no resolution with the most important conflicts in the book Erin and her grandma never got to talk properly Erin had a big past involving her passive grandmother so it should atleast be proper to have a scene where apologies are made and ties would be sevvered But instead, one of the most important parts were left unwritten She was focused on her love life instead Couldn t be greatful on the grandma who raised her eye rollWhat s up with that I m just so dissapointed Sigh This could have turned out great, but it was dragging and frustrating.

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    My first Jennifer Echols book was Going Too Far which I enjoyed to the point of feeling sheepish about how much I loved it It was compulsively readable with a lot of slow burning sexual tension YA style Instant fan girl.She also nails the rom com YA scene with fun predictable love hate teen reads in Major Crush, The Ex Games and The Boys Next Door all a solid 3 stars from me However, I am completely baffled by her latest book Love Story The set up is all there for a classic love hate romance misunderstandings and that fun kind of antagonistic behaviour between two romantic leads.But it s like she set up the premise then decided to make it a softer heart felt love story and somehow the book seems confused about what it is trying to be It s a mish mash of a story trying to be funny quirky flirty one moment and then deep meaningful the next I can t quite put my finger on why but it just felt like the story wasn t all there like there were some great ideas and an awesome set up and she tried to take it it deeper and somehow it just all flopped out wrong.I have always been impressed with the way Echols builds romantic and sexual tension between her characters but it was lacking here Erin and Hunter both knew they liked each other and they fumbled along with that knowledge until the end There was no tension sizzling underneath it Echols is also the queen of sexytimes but she kept it quite tame blink and you ll miss it in here Hunter was a nice guy with some sweet lines but he wasn t swoon y for me I think maybe Echols does bad misunderstood boys best I also missed some of Echol s trademark grin worthy dialogue I like her usual snappy one liner style and long running jokes yet didn t find much humour in here.Without Echol s usual pizazz and spark in the core conflict, it was easier to notice other areas that didn t seem fine tuned The setting was not strong, secondary characters firmly 2D and the overall cohesiveness of the story felt loosely pulled together I can overlook these things for a good romp I sometimes think 2D secondary characters are perfect in certain books, yet they needed to be fleshed out here to help carry the burden of the flailing story I felt like reading this was like reading a warm up to a real story When I finished I thought is that it My review feels a bit muddled and I think that is because I am still muddled about this book.Can t wait to see what you guys think Thanks S S galley grab for the egalley

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    If there is one author that I can constantly fangirl, it s Jennifer Echols I simply LOVE all of her books I absolutely adore a good love story and Jennifer Echols is the master of amour Although Going Too Far is by far my favorite Jennifer Echols title, Love Story is definitely up there too.I loved the characters Erin Hunter I loved their literary battle I just wish those two wouldn t have been so stubborn I could have had some steaminess from the start, but nooooo I had to wait I love it that way, but at the same time the tension is killer We don t exactly know the history of Erin and Hunter but through their stories in class we get to discover the intimacies of their pastAnother great thing about this novel is that it was set in Erin s freshman year of college not to many YA novels out there that take place in college, I think there is like a rule against that or something And the aspect of the creative writing class, I ate that UP I want to read Erin s romance novel Fans of Echol s will fall in love with this novel I know I did

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    1,5 star.It was way to easy to predict for my liking I could easily skip pages or even chapters and there still wouldn t be any problem with catching up with events To be honest, this book for me was just telenovela written down and put in New York The thing is I hate telenovelas But at least it was written okay, so it was quite fast and easy to read, even if I wasn t enjoying.I really don t want insult the author or reader, who enjoyed this story However, for me Love story was just one, huge clich By chapter 10 nothing had happened yet and in all book nothing impressed me Well Actually there was one thin In page 163 of Lithuanian version Erin got hit by a taxi and that was the best scene in all book I have to admit that in page 160 I wanted a bus to hit so bad that I almost threw the book thru the damn window For my big surprise after three pages I got what I wanted I loved that One thing I thought will be to those stories they written to eacth other I mean, they where there for as to see, but didn t effected me I just felt like key point or normal explanaition about them was missing.Full review

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    Sort of a swing and a miss for me This one never really got going What really bugs me is an entire story that centers around that fact that if these two people had just had one honest conversation that there wouldn t be a story It feels too much like manufactured drama just for the sake of drama.Erin bothered me a lot with her I think I love Hunter, but how can I since I hate him for stealing my life Yet even so, I get all hot and bothered when he s around, but I must remember to not like him, even though I kind of do I don t like that he firts with all the other girls, but I won t really allow him to flirt with me either and I must keep it a secret that we know each other for no real reason.I wondered at times if I was missing pages as they would be having a conversation after some smooching and she d think we hate each other again after we just decided we liked each other and I d think when did that happen Did I miss something You re getting to know each other again so each sentence that comes out isn t going to be poetry, but he says one thing and she decides they hate each other I felt very confused and not in a good way, not in the way that the character is confused and you re joining in with that feeling, but that I was outside of it all and simply wasn t connecting and getting what was going on.I felt that a girl who was so terribly serious about her writing would not have used it in the way she did, to get back at him, to push at him, to hurt him I found that to be fairly stupid on her part The ending was fairly abrupt and fairly unsatisfying, but all in all, it s an okay read, although not Echols best Just my opinion I feel sad that I don t like this one better as I like Echols writing style.

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    This book was a pain to read at some parts Other parts were tolerable The most annoying aspect of this book was the narrator Jesus.She was so uptight, annoying, and uptight and annoying Erin bored me with her dialogue Her narration was slow and drowned in unnecessary details It was all too dull and boring Hunter got out of his upholstered chair after about five seconds It tempted me to get out my upholstered chair However, I decided not to get up from my upholstered chair Damn it, Erin, SHUT THE HELL UP Hunter was okay I don t have much of an opinion on him Yes, he is incredibly gorgeous and has a bravado like no other Yes, that s very enticing He s a golden beast, with his blonde tresses, and long eyelashes That s remarkable But just one thing.I VE SEENTHATBEFORE GOSH The only concept I liked by Echols was the fact that the main characters were writing about each other through their stories I found that a little touching It was something I ve never read about before Oh, yes The title is the best thing that s ever happened to this book Love Story It could not have gotten creative than that Good night, people.

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    At first I thought this book was really great Hunter seemed like a really cool guy and Erin didn t annoy me completely The other characters seemed well developed too But towards the end when they went back to Kentucky, I felt that Hunter didn t really care about Erin s feeling towards her grandmother and her father, and that Erin was too naive about the whole situation I also just really hated it when Erin found out about the whole agreement between her grandmother and Hunter but she didn t confront him or her about it and used him like she thought he was using her I m still not exactly sure if he used her because that wasn t clear at all And then she had to go and write that last story just to piss him off which his ridiculously childish and too high school considering they are supposed to be going to a big hotshot New York college The ending just really sucked because they didn t even try to resolve their issues and then she s all cool with going back to Kentucky with him I just felt like their problems were too juvenile and they could have been resolved if they just talked to each other instead of tiptoeing around in the stories and then getting pissed at each other if the other person didn t understand or took it the wrong way The story thing was good in theory and sounded really great but it just wasn t executed well for me at least This book was just really disappointing for me because I thought the beginning was really awesome but then it just got too high school and annoying I dive into books to get away from the typical high school life and to enjoy a fantasy and I didn t really escape high school with this book.

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Love Story download Love Story, read online Love Story, kindle ebook Love Story, Love Story 7d86ec5b5c29 She S Writing About Him He S Writing About Her And Everybody Is Reading Between The Lines For Erin Blackwell, Majoring In Creative Writing At The New York City College Of Her Dreams Is Than A Chance To Fulfill Her Ambitions It S Her Ticket Away From The Tragic Memories That Shadow Her Family S Racehorse Farm In Kentucky But When She Refuses To Major In Business And Take Over The Farm Herself Someday, Her Grandmother Gives Erin S College Tuition And Promised Inheritance To Their Maddeningly Handsome Stable Boy, Hunter Allen Now Erin Has To Win An Internship And Work Late Nights At A Coffee Shop To Make Her Own Dreams A Reality She Should Despise Hunter So Why Does He Sneak Into Her Thoughts As The Hero Of Her Latest Writing Assignment Then, On The Day She S Sharing That Assignment With Her Class, Hunter Walks In He S Joining Her Class And After He Reads About Himself In Her Story, Her Private Fantasies About Him Must Be Painfully Clear She Only Hopes To Persuade Him Not To Reveal Her Secret To Everyone Else But Hunter Devises His Own Creative Revenge, Writing Sexy Stories That Drive The Whole Class Wild With Curiosity And Fill Erin S Heart With Longing Now She S Not Just Imagining What Might Have Been She S Writing A Whole New Ending For Her Romance With Hunter Except This Story Could Come True