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The Blue Castle summary The Blue Castle, series The Blue Castle, book The Blue Castle, pdf The Blue Castle, The Blue Castle f61c78df35 An Unforgettable Story Of Courage And Romance Will Valancy Stirling Ever Escape Her Strict Family And Find True Love Valancy Stirling Is , Unmarried, And Has Never Been In Love Living With Her Overbearing Mother And Meddlesome Aunt, She Finds Her Only Consolation In The Forbidden Books Of John Foster And Her Daydreams Of The Blue Castle A Place Where All Her Dreams Come True And She Can Be Who She Truly Wants To Be After Getting Shocking News From The Doctor, She Rebels Against Her Family And Discovers A Surprising New World, Full Of Love And Adventures Far Beyond Her Most Secret Dreams

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    If you think your relatives argue too much over Sunday dinner or are just impossible to live with try Valancy Stirling s family Written in 1926 by the author of the beloved Anne of Green Gables series, this is the story of Valancy, a 29 year old timid mouse of a person, considered an old maid by her family and the town generally She does what everyone asks even when she hates it, quails before her insolent relatives, never talks back except in her own mind , cries herself to sleep on a regular basis, and overall lives a thoroughly miserable life Her only solace is the imaginary Blue Castle she lives in when she daydreams, and the poetic nature books of John Foster, which speak to her heart One day Valancy, without telling her family, sneaks off to the doctor to find out why her heart has been bothering her The doctor examines her, but rushes off in an emergency before he can give her a diagnosis The letter she gets a day or two later from the doctor informs her that she has a severe heart condition, and less than a year to live.Oddly enough, this death sentence frees Valancy from her miserable existence With nothing to lose, she starts sassing her ice cold mother and relatives, begins wearing unsuitable clothing, moves out of the family home, and generally starts doing what she wants to without a thought for propriety It s lovely to see her bloom and gain confidence, and begin to seek out happiness and love on her own terms And eventually I won t spoil the story by going into the hows and whys she finds a home in a cottage by the lake that reminds her of her beloved Blue Castle This really is an old fashioned, romantic wish fulfillment type of tale, and you have to just appreciate it for what it is A few things kind of bothered me You have to wade through a fair amount of misery in the beginning of the book before Valancy decides to grow a spine I recommended this book to my mother, and she texted me for two days whining about the first part and asking me if I was certain she was going to like this book The plot is also pretty transparent there are a couple of developments I can t really call them twists that I could see coming from almost the very beginning of the book But the lyrical, loving descriptions of the beauties of nature, a sweet romance and the witty humor touched my heart and won me over Forget whatever shortcomings there are and just enjoy the ride.If you like Anne of Green Gables and other old fashioned books, you ll probably love this one And you might pick up a few handy insults to use with your relatives when they get insufferable 4.5 stars.

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    I arrived late to the L.M Montgomery party, not having grown up with her stories as a young girl, but rather read them for the first time in my late 20 s Knowing what I know now about the beauty and magic of her books, I realize I missed out of some major reading adventures with Anne, Emily, Pat and gang, and will consequently never be able to wax nostalgic about how those books effected my life which is probably for the best, as I tend to go into sappy, melodramatic overdrive when I really love a book you know it s true, my GR friends PBut in the case of The Blue Castle, it s a good thing I didn t pick this up to read until I was about the age of Valency, because I don t think a younger girl would be able to fully appreciate this story as much a young woman who has lived a little This is one of Montgomery s only books written with an adult audience in mind, and it wasn t highly acclaimed at the time of publication or for several decades afterwards It definitely deals with adult themes, and does so with a very sympathetic hand I have since learned about Montgomery s less then fairytale life, and it makes me appreciate her talents even .If Jane Austen s Persuasion is all about second chances in life, then Montgomery s The Blue Castle is all about allowing oneself to have a chance at all Valancy s road to independence at the age of 29 is chock full of convenient coincidences that happen in order for her and the story to blossom, but those plot contrivances thankfully don t lessen the appeal of the story While the majority of the characters are one dimensional and make only a brief appearance, Montgomery perfectly captured the character of Valancy, her mother, Roaring Abel, Cissie, and Barney Snaith And speaking of Barney Snaith, was there EVER a swoon worthy hero with a dumpy name in the history of fiction Good grief, the man oozes sex appeal, but no reader ever brings him up in discussions of great fictional heros, and I am convinced it s because of his name Think about it Gone with the Wind Barney Butler Pride and Prejudice Barney Darcy Twilight Barney Cullen.I rest my case.

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    An independent story from the author of Anne of Green Gables, written for an older audience An important and underrated part of the Montgomery collection in this story, a young woman young by our standards, an old maid in her time rebels against her oppressive family and a conservative society to achieve a few basic but essential moments of happiness On the surface this may look like flowers and fluff but, for the time, this was a subversively pre feminist novel Valancy becomes psychologically and sexually independent, finds her own voice and claims a corner of the world and its scruffy male inhabitant for herself This book had a big impact on me in college, and is still important as realistic fantasy for women living in strict conservative societies patriarchal Japan, for example Montgomery s work is constantly under estimated, and the way the books are marketed doesn t help the flowery script, the swoony illustrations There are many layers at work in her stories, and some pioneering feminist concepts tucked in between the deep appreciation of nature, the commentary on the stuffy contemporary society of her day, and the delightful, well drawn characters.

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    Valancy had lived spiritually in the Blue Castle ever since she could remember She had been a very tiny child when she found herself possessed of it Always, when she shut her eyes, she could see it plainly, with its turrets and banners on the pine clad mountain height, wrapped in its faint, blue loveliness, against the sunset skies of a fair and unknown land Everything wonderful and beautiful was in that castle Jewels that queens might have worn robes of moonlight and fire couches of roses and gold long flights of shallow marble steps, with great, white urns, and with slender, mist clad maidens going up and down them courts, marble pillared, where shimmering fountains fell and nightingales sang among the myrtles halls of mirrors that reflected only handsome knights and lovely women herself the loveliest of all, for whose glance men died All that supported her through the boredom of her days was the hope of going on a dream spree at night Most, if not all, of the Stirlings would have died of horror if they had known half the things Valancy did in her Blue Castle Lucy Maud Montgomery, The Blue CastleThis is the sort of book that makes me so glad to be a reader Montgomery is an EXTREMELY talented and beautiful writer Recently I ve been finding myself wanting to read of her work because it s honestly like a balm There s a feeling I would get very often as a child when I was discovering the world of literature and everything was fresh and new it s a feeling that as an adult I rarely get close to reliving, but in this book I did see some glimmers of it.I d never read any Montgomery books outside of the Anne series and anyone who s read those books knows how special they are This story took me back to my preteens in Africa when I was first introduced to Anne by my aunt who then lived in the Maritimes Nova Scotia Now that Canada is my home, and because I ve visited Prince Edward Island, Montgomery s beloved home, I have to say I feel even attached to Montgomery now, knowing first hand where she got much of her inspiration from This is the story of 29 year old spinster, Valancy Stirling, the old fashioned and archaic word for single woman being used because those were conservative times where a woman who was single after a certain age was considered to be a loser As the book said, She was twenty nine, lonely, undesired, ill favoured the only homely girl in a handsome clan, with no past and no future Our heroine is single, miserable, and part of a large clan where she sees herself as invisible, has a lot of fear, has no friends, and has never really known happiness in her life In her sad existence, all she has is her blue castle her imagination A pivotal experience in her life no spoilers , however, changes her life forever.I loved the new Valancy I fully support women who have thrown off their shackles, decided enough is enough, and have decided to live authentically Recently I ve been reading a lot of feminist texts that have reminded me what this empowerment means and just how important it is Rereading Audre Lorde and rediscovering her famous quote, My silences had not protected me Your silence will not protect you , made me think of how apt it was in Valancy s case, and how life giving it is when we realize that we can totally be free I ve been trying to please other people all my life and failed, she said After this I shall please myself I shall never pretend anything again I ve breathed an atmosphere of fibs and pretences and evasions all my life What a luxury it will be to tell the truth I may not be able to do much that I want to do but I won t do another thing that I don t want to do Mother can pout for weeks I shan t worry over it Despair is a free man hope is a slave The freedom and life that Valancy experiences after the big turning point in her life warmed my heart And it made me laugh to read how Valancy s relatives thought she had gone mad because of course free thinking women have clearly lost it.What I also adored about this book was Montgomery s veneration of nature Although the book is set near Muskoka, Ontario, Montgomery got her nature writing muse from PEI which is, in my humble opinion, one of the most beautiful places in Canada Montgomery s descriptions of nature makes you want to be in it the woods, when they give at all, give unstintedly, and hold nothing back from their true worshippers We must go to them lovingly, humbly, patiently, watchfully, and we shall learn what poignant loveliness lurks in the wild places and silent intervales, lying under starshine and sunset, what cadences of unearthly music are harped on aged pine boughs or crooned in copses of fir, what delicate savours exhale from mosses and ferns in sunny corners or on damp brooklands, what dreams and myths and legends of an older time haunt them Then the immortal heart of the woods will beat against ours and its subtle life will steal into our veins and make us its own forever, so that no matter where we go or how widely we wander we shall yet be drawn back to the forest to find our most enduring kinship Highly recommended One of my favourite reads of the year 3

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    What a delightful book Who could not love this story about a woman who gains the courage to break free from the smothering yoke of her family and to make the most of the life she has left This book was hilariously funny in some parts, always inspirational, and sometimes pretty sad It was intensely readable, and I loved Valancy and Barney I could empathize very deeply with Valancy s situation, and I cheered her on when she stopped being afraid, and decided to be true to herself Life is too short to be hemmed and caged by others expectations If you can t be happy with who you are, then what is the point of living It took a life changing event to get Valancy to see this, and I was glad she did.The romance was lovely in this book I liked how Valancy and Barney s relationship started and would always be built on their friendship There was a deep, romantic love there, no doubt But, the person that one chooses as their life partner needs to be one that they can be happy to be around, and comfortable enough to not feel the need to fill the silences, but to cherish them They found a connection as soulmates through the doorway of respect for each other and friendship A great way to start a great lifetime love, in my opinion.The metaphor of the blue castle spoke to me We all need a blue castle in our lives, a place where we can go to feel true happiness, a retreat away from the disappointments and expectations of the world, and others judgments and requirements for us As I read this book, I wondered where my blue castle was I got the answer to that question, and it made me smile This book gave me some wonderful hours of entertainment, but also encouraged me to life my life to its fullest In the end, the quiet, shy, plain Valancy is a huge role model to readers who find themselves in a similar situation to hers This is my first book by L.M Montgomery, and I m eager to read of her.

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    Once upon a timethere lived a beautiful young woman named Valancy Stirling She was tall, with black raven hair, large brown slanted eyes, and pale, white skin that gleamed in the moonlight and gave her an ethereal, dreamlike appearance Valancy was the mistress of the Blue Castle in Spain a big, imposing, majestic structure of elegance and grandness, resplendent in blue Everything wonderful and beautiful was in that castle She had everything she wanted, from glamorous jewels to gorgeous dresses, and plenty of fun, adventure, and romance Valancy had a prince too, of course A red haired and blue eyed mysterious hero, with a twisted grin, unkempt appearance and kind, amiable ways With him she was happier than she d ever dreamed was possible He was everything her heart had always desired and One of her favourite escapes, too, was reading John Foster s nature books, which truly freed her soul and let her marvel and wonder over nature s beautiful gifts With John Foster, one felt such a oneness with nature and a satisfying sense of well being that it was impossible to resist dreaming.One letter It was all it took One letter from Dr Trent to Valancy, telling her she was dying of heart disease was enough to make her break free from the miserable, predictable and insupportable pattern of her life, and start living her own In her Blue Castle With her prince And she lived happily ever after Spoilers section view spoiler Omgomgomgomg when I found out that Barney was not only a millionaire s son, BUT ALSO JOHN FOSTER AAAHHHHH I think that was the best part of the book That and his love declaration, of course Dear me I was also pleasantly surprised by the fact that it was Valancy who proposed to Barney, and he just casually accepted That was a fun twist, I thought I totally loved this book Will definitely re read hide spoiler

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    This book is simply delightful If all you know of L M Montgomery is her Anne of Green Gables series, then I highly suggest picking up a copy of this lesser known classic.Valancy Stirling is 29 and can t forget for a moment that she s unmarried and undesired If her inadequacies did slip her mind, her loving family would be quick to remind her Her whole life, she s lived under the thumb of the Stirling clan, bound to their ideals of how she should think, act, and feel She s smothered, but not loved Controlled, but not wanted Her only refuge is the Blue Castle, a mythical place she s created in her imagination.Then she is given an unusual gift a doctor tells her she has less than a year to live With no reason to fear the future, Valancy is able to start enjoying the present Against her family s objections, she moves out and takes on a job and gets to know Barney Snaith, the mysterious man in town her family spreads scandalous rumors about For a short time she s happy, and it looks like she s found her Blue Castle after all She knows it can t last she s dying, after all but then things take a turn she never expected.This book is the contemporary romance of its day 1926 and is infused the wit, biting social commentary, and charm The Stirling family is so obnoxious and so amusing at the same time Well worth the read.

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    This book made me cry And it is very rare when a story makes me cry.This is one of Montgomery s lesser know stories in The States It got a reprint Stateside during the Anne Mania after PBS broadcasted the Canadian mini series.And the premis of the story goes like this, Possible Spoilers.If you were told you only had a year to live, what would you do And the main character crams in many things during that year Which makes this book a fabulous adventure.Even though it has its sad parts, this book can help inspire one to do great things.

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    This is my favorite novel by LM Montgomery, even though it s not necessarily typical of her books It is the sweetest romance I have ever read, full of laugh out loud moments and obnoxious villains In fact, this book s annoying characters are on a par with Jane Austen s best it s a great story of learning to be free of society s bonds and expectations, of finding love when and where least expected, and of the joys that come when you open your heart to them I completely recommend this book It may be my favorite ever novel definitely in the top 10.

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    4.5 5 stars This was a lovely, cozy read that I started on a snowy day and finished the day after Valancy is our main character a 29 year old spinster who s not at all satisfied with her life Right from the beginning she moans about everything from her room to her family and her poor status as a single woman However, we meet Valancy on a fateful day that comes with a dramatic twist, and everything quickly sets off and goes in a delightful direction that I immensely enjoyed reading about Some parts of the story and the ending were a tiny bit too sugar sweet for my taste, but in general I really enjoyed reading about Valancy s development, and I had a lot of fun guessing where the story was taking us This was the perfect, cozy read, and so far the best book I ve read of L M Montgomery s

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