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Scar Tissue chapter 1 Scar Tissue, meaning Scar Tissue, genre Scar Tissue, book cover Scar Tissue, flies Scar Tissue, Scar Tissue 394fa91edd5ca Now In Paperback, The New York Times Bestseller By One Of Rock S Most Provocative Figures Scar Tissue Is Anthony Kiedis S Searingly Honest Memoir Of A Life Spent In The Fast Lane In , Four Self Described Knuckleheads Burst Out Of The Mosh Pitted Mosaic Of The Neo Punk Rock Scene In LA With Their Own Unique Brand Of Cosmic Hardcore Mayhem Funk Over Twenty Years Later, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Against All Odds, Have Become One Of The Most Successful Bands In The World Though The Band Has Gone Through Many Incarnations, Anthony Kiedis, The Group S Lyricist And Dynamic Lead Singer, Has Been There For The Whole Roller Coaster Ride Whether He S Recollecting The Influence Of The Beautiful, Strong Women Who Have Been His Muses, Or Retracing A Journey That Has Included Appearances As Diverse As A Performance Before Half A Million People At Woodstock Or An Audience Of One At The Humble Compound Of The Exiled Dalai Lama, Kiedis Shares A Compelling Story About The Price Of Success And Excess Scar Tissue Is A Story Of Dedication And Debauchery, Of Intrigue And Integrity, Of Recklessness And Redemption A Story That Could Only Have Come Out Of The World Of Rock

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    DNF 55 pagesI just can t do this I can t listen to this egotistical asshat talk about himself and how his awesome dipshit of a father hand fed him pot and quaaludes at age 11 and introduced him to sex at age 12 by letting him bang his Dad s 18 year old girlfriend Because better than everyone else And because rockstar Here is a quote to show you what reading this is like But on the whole, I wouldn t have traded my lifestyle for anything else, especially some of the mundane realities of my friends at Emerson I d go to their houses and see their dads come home from their office buildings and not have any time or energy or compassion for their kids They just sat their and drank their whiskey and smoked their cigars and read their paper and went to bed That didn t seem like a much better option Trying to get some sleep so I d be rested for school the next day while people were having sex on the couch and shooting cocaine and cranking the stereo was definitely not a mundane reality But it was mine On school nights, I d stay home, but Spider aka Dad would be right at his power table at the Rainbow Keep in mind he is in middle school at this point And his Dad is taking him to the Rainbow Room, giving him drugs on the weekend, and sleeping until 2pm with his underage girlfriends But don t worry, he leaves him bus money to get school and a skateboard to get home the skateboard making him a better awesome skater than the famed Lords of Dogtown, by the way Because they were doing it to be cool, but he was just awesome naturally snort Barf.I would feel bad for the poor guy for having such a waste of a parent, but all he does is wax poetic about how awesome Dad was and he is such a little badass for being made into Daddy s little drug mule as a prepubescent The way he talks about his early and rampant drug use is prideful versus caution tale esque And don t even get me started out how he talks about women and sex The way he tells us about his earliest sexual exploits sounded less like a suave ladies man and like a desperate band geek trying to convince the flute section that he had a threesome with two Brazilian models the night prior Long story short, the title of this should be less Scar Tissue and People Who Shouldn t Have Children How my Dad Fed me Drugs and Condoned What Amounts to Statutory Rape and How I Accidentally Got Famous Because I Knew the Right People and Rode the Coattails of My More Talented Group of Friends Who No Longer Talk to Me, Because ASSHOLE I ve decided to stop here before I hate all the Peppers music forever as a result Find me at

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    Whew had to put it down for a bit because I was having nightmares where Anthony Kiedis was chasing me because he thought I had his drugs.

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    So sue meI m a sucker for a celebrity biography, especially one packed with lurid details of drug use and ill advised sexual escapades And, I love the Chili Peppers, so this book was irresistible to me I learned a little about Anthony Kiedis song writing process, which was nice Unfortunately, I also learned that he is a selfish prick with a stunning lack of self awareness But, hey, it s only rock n roll, right

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    LOVED LOVED LOVED Great book about a great man band

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    I am pretty sure

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    I grew up too early for the Red Hot Chili Peppers My college age son raves about them, calling them the new Doors which makes their lead singer Anthony Kiedis the equivalent of a modern Jim Morrison There are some parallels between Kiedis and Morrison Both crafted mind numbing lyrics in the City of Light, trolling the back alleys, canyons and mountain retreats of the West Side Both may have qualified as erotic politicians , Morrison s clever depiction of the Doors to a stunned and befuddled media Both were self destructive semi insane nihilists whose appetite for excess drove them to the edge Morrison slipped over while Kiedis crawled back to write this engaging, moving testimonial.Having read at least 50 rock bios over the course of my life the lifestyle, decadence and the road are can do you in. Long Time Gone by David Crosby, Somebody to Love by Grace Slick, I m With the Band by Pamela Des Barres and Wonderland Avenue by Danny Sugerman , I thought why not read about my son s favorite band and hopefully find some oommon ground for musical discussions This book was funny, insane, tragic, inspiring a heartfelt confession from a rock legend The tales from the early days of the Hollywood punk scene, the overdose death of Hillel Slovak, the bouts with rehab, the disappointments, the descriptions of lyrics and personal struggles all of this prompted me to buy a few CDs and give these guys a listen This is an incredible band in my day our biggest rock heroes were sparse power trios like Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience, sometimes fronted by lead singers Doors, Who The RHCPs belong in the same genre I never bought into the phenom of rap music it always reminded me of the playground jive talk and dissin I used to hear at our heavily intergrated high school except it was set to a boring backbeat But the RHCP converted me probably because the testimony of Anthony Kiedis in Scar Tissue proclaimed that there is a lot of pain and bitter experience behind the music Not your run of the mill tribe of nihilistic LA punks I recently learned that Flea actually went back to study at USC in his forties A worthy read.

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    This is the most self indulgent, poorly written pap I have ever had the misfortune to purchase at an airport bookshop Despite the millions of copies sold, as proclaimed on the cover, it failed to impress.Anthony Keidis happily retells how he wasted his life on drugs, screwed and screwed over countless women, friends and collegaues and ended up alone not even his closest friend Flea talks to him any I am annoyed by the fact that any percentage of the money I paid for this book will go to Keidis He has done nothing for the betterment of humanity despite millions of dollars, instead he wasted it away and has seemingly no regrets.If I can stop a single person reading this book my job is done.

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    When I first started reading this book I thought to myself what a self involved asshole Which is sad because I m a huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fan and really wanted to like him In fact I had to have a little pep talk with myself so I could carry on reading It went something along the lines of You don t have to like the person to enjoy the book and find some worth in it And that little talk stood me in good sted because I think I found the book even fascinating after having accepted that Kiedis is not a very good person and seems startlingly oblivious to the fact He effectively wrote himself as the villain of the piece and he doesn t seem to have realized it It s just so interesting to me I also just could not get over the fact that not once did he condemn his father who essentially got him into doing drugs at age 11 but would make snippy little comments about band mates and girlfriends at every turn for relatively inconsequential things But most amazing to me was that a man who clearly sees himself as a modern day poet wrote a 500 page book about himself and didn t include one introspective or self analytically thought All in all I would have given this book 5 stars had the continuous cycle of drug abuse and rehab not gotten a little monotonous.

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    Let s say right now that I loved this book and I can t understand why so many people dogged on it so badly If you can t stand the drugs rehab drugs rehab seemingly endless cycle that exists in most of these memoirs, don t read them because that s how it generally works before something finally sticks However, everyone has a different take on their own recovery and this one is the one that resonated the most with me.After I read Dave Navarro s book a few years back, the whole recovery memoir thing left a really bad taste in my mouth, because in his book he suddenly jumps from rock bottom to perfect life with his supermodel girlfriend and had a whole preachy vibe about the whole thing While Anthony is kinda self absorbed all throughout the book, it never comes off as annoying and I really enjoyed the whole resolution, which wasn t all I got help because I m rich as f ck and you should follow in my footsteps It was Only you can help yourself no matter what kind of treatment you wind up going through You are solely responsible for your own recovery through your level of commitment You can t half ass it and expect results Which is common sense, I suppose But some people need to hear it.I found it weird that I liked it so much, considering I m very much attracted to reading about the crazy exploits and crash and burn lifestyles of celebs with little to no resolution That s why I ve loved for so many years and keep re reading Marilyn Manson s book over and over and over I guess that says something about me and my own position in life, as well Heh.

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    So, where do I start A realllllyyyyyy complicated process of reading this book, I really made up variuos reason how to escape The Scar Tissue , that s why I read it for a really long time for me, 9 days, ouch But, you know, the last 10 pages really worked for me I dunno how to explain, maybe it s the Tony Kiedis charm or his Lithuanian roots, but I truly felt the change of him, the mature and responsible version of him But let s start from the beginningSo, it doesn t matter how cool, high or sexy you think you are, you will never reach the level of Anthony Kiedis, in a bad meaning mostly That s the theme of this book for me.What really pissed me off while reading, is that I couldn t find the narrative structure Let s say this book was a REALLY long picaresque I did this then I did that then this then that oh, and repeat it This is really the worst aspect of this book Oh bro, it s about the Peppers It should represent them in the best way They write, sing and perform fascinating music, I, myself, am not a real fan of them, but I like them, I sometimes listen to their songs I can compare this book to a really untasty candy, which has a yummy filling, but too small to get me high.The untasty piece The story of a primitive drug addict who, lucky to him, is in a successful band and can t keep your interest till the end of the book it just becomes monotonous All insane drug usage, clueless relationships with teenagers and women and pointless abstinence make a mess and leave an unpleasant taste, which lasts for the biggest part of the book for me The tasty piece While showing himself as a selfish, unkind and destructive person in the past, Anthony Kiedis still managed to turn into a kind, generous and lovable character I don t say man , cause there s a possibility that this book can be just too good to be true It just left a good feeling inside me, when I finished reading this book All in all, it is an interesting story about a great band and its leader, but Anthony Kiedis didn t suit me as the best choice to present it.But anyway

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