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Any Woman's Blues: A Novel of Obsession quotes Any Woman's Blues: A Novel of Obsession, litcharts Any Woman's Blues: A Novel of Obsession, symbolism Any Woman's Blues: A Novel of Obsession, summary shmoop Any Woman's Blues: A Novel of Obsession, Any Woman's Blues: A Novel of Obsession 8d844e62 Any Woman S Blues, First Published In , Is A Tale Of Addiction And Narcissism The Twin Obsessions Of Ourage World Famous Folk Singer Leila Sand Emerged From The Sixties And Seventies With Addictions To Drugs And Booze Leila S Latest Addiction Is To A Younger Man Who Leaves Her Sexually Ecstatic But Emotionally Bereft The Orgasmic Frenzies Trump The Betrayals, So She Keeps Coming Back ForEventually, Leila Frees Herself By Learning The Rules Of Love, The Twelve Steps, And The Key To Serenity In An Odyssey That Takes Her From AA Meetings To Dens Of Sin, Parties With Names Worth Dropping, And Erotic Gondola Rides

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    I did read this book, though the version I read didn t have the cool, sleek, respectable looking cover shown here Mine was a mass market paperback, metallic red with hearts all over it It looked constantly like I was reading a cheap circa 1985 Jackie Collins novel Sheesh Those of us who are fans of Erica Jong know that practically everything she writes is autobiographical, and consequently, many of her stories feel similar Most of her heroines are smart, feministic and artistically inclined Most of her male characters are ruled by their winkies, are diabolically attractive and have addictive sexual technique The moon controls her cycle, she is a child of the goddess, she is a displaced maenad, etc.But we forgive Erica, really, because she s so brilliant at this type of self deprecating feminist junkola And ordinarily, it would be just junkola, but from Erica s pen, it becomes art She MAKES it art She s so smart, and so accomplished and so self aware that it s difficult to be angry or cynical in the face of her work.

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    Erica Jong is at heart a feminist, a feminist obsessed with sex This obsession with sex helps her recognize her obsessive nature with everything, including drugs, alcohol, love Although she overuses the word cock i found this to be a good read.

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    I just kept thinkingGawd, ChickGet Over Yerself Could not wait to finish the damn thing.

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    This book relies a lot on the Fear of flying There s nothing new, nothing Actually, there s less Fear of flying was intelligent, you could notice Jong s wittiness, and ideas were very new to the era.Arguments This is a flopped try of a novel inside a novel, what is also redundant for the story A storyline is the same premise over and over again Tries to be poetic in descriprions of sex and female soul, but fails very much Events are inbeliveable, persons are caricatures, relations are baseless After a while, you just want to finish this nonsense.This one has structure as a novel than Fear of flying.

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    I do not like this book I tried to finish it years ago but I just couldn t take it any Bessie Smith was a cool musician, it s true But you don t want to take advice from a woman who sings a song about being with a man who hits her any than you want to take love advice from Billie Holiday songs The music is fantastic, the message, not so good Man, this book was ANNOYING I just cannot TAKE these whiny women whining all the time about how much their lives and marriages suck while they enjoy being humiliated and embarrassed by random men in tight leather pants CUT IT OUT

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    The first book I read by Erica Jong was Fear of Flying, and I was astounded at the precision and courage with which she seemed to annex my own head Any Woman s Blues did not core me nearly so relentlessly it has a lot to say about a woman s determination to ruin herself over a man, assisted by a crate of pinot grigio, and the friends and AA meetings that dissuade her from pursuing this road While there were epically insightful passages about love and sex and obsession and art and gender, the book didn t really mean a whole lot to me.

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    Sexually voracious man leaves woman Woman goes nuts, tries to deal with obsessions Rinse and repeat.

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    This book is below standard for Jong I was mildly distressed while reading it The heroine is flighty and the man she is in love with is a bad, bad caricature of all my previous boyfriends.

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    Constant whine fest Too many dated references to things I didn t feel like looking up It really is a novel of obsession, not a novel about obsession I see the difference now.

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    A good read about an older woman obsessed with a younger man whose idea of responsibility is a bit different than hers, forcing her to examine her own identity and what she s really looking for.

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