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  • Hardcover
  • 338 pages
  • Wanderlove
  • Kirsten Hubbard
  • English
  • 19 August 2019
  • 9780385739375

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    I wrote this book And drew the pictures I think this one sums up the story best

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    Second Read January 2nd, 2015I really love this book It has flaws, absolutely It s pretty quaint and clich d at times, the main character has difficulties looking outside herself, and blah blah Doesn t matter I really love it It s about experiencing life, travelling, taking joy in simplicity Here s the review I did of it so very long ago probably my favourite review I ve ever done First Read May 5th, 2013I heard about this book over a year ago, but it seemed that no matter what I did I was never able to acquire it No book stores I visited ever had it and back then I had never ordered books online Then I moved here to Honduras where books are not available and so I would have my dad search for it every time he would travel back to Canada, but to no avail I thought to order it. but it was only available in hardcover and I couldn t afford it FINALLY, about a month ago, the paperback was released and I jumped on the moment I ordered the book and waited for my dad to go back to Canada to pick it up and then come back here to Honduras to give it to me And so now I have it, and my god was it glorious and my goodness was it perfectly timed.I tell you this story because two important things happened on my quest to attain this book.1 After so much waiting, so much wanting, my expectations kept growing higher and higher until yesterday when I finally had it in my hands I was actually hesitant to read it because of the fear that it wouldn t be as good as I had built it up to be Let me tell you that it WAS everything I wanted and that it beat all my expectations.2 I moved to Honduras Obviously, this was huge This is a travel book about a girl visiting Central America Albeit she spends most of her time in Guatemala and Belize, but nevertheless I know those places, I ve been to those places, and the personal connection I made to this book was probably what made me revel in it so much Every other sentence I was smiling like a fool because I was thinking Yes The bathrooms are EXACTLY like that This is so spot on KIRSTIN HUBBARD YOU UNDERSTAND I will absolutely be doing a review on this and it will be a very personal and exciting one because this book was very personal and exciting for me I am so happy that after everything I finally did read this book Because it blew me away.

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    4.99999 5Instant regret on saying I ll write a full review of this book Because I really don t know if I can. I don t even know if I can rate it I want to say it s unfair how much I love this book It should be undeniably dumb, right Look at the COVER It s awful Even the synopsis is pretty cringey And it s YA contemporary, and I ve absolutely given up on that genre for the moment because I can t deal with the constant disappointment.And yet here we are Stuck between 4 and 5 stars An impressive showing from the underdog Well, not really I knew I was going to like this book that s why I reread it In anticipation of the fact that I m leaving for Vietnam tomorrow. Isn t that bananas I can hardly believe it Anyway Can you tell I m putting off writing this I have been wanting to reread this book for at least 7 months, but I keep putting it off because I seem to be cursed to hate everything I want to love And I reallyreallyreally didn t want to hate this book.But then miracle of all miracles I didn t hate it at all In fact, I loved it Way, way than I expected to But thenI rolled past the 250 page mark And things took a turn for the worse Am I cursed Like, actually Is that a thing But let s start with the good stuff I am absolutely enad with any book that centers on travel Give me road trips, give me backpackers, hell, give me tour groups through Europe s biggest clich s Actually, don t give me the last one The last one sounds boring I m looking at you, Wanderlost.ANYWAY Travel books aren t always well done, though I want visceral descriptions I want to feel like I m there, and like I want to really go I want to feel, at the end, like I ve been bitten by the travel bug This book definitely, one hundred percent accomplished that I think I ll have to give it 5 stars because of it That s what matters to me.So much about this book is just cool. The characters backpack, which is different from the usual YA travel centered book It takes place in Central America, which is VERY different from that usual It d be easy for this book to fall into some problematic ness, but for the most part, it avoids that Deftly There are some stumbles early on with what could be perceived as a condescending look at life in other countries, but it s solved by character development and addressed directly.Plus, there s the fact that white Americans carrying a backpack full of their privilege through developing countries is often considered problematic in and of itself The main character discusses this, and ultimately the other characters provide what I see as an apt argument against it.Also, another really important thing Rowan is my boyfriend I m calling dibs on him right now Benefits of reading a fairly underrated contemporary Yes, he has a ponytail, which is not ideal, but EVERYTHING ELSE about him is great Nice, pretty funny, allegedly good looking, and KNOWS HOW TO BACKPACK THROUGH CENTRAL AMERICA It s the dream, my friends.But nowthe bad It s the last 50 75 pages or so What had been, in my opinion, a travel centered book with some classic romantic tension and drama thrown in suddenlyswitches We lose most of those gorgeous descriptions in favor of Bria pining over Rowan Which, like, I get it Same But can we take it down a notch And then it all gets worse with the ending view spoiler After knowing her for like, what, two weeks Rowan decides to move to California with Bria. And stop backpacking I don t like that at all hide spoiler

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    Con tem po rary is not a genre I usu ally read It s not because I think any less of the genre, but few seem to hold my atten tion as well as some thing super nat ural or sci ence fic tion related What nor mally hap pens is that I ll get dis tracted and find myself re reading the same sen tence or para graph over and over again That never hap pened with Wanderlove Unfor tu nately, lately I ve been find ing it increas ingly dif fi cult for me to find time through out my day to sit and read And I felt myself get ting angry for not hav ing time to fin ish this book But, in a way I m kind of happy I read it as slowly as I did because I savored every minute alone with Wan derlove This book was so amaz ing, so deep, so beau ti ful and I m very happy I stepped out side of my com fort box to read it Wan derlove tells the story of Bria San doval, an 18 year old, newly grad u ated, high school stu dent, as she trav els to Cen tral Amer ica At first we aren t told why she decided to take this trip, but what is clear is that she has given up her art and despite her friends back ing out of the planned trip at the last minute, she decides to go alone It isn t until she begins jour ney ing with back pack ers Rowan and Star ling that we are privy to Bria s lay ers It is then that we, and Bria her self, dis cover how truly bro ken she is This book cov ers a myr iad of top ics such as emo tional abu sive rela tion ships, let ting go of the past, for giv ing your self, gain ing self confidence, but ulti mately, self discovery.The Set ting and the Plot I m not in any shape or form a travel savvy per son In fact, the clos est I ve ever come to leav ing the coun try was a fam ily vaca tion where we drove to Canada s Nia gara Falls in an RV I ve thought about trav el ing to dif fer ent coun tries, but I often run into to same prob lem How will I get there Going any where would require either a plane ride or trav el ing on a boat Con sid er ing my first expe ri ence with a plane involved watch ing a light ning storm over the Chesa peake Bay, I m not exactly rush ing to my air port Yet, when I think of sail ing on a boat I can t help but to think of this Gives reader a mean ing ful look And we all know what hap pened after that scene I think it s safe to say I m no Global Vagabond Regard less of my unre al is tic travel fears, I love hear ing travel sto ries Kirsten Hubbard s care ful descrip tions of Cen tral Amer ica were vivid, easy to visu al ize and allowed me the abil ity to live vic ar i ously through Bria I could pic ture the Mayan cul ture, the jun gle, the heat, the rides on the chicken buses, and the bluest waters From the moment Bria stepped off her plane I could pic ture it all.I really loved how the set ting went hand in hand with the plot When Bria first arrives in Cen tral Amer ica, she is imme di ately dis ap pointed in her tour group Every thing is planned out for her from the group s activ i ties to the food they eat Once an oppor tu nity to ditch them arises, at first she is appre hen sive, but she wants to prove her self to all her doubters back at home that she can do this Each new loca tion she vis its brings back flash backs from her past describ ing her rea sons for giv ing up her art and going on this trip I didn t real ize how engrossed I was with the story until the cli max hit and I felt my heart miss a beat It was eas ily the best scene for me because it made me incred i bly happy and then immensely sad shortly after Those two extreme emo tions back to back nearly did me in I hope Hub bard is happy secretly I think that was all a part of her plan Well done The Char ac ters The true treat for the reader lies with the beau ti ful draw ings found scat tered through out the story all drawn by Hub bard her self It was inter est ing because not only does the reader see Bria s char ac ter growth through her nar ra tion and actions, but also through her art At first, they start off very delicate like as Bria begins the jour ney But, as the trip wears on, you can see the art chang ing, evolv ing into com plex draw ings with time spent on shad ow ing tech niques and other details Bria goes from uncer tain to a con fi dent renewed per son by the end of the novel You can t help but to feel sorry for Yet, at the end I felt proud of her She s the type of char ac ter you want young girls to read about and learn from.Rowan, the love inter est, too was a lost bro ken char ac ter Through out most of the novel he retains his phi los o phy of Wan derlove, which basi cally entailed run ning from your past And Rowan def i nitely has a darker past he con stantly tries to avoid There was a cer tain sweet ness to watch ing Rowan and Bria s friend ship blos som Hub bard took her time devel op ing it There was noth ing rushed about their rela tion ship because as they fall for one another, they healed each other as well.Star ling was an inter est ing char ac ter Though she leaves Rowen and Bria early on in the story, she main tains a cer tain pres ence too I can t really talk too much about her char ac ter with out giv ing away spoil ers, but she was a crafty one.The end ing The end ing was so very fit ting I love how things are tied up, yet remains open at the same time One thing you are sure of is that Bria has emerged a new per son ready to move for ward with her life and finally shed her self of past issues I was sad when it ended and I have a pretty good feel ing I ll be revis it ing this book soon again.Between the witty writ ing, beau ti ful illus tra tions, and deep mes sages, Wan derlove is not to be missed in 2012 ARC was pro vided by the pub lisher via Net Gal ley No money or mer chan dise was exchanged for this review Kirsten Hub bard is a GoodReads friend of mine, but you can count on these being my absolute, hon est views of the book More reviews and at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog.

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    4.5 starsIf right now, at age 35, I had to choose my nostalgia book of all times, I d choose Wanderlove.It was almost physically painful to read A forewarning though if you are not the adventurous type, are not and never were interested in traveling with a backpack, but on the contrary think it s highly dangerous and unhygienic and are not interested in the nuances of this bohemian life, this might not be the book for you.Bria Sandoval has just turned 18 It s the summer between her graduation and her college entry Only, there is no college She has applied at the renowned Art School in California but, for some reason she is not going Because you see, Bria is an artist who s lost the passion to draw To make things even worse, she s just been dumped by her artist boyfriend, Toby.In an attempt to snap out of this impasse, Bria decides to travel to Guatemala with a tourist group called Global Vagabonds But once there, she meets Starling and her enigmatic brother Rowan, who convince her to ditch her group and her suitcase and travel with them as a backpacker for the remaining days of her holidays On the road from Guatemala to Belize, jumping from a chicken bus to a water taxi, lost in a market or simply lost in translation, Bria is forced to put to the test her confidence, her trust, her talent but most of all she will need face all her issues, free herself of her constrictions and of her past and just live the moment The reason why I loved this book is pretty obvious it took me back in time The places were not the same but the narration has such an unmistakable taste of reality that I really connected Clearly, the author is speaking from personal experience, or she wouldn t know about wrapping backpacks with garbage bags, chicken bus rides my worst one was from Maracaibo, Venezuela to Barranquilla, Colombia or described a central south American bus station so accurately As a consequence of that, I connected well also with the characters, the traveled backpackers Starling and Rowan, for whom is valid the saying that the smaller the backpack, the bigger the ego As for the MC, Bria, she is not very likable at the beginning She comes out as a bit of a whiny, spoiled brat though she kind of won me over with her gutter water Windbreaker but she grows, she matures in the course of the story and, even though I wanted to kick her and her backpack straight into the Caribbean sea at one point, view spoiler the dock scene with Rowan What the heck was that about Are you mad, girl I took away half a star star only for that passage hide spoiler

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    I clearly understand now,why this lovely friend of mine who recommended this book to me,loved this so much It is a WONDERFUL book This is a story of an 18 year old young woman,named Bria Sandoval who just graduated from high school Bria is a good artist,who loves to draw of course..but after her jerk ex boyfriend had broken up with her,she just stopped drawing.She even neglected her artistic ambitions.Bria,wanted nothing than to get away for a while..from her friends,from her ex boyfriend,and from her parents who are constantly fighting,that sometimes she wishes that they just end their marriage.And this is why she decided to go backpacking in Central America When she arrived in Guatemala City, She met Starling a pretty young woman ,and her younger half brother Rowan a cute,hunk guy in a pony tail They are young backpackers who love to travel from place to place and they tugged Bria along with them.As she joins them in their journey,she soon realized that she can travel alone for the first time,meeting new friends,proving that she can do things on her own,enjoying the things she didn t knew she would And losing her camera in Guatemala City was a blessing in disguise for her after all, cause she was able to do what she really love most..she began drawing the things that interests her eyes and her heart on her sketchbook,instead of capturing them on her camera that s been lost.Bria also realized that being with Rowan changes everything for her,especially when she learns that Rowan also share a common matter with her..their need to run away from their old lives,and define themselves as a person.I admire Kristen Hubbard cause she s a great story teller And with Bria s beautiful illustrations on her sketchbook that were actually shown on this text book,that definitely added life and a lot of plus points to this book,proved that the author herself,is a very great artist.And I can t thank you enough Pinky,for introducing this brilliant author to me So,if you are a travel book, this is the kind of book you should absolutely read

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    At first glance, Wanderlove appears to be a light piece of escapist travel fiction, treading the well worn paths of comedic culture shock, adventure and self discovery common to backpacker lit Upon reading, however, it s evident that Wanderlove is much than this It is a resonant and affecting story about healing and uncertainty about looking backward in order to move forward It s about self worth not being contingent upon the opinions and judgments of others, but rather upon ourselves, and having the courage to embrace the strengths and flaws that make us who we are Wanderlove follows the physical and emotional journey of 18 year old Bria Sandoval from California, doubt, and a damaged relationship with her art, to Central America, self insight and strength.It begins with a seemingly innocuous question Are you a Global Vagabond , and a disenchanting touchdown complete with middle aged, Dean Koontz novel toting, suitcase wheeling tourists Hardly the idyllic escape promised in the travel brochure photos Enter charismatic enigmatic backpackers Starling and Rowan, the doctrine of wanderlove, and Bria s travels take a turn from tour bus to chicken bus, from check box itinerary to spontaneity and chance.It may be worth mentioning that my enjoyment of Wanderlove was very much tied up in the extent to which I personally related to the story, and to Bria as a character After all, I do hail from a country where travel in general, and backpacking specifically, is seen as somewhat of a rite of passage Besides simply flavouring my reading experience with a hint of nostalgia though, I felt connected with the story I was invested in Bria emotionally I wanted to see her grow and develop, how Hubbard would unwind the tangles of Bria s complex relationships with her art, her family and friends, even herself There is an effortless, smooth quality to Hubbard s writing, in both the authenticity of Bria s voice and the beautifully captured descriptions of her travel experiences The prose is clear and succinct, not overly embellished Quotes, journal entries and flashbacks are used sparingly here, and don t weigh down or distract from the narrative Hubbard s own travel experiences and writing come to the fore, and her passion for the subject is evident.While the story is compulsively readable, this is largely a character driven novel Plot and exotic locations aside, I felt that Hubbard s strength really lay in her ability to create realistic characters, and to gradually reveal their depth and motivations What may appear to have begun as backpacker caricatures become multi dimensional characters with agency There s even a little sly subversion of the backpacker chic stereotype, as Bria s travels progress and her perspective begins to shift It would be remiss of me not to mention the artwork drawn by the author that appears throughout Wanderlove There is a whimsical, hopeful quality to the drawings, and they play well into the book, particularly into Bria s internal journey and backstory I read this as an e galley, so I m particularly interested to see the actual hardcopy in the wild , as I m sure my kindle screen did not do full justice to the art In addition to Bria s arc and her relationships with the characters, Wanderlove also lightly touches on the different reasons people travel, and the impacts upon the local population and infrastructure It s not a subject deeply delved into, but some interesting insights are offered particularly in the case of Rowan s opinions and his personal set of beliefs Wanderlove offers than a simple travel romance, or a series of vivid holiday snapshots Rather, it examines what it is to recover, to reclaim, and ultimately, to look forward A review copy was provided by the publishers via NetGalley

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    Gorgeously written and completely authentic it comes as no surprise to me that Hubbard is a travel writer and backpacker herself Wanderlove is a book that took me by surprise I have to confess, I got off to a rocky start with Wanderlove From the beginning, I liked the prose loved the cadence of certain lines Hubbard writes fantastically, she gets right in under Bria s skin, perhaps painfully so Bria felt so inferior, so uncertain, at the beginning and the feeling was so perfectly conveyed that I felt awkward It made me uneasy, watching her lie to impress, stumbling her way along Enter Rowan, he had his instant charms, sure, but he irked me as well that kind of suave confidence that comes from knowing you re hot, being young and invincible and over all knowing everything It also did not sit well with me when Hubbard portrayed middle aged often overweight tourists as inferior, ridiculous and people to be sneered down upon from the backpackers perspective Then again, perhaps this is how teens young adults view regular tourists It did not endear the backpacking culture to me Despite my initial reservations, there was a certain authenticity about the writing that drew me in and I decided to make it to 50% and see if it grew on me MY GOSH I am so glad I did not abandon this book In fact, the second half so enthralled me that I ended up staying up past midnight to finish it off and I read the last page with a happy sigh I really, really liked it Here s what I loved in the end The way Hubbard evoked all five senses, casting a kind of spell over the reader so I felt as if I were travelling it gave me itchy feet The way Hubbard showed expert restraint in crafting the romantic subplot It was the perfect amount of sexual tension, ambiguity and genuine connection between Bria and Rowan.The crafting of the plot it snuck up on me, all the little threads and foreshadowing which gave it a constant momentum Even as I could see where many of the character arcs were headed, I was alongside them, hanging out to get there.The illustrations GUYS, they are gorgeous, evocative and stunning It added so much to the experience, I looked forward to each picture I can still conjure up the pictures even now, in my minds eye LOVE.Overall okay, I know the beginning of my review sounded harsh, but don t let it put you off reading this book It is a stand out of the year and I am so glad Kirsten Hubbard is writing for teens as I feel they will connect so well to her characters I am really hanging out to see what she writes next What a talented author, hey First half of the book it was okay 2.5 stars Second half of the book oh, I loved it 4.5 stars Overall, well, I ended up loving it, so it gets 4 stars from me thanks netgalley

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    Wanderlove is about forgetting the bad things and focusing on the good Out with the old and in with the new The only way to escape the past is to keep moving forward Such a beautiful book and I have been missing out on a lot And if you haven t read this yet, you are missing out When I was finished this book, I really wished that there was , I needed It was one of the books that had a perfect ending, but in the end, you want Even if there is a perfect ending, you want to see of the characters Back then I thought Mother Nature split the good guys from the bad guys with a fat black line But the thing is, in real life, they re often the same guy When Bria decides to join a guiding tour group and explore Central America, she realizes that she immediately hates it Instead of a group of people who are Bria s age, there are middle aged people and they all seem to hate Bria But then Bria meets two backpackers, a guy with a black ponytail and his older sister She decides to do something that will change her life and finally find herself The appeal of leaving and never looking back No endpoint to your journey.How gloriously terrifying This book was beautifully written and had beautiful illustrations Whenever Bria would go somewhere else, it felt like I was with her It just felt so real and so many things in this book was easy to relate to The plot and the pace of the book was perfect, I don t feel like there were any slow parts, but I think that s just me I m glad I picked this book up and it was worth the read The characters were another reason I loved this book, they were all realistic They were always there for each other and it made me feel so good to read it Bria s character development was really nice, it felt like we get to see how she bloomed into being the person she is today Okay I know that doesn t make sense but you know what I m trying to say, right Rowan s character development was another thing that made this book realistic, it wasn t only Bria who had to move on, it was Rowan too Starling is an amazing friend and I wish I met someone like her, she s so outgoing and crazy Anyway, I highly recommend this book to people who like traveling books This book is so inspirational and I have no doubt that you will love it You wont stop reading until the very end, I was forced to stop reading because of homework You can t control the past, but you can control where you go next

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    A painting doesn t have to have a profound meaning It doesn t have to say a word We fall in love for simpler reasons Harley BrownI think to a lot of people, reading is a chore it s something you have to do to graduate high school, get your diploma, suffer through college, and eventually use in life I think to others, reading is a form of entertainment a funny comedy to give them a good laugh, a serious biography to inform them about a subject they didn t know, an intriguing encyclopedia filled with facts they could not have found out about any other way However, I think if you ask any true bibliophile, like myself, we ll say that yes, reading is an escape into another world one that isn t our own yes, reading textbooks and badly written novels can be a chore yes, all of that which other readers feel, think, and experience is true Yet, to us, reading is about connecting with characters, about finding kindred spirits in words and phrases, about learning the lessons life can teach us, and most importantly, about finding small bits and pieces of our souls within the pages of the novels we read like starved children.Wanderlove is the type of book that makes me so grateful I am a reader It s the sort of story that sucks you in, pulls on the strings in your heart, and makes you find yourself within its pages It makes you connect to its characters, marvel at its exotic setting, learn from its valuable lessons, and most importantly, it makes you feel one with the very soul of the novel itself I can count on one hand the number of books that have made me feel this way, but perhaps now, I will need two.Wanderlove is unlike any contemporary romance I ve read before and frankly speaking, all I feel like doing right now is taking the next flight to Guatemala and re reading this book the entire plane ride there I don t think I can put into words just how much I loved this story, how much it affected me, and how badly I wish I could lose myself in its pages forever In many ways, I wish this book wasn t marketed as a contemporary romance novel, because although its love story is earth shatteringly sweet and slow to build in a way wholly unique, this is primarily a novel about moving on from the past, understanding it, and not letting it get in the way of your future.Eighteen year old Bria Sandoval is an artist who has forgotten how to make art Ever since her break up with her artistic boyfriend Toby, Bria has been lost, alone, and artless Her parents are too busy fighting their own wars with each other, her best friends are too tired of her constant moping, choosing instead to give her unhelpful advice and ditch her on their plans to spend the summer in Europe, and all in all, Bria simply needs to get away Thus, she finds herself sporadically signing up for a trip to Central America on a guided tour through Global Vagabond What she finds upon landing in Guatemala though, is a rag tag group of middle age tourists Bria wants to be a backpacker, exploring the true wilderness and culture of Central America, so when experienced backpacker half siblings Starling and Rowan offer her a chance to accompany them, she cannot resist Yet, backpacking through Central America is not as easy as it seems and soon, Bria finds that her honesty, trust, and confidence are all put to the test as she must learn to understand and forgive her past and make the most of what today has to offer.In a very loose manner, Wanderlove is much like many other contemporary novels which seek to expose a journey of life through a road trip or exploration of a foreign country Yet, what makes Wanderlove stand out from this plethora of travelling stories is its unique, alluring, and refreshing voice Bria is one of the few protagonists whose voice I can claim to truly admire and relate to The narration of her story is honest, humorous, and intelligent, filled with beautiful sketches, memorable diary entries, and quirky lists which are all done to a minimum and only used to further develop Bria s tale One of my favorite aspects of Hubbard s writing is the fact that Bria s story unfolds slowly, gently, and in bits and pieces As the novel progresses, we come to realize the true extent of Bria s hurt and pain and just what she must do to overcome that Further, Bria is filled to the brim with flaws she is petulant, she is afraid, she seems to change her moods at whim, she cannot understand her own feelings, and most of all, she can t seem to let go of her past Yet, all these qualities make her a remarkable, respectable, and realistic protagonist In addition, Bria s growth throughout the novel is gradual, not only as a person, but also as an artist I think the most beautiful part of this entire story was seeing Bria find ways to re connect with her art, her lifeline, her passion Overall, Bria s journey is one that is rewarding, fully developed, and not without its flaws, yet it manages to be perfect all the same.Speaking of perfection, there was little to be found of it within the cast of these characters Starling and Rowan are an enigmatic and startling duo with their own set of ideals, philosophies, and their own burdens in life I don t think I can even begin to brush upon the extent of pain that Rowan carries in his life Here is a male protagonist who has had a tortured past, who has attempted to move on past it in one of the worst ways, and who is now on the road to redemption Even before Rowan meets Bria, he has resolved to change the bad boy attitude that somehow got him through the past two years of his life The unraveling of Rowan s past is one of the greatest mysteries in this book and while it takes its own sweet time and the eventual revelation is startling and shockingly ugly, it only increases the reader s respect for Rowan and how far he has come as a person It isn t an easy task to move on or change your outlook on life and than that, it isn t easy to forget the past Rowan, despite his theories of wanderlove and his own unique elements to living life, doesn t have it all figured out Wanderlove isn t simply Bria s journey, it is Rowan s journey too Although the two of them find much of themselves within each other, they find it alone and by themselves as well I think it was important how Hubbard made these two develop their relationship from strangers, reluctant acquaintances, and easy friends to something that was even deep and special Yet, throughout all this, they manage to retain their independence and their sense of self, all while giving into their confounded feelings for one another Wanderlove contains within its pages one of the slowest developing love stories of all time, but I loved every minute of it It was perfect in its own way and I found myself in awe of its beautiful ending which seemed to resolve everything, yet leave even up for interpretation, imagination, and creativity.In conclusion, Wanderlove is a story that will stick with me for a long time Not only is it original in its journey to Central America, but the passion of the author and her own obvious experiences bleed through every page, making this a journey you cannot forget Further, what I find is important than the bittersweet love story or the heart warming characters are the themes and messages that emerge from this story There aren t many books that leave you with a feeling that you ve learned about life from simply reading them, but Wanderlove does Not only do I feel wiser, spontaneous, and in love with this story than when I first began this review, I also feel a strange sense of cathartic release I can only hope that other readers will fall in love with this story as I did and find their own antidotes to wanderlove in the world.This review and can be found on my blog, Ivy Book Bindings

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Wanderlovecharacters Wanderlove, audiobook Wanderlove, files book Wanderlove, today Wanderlove, Wanderlove 70f0a It All Begins With A Stupid Question Are You A Global Vagabond No, But Year Old Bria Sandoval Wants To Be In A Quest For Independence, Her Neglected Art, And No Strings Attached Hookups, She Signs Up For A Guided Tour Of Central America The Wrong One Middle Aged Tourists With Fanny Packs Are Hardly The Key To Self Rediscovery When Bria Meets Rowan, Devoted Backpacker And Dive Instructor, And His Outspokenly Humanitarian Sister Starling, She Seizes The Chance To Ditch Her Group And Join Them Off The Beaten PathBria S A Good Girl Trying To Go Bad Rowan S A Bad Boy Trying To Stay Good As They Travel Across A Panorama Of Mayan Villages, Remote Belizean Islands, And Hostels Plagued With Jungle Beasties, They Discover What They Ve Got In Common Both Seek To Leave Behind The Old Versions Of Themselves And The Secret To Escaping The Past, Rowan S Found, Is To Keep Moving ForwardBut Bria Comes To Realize She Can T Run Forever, No Matter What Rowan Says If She Ever Wants The Courage To Fall For Someone Worthwhile, She Has To Start Looking BackKirsten Hubbard Lends Her Artistry To This Ultimate Backpacker Novel, Weaving Her Drawings Into The Text Her Career As A Travel Writer And Her Experiences As A Real Life Vagabond Backpacking Central America Are Deeply Seeded In This Inspiring Story