Aujourd Hui

Aujourd HuiCe sont des jours que je voudrais inviter aujourd hui dans ce roman Ils sont rest s accroch s dans les branches, parmi les autres Je sais qu chaque fois que quelqu un na t, la seconde m me, tous les jours qu il vivra viennent se pr senter lui Ils guettent sa respiration, ils l honorent, lui

The Source

The SourceIn the grand storytelling style that is his signature, James Michener sweeps us back through time to the very beginnings of the Jewish faith, thousands of years ago Through the predecessors of four modern men and women, we experience the entire colorful history of the Jews, including the life of

Corsair (Oregon Files, #6)

Corsair (Oregon Files, #6)For five novels, Clive Cussler has brought readers into the world of the Oregon, a seemingly dilapidated ship packed with sophisticated equipment, and captained by the rakish, one legged Juan Cabrillo And now the Oregon and its crew face their biggest challenge yet Corsairs are pirates, and